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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My darling Amy-Jean,

I want to say thank you because it was your idea to go for a walk before your birthday dinner celebration last evening. As you already know, I have not been out walking in quite sometime and to be perfectly honest, I have NO idea how long it's been. Oh sure, I have been walking in the house, and "Yes" while wearing my head weights.

Anyway, when you suggested getting together on Monday after work for dinner, I was thrilled. I thought it a WONDERFUL idea. I must admit though that I was quite skeptical about going for the walk when you suggested it on Sunday, but hey, it was your birthday, right, so what was I going to say? No, I'm not up to it? Of course not. "Sure, Amy-Jean, sounds great to me." Although I was NOT lying through my teeth, I honestly didn't know how well I'd do, and was fearful of walking outside again.

As I told you, I usually prefer walking in neighborhoods rather than around a boring track, so when you mentioned walking the bike trail, I was thinking, "BORING". That's why I took it upon myself to map out a walking route. I was only going to do one but decided to do the second one just to give us a choice. Heck, I thought that 1.93 miles and 1.82 miles were going to be as much as i dared take on. But, nope it wasn't, YOU really wanted to walk the trail AND when you told me you wanted to walk 2 1/2 miles, I thought I would choke. "Oh crapola", I thought to myself, there is NO WAY I'll be able to walk that far.

By the time we reached mile one, as you know, I was really quite exhausted, but we had almost reached our turn-around point. As we continued, and you said, "okay, just 1/4 mile more." I thought I'm getting my strength back. Well we reached that point and I felt a bit better. That's why I told you, "let's go to the end of the bridge". It really was just a little further, but when we reached that point, I could see the stop sign ahead and thought that'd be the perfect place to turn around. I think you were really pleasantly surprised and proud of me as I pushed myself just that little bit further.

Let me tell you, Honey, I was absolutely amazed with myself as I continued, just that little bit further. Total miles walked - THREE (3), round trip. I was tired but REALLY felt GREAT!!

Upon returning to our starting point, and your favorite restaurant, I was again very proud of myself as I truly enjoyed that great salad and found that I'd eaten only two slices of your Margherita pizza. YAHOO!!!!

And thanks to yesterday, even though I really wanted to go for another walk today, I knew I had to get my lawn mowed before the rains come in tomorrow, but I was less winded and less tired than normal. As a matter of fact, I do believe I mowed that lawn with a little more spring in my step. So even though I did not get in my walk, I still got a heck of a work out as it took me exactly one hour to mow both the front & back lawns. That was still great exercise, right?

Sweetheart, yesterday may have been a celebration of the birth of you, my beautiful daughter, but YOU are the one who gave ME a tremendous gift. You gave me, YOU and also put me back on track to getting healthy. I thank you, Honey, from the bottom of my heart.

All my love, Sweetheart, I love you, my darling Amy-Jean, more than life itself.
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PS. For anyone who reads & comments on this blog, I thank you for taking the time and all your loving support.

BTW folks, my beautiful daughter just turned 46 on Friday. She was born in '66 and is now 46 - I was born in '46 and will be 66 this year - weird, huh?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What an Awesome Mom!
    Love you Ruby Claire.
    And whata warm photo of you two!
    You have an great daughter - she has been great support to me.
    Thanks for posting this!

    Amy-Jeans Friend - Lynn

    2504 days ago
    You are both so cute and what a great bonding experience you had...that is wonderful and I hope you can enjoy many more experinces just like this one together!!
    2505 days ago
    What a beautiful gift that you gave to each other.
    2505 days ago
    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, especially from my beautiful daughter.

    BTW. It was poring rain when I got out of work yesterday so I couldn't go out to walk; HOWEVER, today is a different story. I may have a meeting this evening, but I WILL get in a walk - OUTSIDE!!
    2505 days ago
    I was very proud of you mom!! I laugh though that you thought the bike path would be 'BORING' when the best you get is inside your house!! LOL!!! As you now know the bike path is more than that - it's a beautiful scenic area shared by all. In fact the next day I had a job in that area and walked/jogged it this time. I loved it - so beautiful! AND NO CARS to worry about - yes, sometimes some inconsiderate bikers who forget to tell us they are on our left, but just so peaceful. I'm glad you had a spring in your step as you mowed your lawn - and i'm glad you feel reinvigorated. You are very welcome! I truly enjoyed myself that evening. Oh and the numbers - so funny how many people - on here and on FB have misunderstood the #s. We are not 22 years apart only 20 (19.5 to be exact). We just found it funny that I turned 46 (the year mom was born) and that she is turning 66 (the year I was born). Anyway, keep up the good work and WALK OUTSIDE!!! It will help you with your fatigue (work leaves you tired, I agree, but a walk outside will add more springs to your step and decrease the stress). I love you!
    2506 days ago
    What a lovely letter. You BOTH must be very proud !!!!
    2506 days ago
    Beautiful Ms. Ruby! And I love that 22 year gap. I have one with my mother as well ;)
    2506 days ago
    What a beautiful picture of 2 beautiful
    women making memories and spending time
    together! AWESOME! HUGS!
    2506 days ago
    Your daughter loves and cares for you a lot as we in OZ do. My thoughts and prayers are with you. emoticon . emoticon . emoticon . emoticon
    2506 days ago
    That is awesome. Well done. You two are a gorgeous pair!

    Strange the numbers ... emoticon
    2506 days ago
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