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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Never in my life have I been treated so rudely.

In late August I had been scrambling to find a summer job. I had applied to many jobs, received two interviews, but was never chosen for the position. So of course, when I saw an opening at the bakery on campus, I jumped on it. I needed a job and this job, though it was not directed towards my abilities nor my goals, would pay me and allow amble time for my graduate research. The job did not start till May 29th and would only go until July 13th. Although this was not what I had been looking for, it was still better than nothing. The possibility of picking up more hours made it worthwhile.

So on Thursday, May 31st I showed up to my first day. I expected to be rusty at baking skills, since I have not practiced them for years. When I was told to do something differently, I did. When I was told I was doing something wrong, I changed what I was doing. I worked fast and effectively, even leaving plenty of time to help with other people after finishing all my tasks for the day.

No matter how fast I worked, nor how much I attempted to socialize with my supervisors, it seemed like they did not like me being around. I thought, “It will get better when I learn more about how they do things around here,” but secretly I thought, “I f***ing hate this place.”

I showed up for every shift early. I worked hard. I asked questions when I was not sure how to do something. I even did not complain when I found out that my Sunday shifts, of which I was informed would only last a few hours, lasted seven. But it seemed like no matter how hard I tried my supervisors did not like me.
So I did what every poor college student does, I looked for a new job. Just one week after starting I applied to, was interviewed, and hired at a veterinarian hospital to work as kennel staff. I decided I would wait one more week before I put in a two week notice at the bakery.

That week I worked three jobs, the bakery job, the kennel job, and my lab job. It was not too bad, but I was still tired. The bakery job went by ok, but I still had to walk on eggshells in order to not be scolded along the way. I began to hate it even more.

Finally on Thursday during the first 3 hours of my shift at the bakery job, after being scolded multiple times for things that were not my fault, I decided to quit. Here are the main examples of what pushed me to the edge. 1) I could not find poppy seeds, and when I found them the tub was empty, so I did what everyone would do and I went to take the empty tub back to the dish washer’s area. Along the way I asked my supervisor if that is what she wanted me to do, and the bucket grazed the ground. She flipped on me and said, “DON’T LET THAT BUCKET HIT THE GROUND! IT’S A HEALTH CODE VIOLATION!” I shrugged it off. 2) Then I had spilled a tiny bit of canola oil on the ground and did not notice. I was told to get a cleaning bucket, of which I questioned her “A cleaning bucket?” to which her response was “Yes.” I got the cleaning bucket thinking that I should have a mop bucket, so started to clean up the mess with a rag. She YELLED at me “NO NO NO NO NO!”, like I was a dog or something, and told me she meant to get a mop bucket. That was the last straw. NO ONE talks to me like I am a dog. And I mean it. NO ONE!

I decided to be the big man and finish out the day. When I got home I wrote a polite email informing them I would be resigning immediately from the position due to the uncomfortable working conditions and the requirements of my other jobs.

So needless to say, the last few days have not been good in the fitness and nutrition area. I hope that now that I’m down a sh***y and stressful job, I can get back on board.
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    That sounds awful. I probably wouldn't have been able to handle the crazy, rudeness for that long. Just think -- now you won't be tempted with all of those bakery smells anymore. I've worked at a vet before.. its not very appetizing sometimes ;-)
    2141 days ago
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