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Found some more young Hawks

Saturday, June 09, 2012

We started off the afternoon playing with the dogs

The next door neighbor where I exercise the dogs trumpet flowers are hanging over the fence. I like these flowers. Can be invasive though.

My friend's roses

We drove over to Leona Valley to look for birds etc. I spotted a Lizard on a post. This Lizard cracked me up. It looked like Joe Cool, just hanging out.

We drove by a house that had this shrub in the front yard. I don't know what type of shrub it is, but it is pretty.

Not far from the shrub was a Scrub Jay

Down the street we spotted a Red Tail Hawk

A small bird flew over and chase the Hawk off. That is always so funny to watch.

Then another Hawk flew out of no where

Eagle Eyes spotted a Squirrel having a snack.

Brewers Blackbirds

This bird had a snack as well

We were driving back towards home, and decided to check on the young Red Tail Hawks. We only saw one.

American Kingbird showed up

A bird flew over, and landed on a wire. It is blue, so at first I thought a Bluebird, but after I took the pic I noticed it had white bars on the wings. We have never seen this bird before, nor could I find what type of bird it is. It has the same type of beak that a Finch has. it sure is pretty though

We checked on Mama Raven. She was feeding her chicks.

Ok, now for the surprise. As we were driving home I was looking around the trees to see if the Owl was still around. I spotted a bird, so DH turned around and went back to the tree. To our surprise it was two Red Tail Hawks sitting on a limb. This tree is about 5 mins from us, and we never spotted them until now. The tree is closer to the street then the other Hawk nest we have been watching. As I got out of the car to take the pictures Mama Hawk started circling calling to her babies. She is more protective then the other Mama Hawk.

This week I have been pet sitting, so not around as much. My schedule will be back to normal soon!

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