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Monday, June 11, 2012

well since the beginning of May things have not been good for me. my son and his girlfriend are always fighting it seems. she went after him with a sledge hammer one day and they got in a fight. I took my grandbaby and went for a walk. she is always saying she is going to take the baby away from us. they fight over the dumbest things. he had a girl ask him for directions and because he showed her where the place was his fiance I should say told him he cheated on her. she has alot of growing up to do if she considers that cheating. and then after all of this the next day they are all lovey lovey. drives me insane. when this happens i get alot of anxiety-----had a bad attack and it drains me. I have not done any workouts since the middle of may. I am so far behind. I want to start walking again but don't have the desire or ambition to do so. All I want to do is sleep. I did do some reading and sewing but that is about it. I can't get enough sleep. Oh I just want a normal life with no fighting.
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    You need to seperate yourself from your son & his drama- if he's old enough to make a baby, he is old enough to do things on his own. Boundries is an EXCELLENT book!
    2943 days ago
    first, she can't the baby away from you! sledgehammers and babies do not mix! tell her! no judge could possibly side owith here! document all the junk she does . read it to them on a bad day! it is good therapy! but I ask you this? Is she that called being a good mother? she has serious problems . I wonder if there is drinkin g going on? drugs? that would have to go for them to have any recovery and you too! prayrers
    good lick
    2944 days ago
    High drama! I will not tolerate that around me any more. There is a book called Boundaries that might help you and the kids. As it has already been said you are the only one you can have any control over. Most people have a tough time changing, but with God all things are possible. Make yourself get out and do something for yourself. Walking, visiting a friend anything to get your mind on off of things you have no control over.

    2944 days ago
    My heart goes out to you. I send you hugs my dear. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get outside and walk, walk , walk. I know youdon't feel like it but it will make you feel better. You need to speak to your son - his problems are not your problems - maybe he should seek some counselling. You need to stand up for yourself. I know you love that grandchild but the only way you can help him/her is to take care of yourself first. I know I'm sounding tough but maybe some tough love is what you need. I send you hugs and angels on your shoulders. Women always need to be the strong ones. I'm in your corner. Get out and walk those troubles away or if not away then make them lessen. emoticon emoticon
    2944 days ago
    Praying for you and your grandchild. Don't hesitate to get professional help if needed. Depression can be treated. You don't have to suffer.
    2944 days ago

    You can't change how your son and his girlfriend interact with each other. You can take care of yourself and be the solid and reliable adult that their baby needs. Focus on you because you are the one thing you know you can change.

    As NEVERORNOW said, if you can, get out walking again. Don't wait until you have a desire to; just get out there walking. Schedule it. If there's a stroller, take the little one along and make it a daily routine. Depression and anxiety can be eased by some physical activity.

    Getting outside, looking around at nature, watching people, enjoying your grandchild, can all help you step away from what has become the point of stress.
    2944 days ago
    emoticon Sorry to hear about the bad situation you are in. I hope you are able to start walking again soon, even just short distances. I find that helps me so much, just getting out of the house and even just a few blocks, helps to ease anxiety. Praying for you!
    2944 days ago
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