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Our New Home

Friday, June 08, 2012

Once again, here I am explaining why I've been mostly absent from Sparks. (Can we say obsessively-compulsively scanning Craigslist and other rental listings 'til my head nearly exploded and I thought I'd go blind? ( I tend to exaggerate - but only a little....)

To do a quick summary (like I've EVER been able to do that!), Ron and I were looking for a place to rent anyway; since it's become clear that we are unable to keep our house. Then our youngest son Ian's fiance, Kristina, had another seizure on my birthday. I began spending most nights over there - or came over very early in the morning, since no one is comfortable (she's downright afraid) with her being alone with Brycen while Ian is driving 100 miles every morning. She can't drive for at least six months; and the seizure medication she's on makes her very sleepy at the higher dose while she's getting used to it. And no one can guarantee she won't have another seizure, of course. Plus, she has those strange migraines that make her feel out of it for 2-3 days at a time. All this on top of the Lupus and Fibromyalgia. So we all had a talk and decided the best, most practical thing was for us to get a house together.

(This all happened to be at the time that their lease is up at the apartment complex at the end of June.)

We can share rent, utilities and all the other expenses - and it will be vastly less expensive for both families. Kris doesn't have to be alone; and I don't have to run across town and work out transportation difficulties.

I really felt God led us to this house - I felt repeated nudges to look at it, even though it only has one bathroom. Once we all saw it, we all wanted it. I'm in love with it - it's a charming *large* Victorian that already has a garden, and a fenced in back yard. And there's a small rose bush on a trellis!! emoticon (I've always wanted a rose bush - makes up a bit for having to leave my lilac bush behind....) It's on a quiet block. (Much quieter than where we live now, Praise God!) It has huge bedrooms, with lots of closet space, and lots of outlets (unusual for an old house). Washer and dryer are included, along with a folding table, in the basement. And the rent is only $850. $425 per family plus utilities.

Please, if you would be so gracious, continue to pray for us all as we prepare to move - raising the $1900 to move in, decide what to get rid of (A LOT!!!) prepare a huge moving sale for next weekend, etc. There is also still the matter of what to do with our present home to
decide. They have offered us the option of a short sale as opposed to foreclosure, which is very appealing - especially if our oldest son, Nathan could work it out financially to pay the reduced payment and utilities to stay here and show it. That's going to take divine intervention, as well - but we know He can do it!!! It's just a matter of can he (Nathan) do it? Decisions, decisions....
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