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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hi friends! I feel horrible that I haven't been able to blog and catch up with you all as much as I would like. I have been crazy busy! I am working super long days (need the extra money, as we are a single-income family at the moment), working on trying to get into grad school for my MBA, working on Dexter's 2nd birthday, trying to coordinate a big family photo shoot with my husband's family as a surprise Christmas gift for his mom (he has a super large family, so we have to plan this stuff in advance to get everyone's schedules lined up) and the list goes on and on.

One item that ranks high on the list is my weight loss. I have still been trucking along and doing very well! I have been getting workouts in, watching my portions and have lost another pound! The scale has been holding around the same so far for this week, so I am hoping that it starts moving again! I would still really like to lose at least 4 more pounds before Dexter's party in 4 weeks, just so that I can reach the 150's! It would be amazing! :)

I am 5'10, and at 163 pounds. I am below the max healthy weight and am at a healthy body fat percentage, and in a size 8 (working on that 6)....I can't believe it. I still can't believe how far I have come from being 264 pounds about 2 weeks after I had my son and in a size 26. It is just amazing. As the two-year anniversary of when my life completely changed for the better (the birth of my son and my weight loss), I can't help but feel so proud of what all I have done, regardless of whether I reach the 4 additional pounds before then or not!

That being said, I still plan on progressing forward and reaching my ultimate goal. I am taking it 5 pounds at a time. 4 pounds left in this 5 pound goal! I am thinking I want to set my goal at 149, so that I get to say I am in the 140's... LOL... but haven't firmly decided yet. Hoping that also puts me in a size 6!! I am starting to do more strength training with weights to help reshape my body and get the lean look!

I hope this finds you all well!
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