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Little changes in life adding up to be big changes in me....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We let this process be so hard, and it shouldn't be. There's so many small changes that we can make in our lives that will add up to the bigger things that we want and need. We look at it and we lump it all together and we say 'I can't' or 'I don't have time' or 'I just don't have the willpower', because we look at process as a whole... one big thing, instead of all the little things that make it up. If we can commit to the small changes, the big changes will follow.
These are not listed by importance.

*cut back on caffeine and carbonated drinks. I'm committing to drinking one or two bottles of water between each caffeinated or carbonated drink

*nut bowl-I've added a nut bowl to my desk, instead of a candy bowl, and just like the candy I only take out on piece at a time and then I replace the lid.

*junk replacement-I'm replacing all the junk foods at work and home with healthy foods. If there's junk food in the cabinet, then it's only a matter of time before its in my mouth and then on my hips.

*fruit and veggies-They really are awesome... I mean, you've got the sweet, the tangy, the tart. And they make healthy snacks. So there will always be a supply of them around. Also changing up what types of fruits or veggies you purchase will help keep you from getting bored with what you're eating. go for the apples and bananas one week, but then the grapes and strawberries the next.

*breakfast-One of my weakest areas. I try to make a little something after I get to work in the mornings, but I'm going to try to change that. I'm going to commit to getting up earlier and making b'fast at home and actually sitting down with my kids and eating before we leave the house, even if it's just a bowl of oatmeal or grits. Another idea would be to make muffins, or breads that could be quickly heated and have fresh fruit available. Also, I need to keep smoothie ingredients on hand for days that we may be running late.

*snacks-This may sound crazy but whenever I lost weight before, I was eating more than I had ever. lol It was just that I was eating more often, but I was eating healthy things. So snacks are very important to my weight loss. I plan 3-4 snacks per day. One mid-morning, one about 2 pm, one about 4 pm and then one possibly. But by 'snack', I mean a low calorie snack, such as a piece of fruit, or veggies and dips, or one of my favorites... hummus and pita chips.

*meals-My b'fast and lunch are smaller meals, not much more than a snack. Dinner needs to be planned ahead and the meal plan needs to be stuck to. I'm so bad about sitting down and making out a meal plan and buying groceries for that meal plan and then I end up using the ingredients to make something different.

*eating out-I'm committing to once a week only. If we end up eating out more than that then it has to be lean meat with no type of sauce and plain veggies. No baked potatos with butter, sour cream, bacon and cheese.

*working out-What a struggle.... I've thought about this one and I'm truely not sure where I'm going to fit a lot of time in at. Going to a gym is an impossibility for me. So here's my game plan for now, (remember, we're talking about small changes here)... I probably go to the bathroom at least 10-15 times per day. (I do, I'm constantly drinking something lol) I'm committing to doing 20 reps of some type of exercise every time I go. And I'm going to change it up each time I go or at least change it every day. Just think... if I do 20 squats each time I go, and I go 10 times a day, that's 200 squats for that day.... it should add up. Also I do a lot of housework, (what mom with two kids doesn't lol) I'm going to try to focus on while cleaning to really use my muscles and turn everyday house work into a little work out also. Also a big work out for me starts every morning... cranking the tunes up and dancing around while getting dressed and getting the kiddos dressed. (yeah, I may look stupid, but my focus is to look stupid about 40-50 lbs lighter than I and now lol) And you know what?? I'm going to buy a hula-hoop. haha

*Grocery shopping- lol I'm thinking that there should be isles that are OFF limits! Like the cookie isle and the candy isle. I think the major thing with buying groceries is to make out that list, and stick to it. (and the darn meal plan lol) It wouldn't hurt to have a motivator handy to look at before going in, like a picture of an outfit that you really want or even just a quote that you can read before going into the store, something that will make you want to skip completely over that candy isle.

*clean out the closet- I've got fat and skinny clothes in my closet that I can't wear anymore. I'm committing to cleaning it out and getting rid of anything that I can't wear right now, except for a couple of smaller pants. (I think it really helps as I'm losing weight to see how much closer I am to being able to fit into a smaller size, and then the victory of actually getting them buttoned.. and the accomplishment of actually being able to breathe in them once they are buttoned... (those last two are completely different things and you know what I mean)

*expense- Let's just put it down in writing now... Healthy foods are too expensive *false* I bought a week's supply of fruits veggies and salad stuff to have at work and it only cost $26. (And several of the items I bought were pre-package, single serving items) How is that too expensive when a combo at a fast food joint is going to cost over $5.20 per day at least?? And just think, if you eat a healthy lunch vs that fat filled, grease soaked fast food, you're going to feel so much better and you're going to be satisfied longer.

*NO- that little word is to become my new best friend.

*excuses-those are no longer allowed!!!

These are all little things that I know I can do, and I know they will help me to be the little me.
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    thanks for the support everyone!
    2170 days ago
    emoticon I'm cheering for you girl, you can do this!
    2170 days ago
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  • BRE7482
    These are really great changes to make. Breakfast is hard for me too. I skip it a lot, and have to force myself to grab something. Your thoughts about exercise are great too! I had to do something similar to your bathroom idea for a challenge once, and it was great. Dancing is fantastic too! A lot of people are into Zumba right now, including me, but really it's just dancing. I also have a friend who hula hoops for fitness and I think someone teaches "hooping" in Tuscaloosa somewhere. emoticon
    2170 days ago
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