Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I woke up extremely excited today and felt that I needed to put my thoughts down for prosperity. I know that my team will already read some of this on my latest entry but I just need to make my feelings more permanent by creating a blog. I am currently doing Dr. Johnsons Alternate Day Diet and the results have been mind blowing for me. A little about my past...I have dieted off and on probably since I was about 19. Once I decide to lose weight I am usually successful. I have lost 55 pounds doing wt watchers. I lost 75 pounds doing low carb and then for my wedding, using sparkpeople, I lost 108 pounds. However, I never enjoyed dieting and was always resentful that I couldn't eat the foods that I really enjoyed. I always excercised religiously and because I was a cross country runner in high school, loved to run. However, my knees hated it and they would swell up and hurt all the time. I also had severe problems with heel spurs or plantar faschia. If I had to get up at night to go to the bathroom, I would have to hobble there holding back my scream of pain so I wouldn't wake up my husband. This has all changed.

I have been doing the diet just by reading Dr. Johnsons site and following the simple instructions. I finally purchased the book and have read about half of it and being a nurse, I love reading about the science behind the diet. I had already realized early on in the process that this diet (way of eating) was different. Getting control has never been my problem, keeping it was. I hated that on other diets, I was constantly thinking about food and having to plan meals..etc, etc. This time, I couldn't really even think about food for one day and since it was so strict was really limited anyway. The second day, if I needed to eat on the run, then it was OK or if I wanted to eat at my favorite restaurant and get my favorite dish, I could. What I wasn't prepared for was how quickly my wieght has come off. I lost 35 pounds in a little over 2 months...basically 8.5 weeks. I have always experienced success, but not that kind of success. The changes my body has gone thru have also been amazing. People at work cannot believe how well I have been doing. They are constantly complimenting me and are also amazed at the results that I am having. My husband and I pulled up an old picture of when I had dieted before to look up how I looked at a specific weight. We both agree that my body looks better this time.

I believe that its the fat burning properties of this diet. Its causing my body to shape in a way that is very pleasing to me and also more satisfactory because its more visible. OK, enough about the surface changes, lets talk about what really struck me. My plantar faschia or heel spurs stopped bothering me about 2 weeks after I had started the diet. Even though I was ramping up my exercise level all the time. Also, amazingly, my knees are not bothering me near as much as they usually do and they are not swelling up. I still have the occasional twinge and going downstairs bothers them a little, but nothing like I usually experience. There were times I wondered if I would be able to make it off the toilet because they hurt that badly. I also had difficulty with excercise asthma. I only experience on episode in the first week of working out and since then have had absolutely no problems. Now that I have read the book some, I realize that its because of this diet. I personally am experiencing the medical benefits that it is touting.

Hence, the reason why I am excited. I recently came back from vacation where because we were with my husbands brother who is a chef in training, we ate out all the time. I did walk quite a bit but still gained 4 pounds. In two days of coming back and being back on plan, I have lost that 4 pounds plus 1. I admit I did 2 down days in a row in an effort to get back on track, but because of my excitement, they were the easiest I have experienced yet.

I am a firm believer that there is a diet plan out there for everyone. I was lucky enough to stumble across this diet because of sparkpeople and the wonderful people that created the team that follows it. This is a way of eating for me and its the first diet I haven't felt deprived accept for one day because I dont the next.

My advice to others however, and I knew this before when dieting other times, that the eating plan you choose MUST be for life. Every diet has a maintenance level, but if you are constantly resentful during the more aggressive stage of the diet, than you will most likely be like me and end up gaining the weight back. There are reasons behind this but I will blog about this at another time. Its not because you are weak, but because of the addictive properties of food...and trust me, they have proven without a doubt that food is addictive.

I wish everyone luck in this journey and hope that like me, you find that perfect plan that suits you. Diets do work when we do them right, its keeping to them thats hard.
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    Awesome results, SIONED40. Although I have never followed the plan "as written", I am a big believer in the calorie cycling concepts of Dr. Johnson's Alternate Day Diet. But, 35 pounds in 2 months? That's incredible.

    ~ Faith
    2171 days ago
    I am so happy for you and I WILL be exploring this issue.
    Right now I am dipping my toes into IF and loving it for many of the same reasons.
    It's shockingly easy (see my blog).
    2171 days ago
    2171 days ago
    emoticon Thank you so much for sharing!!
    2171 days ago
    I think you know all your theory but you donot stick to them
    you are in dangerous waters
    few years and you probably will not be able to walk not to run
    2171 days ago
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