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Friday, June 08, 2012

Every morning I wake up, shower, do my hair and apply my makeup. So far, no big news...but I got to thinking. Why do I have this routine everyday, and then my thoughts went deeper. I go to the dentist to make sure my teeth are healthy. I go to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure. I apply moisturizer every night before bed to keep my skin from drying up and peeling off. I tweeze, shave and wax all the unwanted hair off my face and body, and it occurred to me .... this is a lot of up keep, but my personal hygiene is very important to me. I can only image what I'd look like if I didn't do all these things. Now that's a scary thought. I suppose I do these things to look and feel my best. To present myself to the world showing I take pride in my appearance, but do I really???Wait! Did anyone notice I never mentioned exercise on a daily basis as one of the things I do to look my best? So here's my question. Why do I worry about my appearance in every other way, but not in how big my butt is? It upsets me that I'm getting brown age shots on my hands, but the fact that my thighs rub together and cause a rash,... no big deal. My arms aren't shapely and tone, and my belly flaps over and sits on my lap, but that's doesn't seem to be on my radar, either. It's been like this for as long as I can remember. I'm perplexed. Why don't I care enough to eat properly and be active so I can have a healthy and fit body. Shouldn't that be as important as everything else. Some where, at some point in my life, despite my constant dieting, my body size was never a priority for me and I have to wonder why. At this moment, I don't have the answers, but this question has me thinking alot and appearantly needs my attention. Perhaps someone out there can enlighten me.
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    Rats! That was way too long. I'm sorry, I'm trying to become briefer, (in more ways than one). emoticon
    2508 days ago
    Lots of good points here... but I know my personal answer... because the beauty things are easier! And they make you feel better about yourself.

    Despite the pain that goes with some beauty treatments (like waxing and tweezing), the reward is immediate. But good grief, with the creation of a beautifully healthy body, the pain is long and drawn out, and the gratification and results are (as stated before) sometimes completely unnoticed for months! The math is easy. When we think we can't change something - or that change is not worth the effort, as in time required vs. need for speed - then we learn to overlook it or accept it and make excuses to ourselves, and we try to make up for it by fixing another area so it will be acceptable.

    First, we need to realize, we CAN change this. And we DO have the time... after all how much will we weigh if we don't decide to change it now? We then just need the motivation to begin. You have that, and you have begun. Don't question why or where you got that strength now instead of earlier, just take the bull by the horns and be glad you got here now... and watch the transformation -- we are (watching)! Be proud, as there are way too many who are still hiding behind their superficial attempt to be blind to the obvious. That may sound mean, but weren't we all being superficial somewhere in our lives before we finally had enough? If it wasn't make-up and clothes that we were applying, wasn't it behaviors that were acceptable? Aren't most overweight people usually either very helpful, very giving, very loving, very something else? Like clean, or funny, or (and the list goes on).

    Don't beat yourself up because you were not at this point sooner. That is the past. Today, you are aware and you want to change it. The fact that we are now focusing on our weight and health means we have finally accepted that we don't like it the way it is anymore -- enough to put in the effort to fix it. Woo Hoo! I say, hooray for our today!

    Thanks for the very deep introspective thought today (for me anyway). I hope this helps you realize that finally being ready is something that you can't always make happen, but when it does, you can always run with it -- and you have! Maybe you have helped another realize they are still where you once were, and it will make them want to step out and make a change now too. Good blog.
    2508 days ago
    I think Jackie and Sharon-Marie both have good points.

    What comes to my mind when I read it was that we wear clothes to cover our bodies. For women they have also invented underwear than pulls you in this way, lifts you up that way and so on to create a look that we think is good. Our face is bear, or we dress it up. Now if we all went around naked maybe things would be different.

    Either we would be holding our tummies in all day, or working really hard to getting our bodies looking really great or think well her belly flaps over and sits in her lap mine must be ok.

    The Lady in the emoticon will get us thinking
    2508 days ago
  • no profile photo SHARON-MARIE
    Barbara, I'm thinking maybe instant gratification comes into play somewhere . . . which seems to hint at what MarathonDad is also saying.

    The majority of the items you listed that you do . . . shaving, waxing, tweezing, applying making, getting manis / pedis . . . all these things usually produce results that you can immediately see.

    Eating healthy and maintaining a regular fitness regime does not produce instantly noticeable results.

    I recently read that it takes about 8-12 weeks for people to notice a weight loss or other physical health improvement change (i.e., toned muscles that once were not) in another individual. I haven't read up on this, so I cannot verify its validity, but it does seem to be at least somewhat accurate.

    3 months is far from instant, isn't it?

    It probably takes even longer for an individual to really notice such results in themselves.

    It's a metamorphosis, this change that happens to our physical shell. It's comparable to a butterfly releasing itself from its cocoon. It doesn't happen overnight. There is considerable effort involved; and sometimes the effort can be quite strenuous.

    But, I would like to suggest that it is most definitely worth it.

    As gently as I can put this - and I hope this is received as an encouragement - what good is it to have pretty fingernails or a killer cosmetic face if the body is not healthy inside? The health of our bodies is our foundation; everything else is decoration.

    To use another analogy, a reputable builder would not build a shabby house on a inadequate foundation and then try to disguise the poor quality by dressing up the house with fancy eye-catching fixtures and other doodads. That's a technical term, btw . . . doodad.

    There's nothing wrong with indulging in the pretties, but I most certainly believe you're on the right track in questioning the validity of having pretties but ignoring the foundation (the health of your body).

    By the way, but, just this morning, many hours before I read your blog, I was thinking about instant gratification and how that applies - or more aptly, doesn't apply - to losing excess weight and increasing the fitness health of a body. I was also contemplating how the results are so very much worth the effort, hard work and patience; regardless as to how long it takes or how long it might seem to take.

    Now . . . and don't shoot me emoticon . . .
    I was doing all this thinking during my trike ride this morning; it was a way of encouraging me to trike just a few minutes longer and then just a few more minutes again. And it worked! Yesterday was my personal best with 50 minutes. Usually I trike anywhere between 40 - 45 minutes. Today, I beat yesterday's personal best and triked 57 minutes this morning.

    Here's to your health AND your health journey!
    Both are worth it.

    Be blessed,
    2508 days ago
  • DMANN104
    I think Jackie had a good point about learning the routines as kids. I think parents (and other family members) have to watch what we teach our kids - what are we showing them by what we say & do. Also I think some things are picked up in today's society as what is "acceptable" or "proper". I would hope that my kids will see regular exercise / active living and eating healthy as part of their regular routine.
    2509 days ago
    very good thoughts the only thing I can think of is its easier to apply makup and the other stuff than it is exercising or running I mean im just assuming I dont do any of your morning routine hahahah
    2509 days ago
    You made some good points. Unfortunately, I can't enlighten you as I am the same way. But, at least we can start making it part of our daily healthy habits, now. It isn't too late.

    But, I did just have a thought. Who taught us to make hair removal, dental visits, personal hygiene as part of our daily routines? Our mothers. We started these routines as children. I don't know about you but I was not raised with the idea of exercise as part of a daily health routine. Perhaps that is the reason? What do you think?

    emoticon Jackie
    2509 days ago
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