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To juice or not to juice...and a few more challenges but all in all a great start!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mixer blues have hit. I have a great mixer (Full size Ninja) that does a wonderful job but I am discovering that there are some foods that just don't work well in my smoothies. Would love a VItamix but can't put out that kind of money right now. I have considered a juicer but don't want to lose all that good fiber! Not sure where to go on this one but will do some more research.

Wow, day four and life keeps challenging me in this process but I refuse to give in! There have been a few enjoyable things like my trip to Whole Foods. It has been ages since I last visited and I was in awe of the wonderful things on the shelves. Prices? Not so much! But I did find some good deals on nuts and other items I needed. I could have spent hours in there but only had time to quickly browse. Some day when I am bored I think I will go in and check it ALL out. The down side to the visit was the $50 total of getting more items, when I have spent a ton already on fresh foods. I tell myself each day that I am not buying coffee for each morning, Coke Zero a time or two a day, snacks, or food on the go. This makes a BIG difference. I am still very happy with the path I have chosen.

4th day almost done and down about 8 pounds. I can't complain. Little bit of a tummy bug or something going on today but I don't think it's the foods. On the other hand, have some itchy hive-like spots on my jaw line that responded well to topical Benadryl. Hoping it is not something I am eating but only time will tell. I am going to watch the foods carefully and see if any coincide with the itchiness. Could just be the plants the dogs get into. Might have to pull back a little from loving on them and see if that helps, also. Poor pups!

Finally have a little time to venture into the world of mixing up some dressings. The other family member on this adventure with me is getting frustrated with bland raw veggies (and dislikes the balsamic vinegar) so tomorrow I am going to see what I can whip up. Again, the problem being that I don't have the ingredients in the recipes so it is back to the store. Sigh... I know I will figure this all out and get it down to a science of what we need and what we don't. Patience, lady, patience. I keep telling myself this and remind myself of the pleasure I am getting each time I step on the scale.

Here's to 4 days of this new adventure. I am truly not missing most of the foods I gave up but I am finding that the idea of a little chicken sounds wonderful. I might have to dangle that as a special addition at the end of the next week. We'll see. :0)

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