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Friday, June 08, 2012

I was a fairly active kid. I played tag, kickball and did the sledding thing. But, I was never considered an athlete. I was an athletic supporter (I love that phrase from Grease) but I wasn’t the girl in high school that ran, played basketball or had any inclination to do any of those things.

I was also the kid that went on her first diet in 1st grade. I’ve had body issue my entire life and I am not at all sure I will ever get over them. I have been thin and I have been fat. I have been healthy and I have been a binger.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because you need to know that you don’t have to let anyone thing define who you are and what you become. You can be anything you want and you can do anything that you allow yourself to do.

I started these journey 130 lbs ago. Yes you read that right; 130lbs or 17 months ago. I started by walking a 21 minute mile for 30 minutes. Some people cheered me on that I was even doing that. However, for me it was embarrassing because I had let myself go. But guess what? I didn’t give up. I kept on going. Guess what? I got stronger, faster and I became a new person.

I have done a 5k, a half marathon and 2 mud obstacle courses. I never envisioned that I would be “that” girl. I am registered for 3 half marathons this fall and winter. I am entered in 4 more mud races. I am that girl. I don’t look like an athlete but I am an athlete. I can run a mile in 8 minutes. I can run 3 miles in less than 35 minutes. I can do all of this because I never gave up or gave in and I believed in myself. You know you should try it as well.
I recently did my 2nd mud run. It was 3.1 miles and 28 obstacles. I did it and I did it alone. It was hard. I am battered and bruised, but I would do it a thousand more times because it proves to me that if I believe in myself I can accomplish anything.

I am worth getting to goal and making my dreams come true and so are you.
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