Back at it

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shortly after my making my commitment to get fit, I got really sick. I was having fevers of 105 and debilitating headaches. After about 2 weeks of that I ended up in the hospital ICU for 9 days. They determined it was histoplasmosis from a recent trip to Belize. Histo is a fungal infection that affects the lungs mostly and in my case my liver and kidneys too. So I was told I couldn't exercise for at least a month and then could only slowly ease back into anything cardiovascular.

Luckily, I am healing more quickly than anticipated given how sick I was, so 2.5 months later, I am ready to get fit again.

Now I have decided to train for a triathlon! I have an 8 week training program set up and plan to do "One Last Tri" on September 16th.

Here's to health and determination!
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