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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last week I was a cocky Sparky. I thought I owned all there was to know about losing weight. I thought achieving my goal was merely a matter of time (no, not the zero-pounds one; the BMI of 25 one). My weigh in was Tuesday, and there were over 5 lbs less of me. I was elated.

Then the scale gods snickered. I had back-to-back "Happy Hour" marketing events this week, which put hungry end-of-the-day me in proximity of foods I could not track or measure with accuracy (think aromatic, cheesy crab dip here, people). Friday I had both breakfast and lunch on the road while meeting clients. Again, eyeball reliance rather than measurement and palpably high sodium to boot. Because of all of those meetings and the time away from the office, I also sacrificed early morning workouts in the interest of office time (I bill hours like lawyers do - office time also is important). I knew I was in Sparky trouble. Big trouble. I did not yet know how much.

And I was indeed in trouble. Saturday morning brought me to my frenemy the scale. I was fearful, and rightfully so. The scale giggled, it sneered and it smugly told me that was up six (count 'em) pounds since Tuesday. Mindful of the fact that the scale does not lie but also mindful of the fact that I was tracking for all the meals that I could control - and leaving ample calories-to-go for the meals I could not track, being up six pounds blew me away.

So, what would you do? Order pizza and say "what the hell!"? Um, if you all know me as much as I think you do, you also know that was not my choice. Intellectually I believe that sodium was chiefly to blame, and if I can dilute that the pounds will pour off again. Some of them, anyway. So, I stepped up the pool laps, I greatly stepped up the water, I have been tracking this weekend with new-found zealotry, etc. Tuesday is my weigh-in day. If I drop half those six, it will be a victory of sorts.

I will update this on Tuesday morning. But here is my question - what do you predict I will weigh on Tuesday compared to last Tuesday. Up (obviously?) but how many pounds? And why? And would you handle the remedy any differently?


Tuesday AM Official Weekly Weigh-In:

(Drumroll Please...)

DOWN 0.1 lbs for the week. Those 6 lbs of water weight vanished in 72 hours, and a whole tenth-of-a-pound more! Wow!

And fellow Sparkies, this proves the point that weight loss really is in our control. All we need to do is focus, keep our collective eyes on the prize, not become emotional or dejected, and use the tools of this web site, "religiously." If I can do this (completely rebound from days of horrible eating within the same week), certainly all of you can too!
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