Getting Caught!... Exercising...?

Saturday, June 09, 2012

I promise to keep my ranting to a minimum. Well, I promise to try, at least.

Gosh I cannot express enough how tough it is to change your lifestyle. Especially when food and laying on couches are exquisitely delicious. And its particularly hard when no one else will likely follow the journey with you. And that's fine. To each their own. But god help you if you put a dent in the status quo, ya know?

I'm hoping it's my own personal experience. But I don't think people really know how insensitive they are to newbie exercisers. Not regular exercisers. No. Just newbs. It's a behavior I cannot wrap myself around, putting down a friend who decides to work out. Friends or family don't necessarily think they are saying anything mean when they see you sweating your ass off doing jumping jacks and start chanting "I don't know but I've been told! (Insert your rhyme here. Kthnx)". They think they are being encouraging.

But they know better.

It's not really encouraging when a friend finds you exercising and starts counting your reps out loud. It's a drag when they watch you from the couch while you work out and tell you to go harder or faster. Why yes, I'm more then sure that people who exercise stink, there's no need to bring that up. And giggling at stupid looking gym clothes has a way of making the exerciser feel demotivated and inadequate. God help you if you're a man, I have heard that the "friendly" jabs get much, much-much more soul crushing.

Let's be frank here, exercising is unattractive looking for about 85% of us. It looks weird and makes us red faced with "taking a dump" scowls. And the grunts! Oh lord, the noises an exerciser makes!

"I'm gonna give you three seconds; exactly three-seconds to wipe that stupid looking grin off your face or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-f****k you!"

Truth is, while they mean well, no one wants to see someone unattractive do unattractive things.

So in light of all of that terribleness, I worked out alone. In a locked room. Blinds drawn. When no one was home. ...Yeah. It was bad enough that I had never really worked out before, or that I was forced to work out in my jean shorts because I had no gym clothes... But I was working out to the first disc of Hip Hop Abs. 270lbs doing just awful hip hop aerobics in a small room. I looked like an idiot. I knew I looked like an idiot! But I didn't **want** anyone to know I looked like an idiot. Friend or not.

But if anyone came home, I'd shut off the tape, wipe my brow, and pretend I was on the computer.

That's just a miserable state to be in, isn't it? I was honestly ashamed of working out. Of looking even more unsightly then I already was. And having anyone walk in and "encourage me" was a living nightmare. Or even worse, standing there and staring at me like I was putting on a circus show just for them (or god forbid I was inconveniencing them by simply trying to gyrate my pelvis like a tool).

SO Essentially: I was working out... alone... to get myself to a point where I could be deemed **attractive** enough to work out... IN FRONT of other human beings. N' therefore they wouldn't think that what they were seeing was sooo strange that they would feel the need to draw attention to it.

Buuut maybe that was just me?

These days, however, I exercise when I want to, even if people are in the room. I don't know where the change or came or why but it suddenly just happened that way. It was the only way to find time to work out really. And I think I realized that by working out no matter what it made my couch potato friends feel inferior.

Which is probably why they were being a bunch of dicks.

Just sayin.
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    Keep the faith! Nice "Scanners" image, BTW :)
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