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Today I was crushed... bleeped out profanity avert eyes don't read if prone to heart palpitations..

Friday, June 08, 2012

for about 2 minutes...

Today while I was out on my run a van full of boys drove by. Typically i wouldn't have noticed except for that they slowed down and were looking at me like I was the most disgusting thing to walk the earth EVER. The faces they were making while they were pointing obviously caught my attention. I was like Seriously????? As the van went passed and turned the corner I was crushed and then I had the heart wrenching fear they were going to circle around and do it again. I mean come on. I'm not a svelte pretty young thing but you didn't have to make me feel like I was scum of the earth while I'm out trying to get healthier.

Then I realized this is why I HATE BOYS oh yes it's true. This is why I didn't date in high school. This is why I'm with my wonderful MAN who understands me loves me regardless of my shape size etc... I'm 28 and I STILL thing BOYS my age are awful so imagine a van full of 18-22 year olds. KILL ME NOW! NO WAIT! EFF THAT I HOPE YOU LITTLE BASTARDS GET A FLAT! That's much better. I AM KILLING IT! I AM SQUATING, LUNGING, LEG LIFTING BIKE RIDING, RUNNING WTF!!!!! I am Short. I am Thick. I am 5'3'' 189 pounds of chunk. Get over it!

Then my mind wandered to I wonder what kind of undies everyone else run's in because these boy shorts are NOT DOING IT FOR ME TODAY! Then I covertly tried to adjust only to turn around and see a super fit dude jogging with his dog RIGHT BEHIND ME. MORTIFICATION. I just hope he understands That I needed so badly to adjust. I mean he's jogging he should understand the constraints of stretchy running clothes right?

Blarg I say get over it but I'm still pissed. Not crushed EFF THEM. But I am angry still. Insert my super old ladiness here. I THINK the stupid rotten egomaniacal children of today are AWFUL. I think watching Jersey Shore and thinking the only thing that matters are hot girls who are DTF, and fake tans and trading STD'S is awful. I think thinking that you are the coolest person to grace this planet with your presence is annoying! I feel sorry for you all when you have to grow the F*CK up and get real jobs. Oh P.S. more than half of you will probably get married, have kids, lose your hair YAY NO MORE STUPID GUIDO HAIRCUT, and GET FAT!!!!!

**SIGH** Ok So I'm a little bummed that these little SH*TS took the wind out of my sails. Before they did this I was stoked because I was having to keep pulling my running pants up. I bought these pants, and they were always a bit tight. It was a last minute thing we were going biking I was wearing jeans I needed something more comfortable and sadly these pants while a bit too tight were the largest size the store had that day. The pants are a large. They are now fitting still comfortable but loose and when I run sometimes I have to hike them up. This was huge for me and I was so excited to come home and blog about it. Now I'm just kind of Blah. Anyhow my run was a minute slower no biggie. I got a shower in when I got home. Maybe I'll take a nap this afternoon. I have a birthday BBQ to go to later good thing it's bring your own meat so I can have some chicken or something. I was going to bake something but now I'm just tired and I don't really feel like it :/ Weigh in tomorrow eep. Hope everyone is having a much better friday!
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  • PLATAS0827
    As I was reading this I wanted to slap the hockey sticks out of some people... I know what it is like when you are confronted with immature pointless people so I apologize for that. You are a much better person than I am because when that happened to me, with some kids riding their bikes, I let my Pitbull loose and she chased them down the street and up a tree. I thought about flattening their tires but that is vandalism and I dont need to be arrested.

    Good for you on the pants!! I think that is awesome and something to totally be proud and stoked about... Keep it Up!!!

    2170 days ago
    As I read this, I wanted to give you a big hug! And tell you I can relate. Last night I was running with my ipod and I heard a loud yell. A car with a couple teenage boys drove by. I don't know what they yelled, but from the looks on their faces, they thought they were pretty funny. I was so angry. And hurt. When I see someone who is larger outside exercising, I think "yeah! Good for them!". I then used my anger to push myself a little harder. I also cursed them out in my head. I refuse to let them devalue me. But I was still pissed. f #$%ers.
    2174 days ago
  • ANGELA12372
    I am so sorry for your ordeal today. Guys can be so cruel, especially young guys. In a way you have to blame society for the way they think. Everywhere you turn there is a magazine with a very fit model on it, a billboard, an ad, etc., etc. Excuse me not all women look like that!!! You are doing this for yourself and you should be very PROUD of that!! In my opinion, beauty doesn't come on the outside, it comes from within!! You just remember that you are BEAUTIFUL not matter what!!! I know that your feelings are hurt and it is devastating. Keep your head held high and your chin up!! It doesn't matter what they think or what anyone else does, all that matters is what you think. I would much rather see a kind soul running, than i would a snobbish, stuck up, super model looking person!!!! emoticon emoticon
    2175 days ago
    I am so sorry that happened to you!
    What disgusting behavior.
    I really don't understand that pack mentality... the need to pump oneself up around one's "pals" in such an ignorant and hurtful manner. yuck!

    If someone did that to me, I'm not sure if I could have the strength of mind to finish my workout... so kudos to you. That's some cool stuff!
    2175 days ago
    I am so sorry you had to go through awful, But I laughed out loud when you said half of them would get married, have kids, lose their hair and get fat! Me I wouldn't have wished they got a flat...I would have wished they crashed and burned for only a second and then would have taken it back!
    2175 days ago
  • KK10TM
    I'm 21 and that's why I gave up dating...The boys (and I do mean boys) my age are so immature. Their priorities are so out of whack. I got tired of all of the shallowness of the dating game and stopped. I figured that if something good comes along, so be it, but I'm not going to go looking for it. Boys do mature much more slowly than girls. Good thing you found a real man. I'm hoping I find one of those one day. Don't let them get you so flustered. Use it as motivation. Good luck =]
    2175 days ago
    I hate groups of boys together, too -- most of them only act like that to show off in front of their friends, and they give each other the "bravery" (because there's no courage involved, trust me) to be as*holes.

    When I had lost weight the first time, I had dropped about 50-60 pounds and was strutting down some street in Greenwich Village NYC and this car pulled up beside me and these frat boy looking dudes yelled, "FAAAAAAATASSSSSSSS!" out the window at me. For a second I was crushed! Crushed! But then I yelled back at the car, 'D*CCCCCKKKKWADDDDDS!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN ME 50 POUNDS AGO!"

    People put strangers down because they feel bad about themselves and they give themselves the illusion of some kind of power.

    WHO has real power? YOU! Because you're out there making huge positive changes for yourself, being an awesome example to your kids and being a point of huge inspiration for your Sparkpeeps...and you have a husband who adores you, so those idiot boys can go choke on some bratwurst. You totally rock!!!!!!!!!!
    2175 days ago
    I have it from a reliable source that those boys? Have teeny, tiny penises.

    (And no amount of exercise will change that, a$$holes, so take that!)

    2175 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/11/2012 4:22:49 PM
    Sorry about the multiple posts. Aaaahhhh!!!
    2175 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/11/2012 3:40:36 PM
    Ugh, it is so unfortunate when stupid people breed to make ignorant little f*ckwit babies. emoticon Sorry about that.

    And I totally fish my undies out my ass all the time when I run, it's cool.

    Good luck!
    2175 days ago
    Ugh, it is so unfortunate when stupid people breed to make ignorant little f*ckwit babies. emoticon Sorry about that.

    And I totally fish my undies out my ass all the time when I run, it's cool.

    Good luck!
    2175 days ago
    I'm so sorry that happened to you. What a bunch of jerks. What's the worst is that it DOES hurt so much when people do horrific things like that. I had a very similar experience when I was in college - and probably 40 lbs lighter than I am now! - that to this DAY I still can remember like it was yesterday.

    Just remember, you are OUT THERE DOING IT! Period. So who cares what people think or say? You are working to make yourself healthier. And I agree with what everyone has been saying about karma... it will come back to them in due time.
    2175 days ago
    About a year ago at the gas station a younger boy in his early 20s asked me for money. I politely declined, and as he was driving away he shouted, "lose some weight, bi*ch!" it DEVASTATED me, I just sat in my car and cried for about 5 minutes. I won't lie and say I didn't hope he got a flat tire too, or even worse lol. It does suck and it's not fair, but karma will come back to them! In the mean time, you are doing all the right things and trying to get healthy! I totally feel the same way about the kids today too, btw.....little punks!
    2176 days ago
    at least you are out there, getting fit! i bet those little boys couldn't run nearly as far, long, or fast as you! don't let them get you down.
    2177 days ago
  • EVLOBOS310
    I can't really add anything more than what everyone else said, except I totally agree with you about the boys. Ugh, so incredibly rude and obnoxious!
    2177 days ago
    Lol. You're so awesome. Understand, I'm not laughing at what these a-holes did your self-esteem, but at my own realization that they are (or will become) exactly who and what you went on to describe. After I went through the same thing that you just did, something in my mind clicked and realized how pathetic and hilarious *they* are, and how awesome *I* am.

    When people do these things to me now (like the idiot in my hood that I blogged about -- I can send to you if you didn't see it), I actually laugh at *them*, usually to their faces. Why? Well, for one, it's natural for me to react that way now, but also, simply put -- they don't get it. I feel like I've unlocked some deep, dark secret that only a few know about. It's like being a former president or something -- a secret club. I've found the path to happiness and am halfway down it, meanwhile, it doesn't even occur to them that one exists. They're just clueless. Now that? Is HILARIOUS. So, next time they do it, laugh at *them*. Do it for me. Do it for your emoticon

    P.S. This is effing HILARIOUS: I am Short. I am Thick. I am 5'3'' 189 pounds of chunk. Get over it!

    I'm going to put it on my Facebook ANONYMOUSLY, but you are more than welcome to take credit for it (just didn't want to embarrass you). It's awesome and must be shared.

    You ROCK!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2177 days ago
    Creepy people don't deserve your attention. Losing so much weight that tight clothes are now baggy is terrific. Don't let the creeps take that away from you. You had a great run and I think that's something to shout about. Seems like everyone else here thinks so too.

    Re underwear and running - I'm in the commando crowd, especially if the shorts have built in panties.
    2178 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/9/2012 8:51:19 PM
    Well this just goes to prove that there are morons everywhere! I've had plenty of similar situations - some extremely embarrassing at the time (and made me wish I had said something later when I was rehashing it yet again.) The end result is that those people think they are "holier than thou" and righteous in their contempt. Although their arrows may sting; in the end they are nothing but shallow unhappy people. When their looks fade, their hair falls out, or they do indeed themselves get fat they will be on the other end of judgement and then they will finally know the pain. They aren't worth the time lost to even worry about them. Your life is so much greater than their scorn. Hang in there - we all have your back!
    2178 days ago
    Boys are grunty little twerps. They'll get theirs.

    Also, the guy jogging behind you totally understands. Remember, dudes have to adjust their.. uh, stuff... a lot when they're moving due to sweat. Also, underwear goes up everyone's crack, and part of life is adjusting, if he thought anything mean he's dumb and I hoped he stepped in poop.

    In terms of what I wear when I run... when it comes to undies... nothing. I go commando, because I got tired of always having to adjust. Some people were like, "You're crazy." So I told them to try it. They then thanked me.
    2178 days ago
    Does Brian love you? Then who the eff cares what anyone else thinks? Obviously he thinks you are something pretty special, he gave you 2 beautiful children and he comes home to you every night. You don't have to please any other man. My motto is if you don't like what you see, then look away.

    I am 5'1 1/4" and started at 248 lbs. I am now 157.9 I am still heavy, but I am proud of my accomplishments. Like I said if you don't like what you see, then don't look.

    You are doing great. I think you deserve a lot of credit for being out there and running. I probably would have flipped the little creeps the bird.
    2178 days ago
    People can be arses! You are doing great and don't let ANYBODY tear you down! Yes, it sucks to see people be that rude but you are getting healthy for you and no one else. When I went from 220lbs to 138lbs it took a few years. I remember only being able to run a couple of blocks. I ran at 5am so that absolutely no one had a chance to see me jiggling down the street. But after a while I was losing the weight. And before I knew it I was a musclar gym regular running my 3miles on the treadmil getting compliments on my speed.
    Please know that you are soooo worth giving yourself the opportunity to get healthy and to feel good about the way you look. Those same boys will be the ones with their jaws dropping once you reach your goal. I'm rooting for you!
    2178 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/8/2012 5:35:20 PM
    Rude stupid people like that shouldn't be allowed to procreate. That does hurt and makes us mad. I have had that to happen on many occasions. Even in restaurants. I was sitting with my wonderful husband having lunch in Shoney's. I was eating a salad. There was a table full of women sitting beside me. They kept looking over my way and loudly discussing how they hated to get fat. They talked about how they would exercise that fat off. I didn't say a word, but my blood was boiling. I didn't enjoy my lunch. I rarely got out at the time. I couldn't barely walk at the time. So coming to lunch with my hubby was a big deal for me. At Walmart I found some cheap blouses in my size, only when I got home they didn't fit. I took them back and they only had a size 5. So I got them anyway. When I went up to exchange them, the lady said, "Oh my God you wear a size 5." Everyone there was staring. I calmly looked at her and said, "Yes, why do you ask." It took her back and she dropped her head. I went to Walmart to get a haircut in their salon. At the time I still couldn't walk very well and it was a rare occasion again that I got out. I couldn't stand for long without pain raging in my legs and back. It isn't just fat, but health issues too. I started to sit on a folding chair and one of the hairdresser ran over and said, "Oh no no you can't sit there the chair might break." So I sat on one of the dryer seats. Then this hairdresser and another lady started talking about, "some people just need to diet." I never went back there. But now 75 pounds later I am still fat but not as fat. I am happy with the accomplishments I have made. The LORD has helped me all the way. I am walking, working in the yard, and doing a lot of things I thought I would never do again. My point is don't let people like that break your spirit. You are worthy of this life. You are important. Most of all you have personality. Something these people don't have. Most of all you have great courage to go out there and do what you need to do to get healthy. Hug yourself and say "Job well done." Besides you have someone that loves and respects you. That is what matters, not what those immature mommas boys did. Now smile about that and get back out there. emoticon P.S. The running shorts thing was funny. You have a great sense of humor even when things are horrifying. emoticon
    2178 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/9/2012 11:09:08 PM
  • LIZ1147
    I used to run at night when I got off work so I could avoid people, in particularly people like those boys. Now, I run on a treadmill in the garage so I'm by myself and can focus. I have never found any underwear that really work well for running. Boy shorts always ride up. I recently bought some running shorts with built in briefs, and I always thought those would be uncomfortable, but they actually work pretty well.
    2178 days ago
    I have had someone do that to me once except they took my picture while laughing in my face. The woman in the car was mortified and trying to make him stop. I never wanted to die on the spot before. Then I realized that a person who treat another human being like that isn't worth the effort to be upset. That is a pathetic human being and they will, like you mentioned, get older and most likely unattractive and they will realize what assholes they were but then it might be too late to have a good life. You are lucky to have people love you and good morals. Hugs, screw them
    2178 days ago
    Oh yuck, that sucks that happened. I swear to god stupid people are the MAJORITY, it's sad but true. Have a better day tomorrow.
    2178 days ago
    Blah :( boys suck. I have had many issues with boys in my past. I feel your pain. That is why I love my husband he has never acted like that, he respect women and he respects me 100%. No matter what size I am in, or if I am sick. Sometimes guys in general are just @ssh*les.

    And omg I hate Jersey Shore. Really they are gross. I can't stand fake, artificial, narcisstic people.

    Don't let those idiot boys bug you, they are loser with no life. You are beautiful and strong, don't you forget that! :)
    2178 days ago
    I'm sorry you were subjected to juvenile bullying.

    mean people live to get a reaction. Do not give them what they want. Do you really care what they think or do or say? Does anybody? Nope. Not even a little bit. It must be horrible for those children to have so little self worth that they feel the need to make rude comments about a stranger who isn't doing a thing to disrupt their closed little world.

    running in boy short skivvies is miserable (I found this out myself recently). I love them under my dress pants, but they just don't work for exercise. Any runner knows what you are going thru and as much as males tend to adjust and scratch anytime they feel the need, I doubt he even noticed that you had to do the same.

    just continue to be fabulous and ignore the haters! They are just jealous anyway.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2178 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/8/2012 3:39:10 PM
    First off...the segue from being crushed and upset to....what is up with my underwear totally cracked me up! emoticon

    You are so much braver than i am. I literally fell over in the gym...and out of embarrassment left. It was awful. If I was in the same situation you were in...I would have cried (and probably gone home). Sad but true.

    They exhibit the lowest form of the human spectrum, and it makes me sad. People who derive joy from the torment is sick. But you prevailed and I applaud you for it.
    2178 days ago
    Don't let a bunch of stupid little f*cks cruising around in mom's minivan crush your spirit.
    No matter what you look like or where you are there will always be some immature ass out there whose sole purpose in life is to try and make themselves feel better by putting down others.

    ps I despise this MTV generation too...
    2178 days ago
    People can be really cruel, but you are better than them! They are clearly lowlife! Well done for keeping going and not quitting!

    Go go go!
    2178 days ago
    Maybe because I AM the fat person that I don't understand how people can treat complete strangers this way. When I see people heavier than me walking/running/jogging I give them a smile and nod of encouragment because in actuality they are working harder than I am to get their larger bodies moving and they are showing courage. Don't let them take your glory! You are changing your life for the better. You go girl!
    2178 days ago
    emoticon ..sorry you had to deal with some annoying and clueless boys! Glad you got mad and realized that they're not worth thinking about. Hope today is awesome!
    2178 days ago
    Ugh, people can be idiots...especially young boys. I know it sucks and it's not an experience anyone wants to have, but try to let that pissed off feeling fuel you rather than bring you down. You know how great you're doing, you know how much progress you've made. Those boys are young and dumb and they don't know anything. Keep your head up, keep surging forward. You can do this!!
    2178 days ago
    I lied to myself for years because of what happened to you today. I told myself I enjoyed running on a treadmill better. I said, I don't need to go out there in the crap weather when I can work out and watch Law and Order at the same time. Well that was until my first bootcamp. I love running outside. It's refreshing. But when I come across people outside or driving by my fear sinks in. Just last week when I was running up at our camping spot, I though, I bet all those people down there around their fire pits are laughing at me. I bet they are saying, look there goes thunder thighs. BUT, I tell myself when those thoughts enter my mind, that I am getting healthier and fitter. They are drinking beer and getting fatter. Keep your head high, and ignore people's ignorance. You are a strong woman and deserve to be high fived when people drive by!

    2178 days ago
    That's one of my biggest fear. Whenever I go for a jog and I see people, I'm afraid they'll judge me, I'm afraid of all the stuff they'll think about me. So if that happens to me I'll probably be as mortified as you, maybe more. But you have the right attitude with it - EFF IT, and they're losers.
    Also good job for the pants!!! It feels awesome doesn't it?
    2178 days ago
  • BANDMOM2012
    Gosh I've had that moment when a complete stranger looks at me like I don't deserve to live emoticon You know what he wasn't hot or amazing cute and his thighs were bunched together in wranglers that probably twisted his testicles. I doubt he was able to have children emoticon Which is good because a$$holes like that don't need to procreate and spread the stupid.

    You keep rocking that run! Try wearing compression shorts over your undies. It keeps things in place a little better. And who hasn't had to dig out the massive wedgie that occasionally accompanies the exercise emoticon It happens.

    Also I agree with you about today's kids. Where did this idea of complete and total narcissism come from?
    2178 days ago
  • BECKY3126
    Ohhhhh....the glory that is teenage boys trying to be cool in front of other teenage boys. They are still at that stage in life where they think they are the biggest deal in the world, and that every girl on earth wants them, etc, etc. Oh how teenagers amuse and frustrate the crap out of me.
    I actually had a somewhat similar situation last weekend. I was leaving my house to go to Target to look for a new bathing suit and there was a teenage boy and girl sitting outside as I left. He began to call out random things to me about the size of my butt and other less than flattering names, and all I could think was, Really? First, I was just inside, happy because my skinny jeans are getting loose and I HAVE to wear a belt with them now. And in one instant, someone could take the wind right out of my sails. Second, your girlfriend there is not that much smaller than me. So get over yourself. Third, my boyfriend and several other random men who have been caught staring at said posterior, have quite a fond liking for what is back there. I have worked hard for that stupid round bubble butt.

    Just know that one of these days, it will be them running down the road, huffing and puffing because their pants don't fit anymore. And it probably won't be until they have spent a good amount of time binge drinking with friends and making complete fools of themselves so they can try to look cool in front of all the other guys again. Sheesh....when will they learn that they don't look cool? They just look stupid, and mean, and a little bit like they have self esteem issues themselves since they feel the need to put others down to feel better about themselves.

    You are doing awesome!! Keep watching those pants get bigger and bigger on you! And then treat yourself to a new pair that fits and shows off just how far you have come!
    2178 days ago
  • EMMYLOU010409
    First off, let's take a moment to realize they were "cool" guys in a van.

    A van.


    Second-- forget them. They're stupid and immature. They don't know how far you've come. They don't know that your pants are loose because you've done so well with your workouts. They clearly don't know what exercise looks like, so I'm guessing in a few years they'll be out huffing and puffing to get rid of their beer guts. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for being healthy, for working hard.

    Whenever I see anyone running outside, I think, "GOOD FOR YOU!" I'm talking from the fittest to those trying to get fit. I know I do not look effortless when I run. No, no-- you can see how every step is work. There's nothing cute about me when I workout. We're not working out to look good then-- we're working out to look and feel good later. So keep working hard-- don't let some immature boys get you down. You can run laps around them!

    As for panties-- I wear, surprisingly, Victoria Secret cotton panties. They're full coverage, or something, so none of their cute cheeky or bikini cuts. I love them because they DO NOT RIDE UP, which is a miracle. Or I wear some regular Fruit of the Loom. Anything that covers well. There. I announced what my underpants are when I work out to the Internet. You'll also learn that I don't pick wedgies because of my panties choice. And I can definitely tell the difference when I don't wear my "no riders." If I'm going to be sweating and dying while working out, the least I can do for my body is wear comfy panties.

    2178 days ago
    I found your blog through a SP friend...and it broke my heart a little (until I got angry). I'm so sorry those awful little a**holes made you feel that way. I'm sure none of them would have been so brave if they had been alone. It's like the losers who sit behind the safety of their computer screen and insult people on the internet.

    And I cannot agree with you more about "kids today". Seriously. It makes me feel like an old lady too, but this overwhelming sense of entitlement they all seem to have now is SOOOOO undeserved and makes me want to punch them in their smug little faces. It makes me glad I grew up in a time when there were no cell phones or facebook or JERSEY SHORE. Ugh.

    But anyway...GOOD FOR YOU for finishing your run, and for having to go down a size in pants!!! That is SUCH a happy occasion, and you earned it!
    2178 days ago
  • GOVEG2222
    Your are doing a great job, girlie!! Keep it up. Don't let those a$$holes get you down.

    I think a huge problem with today's youth, I say that lightly as you and I are about the same age, is facebook. They are so self-important and self-involved and obsessed with technology that they forget that people are real, not computer based clones, with real feelings.

    It does really hurt when people make fun of you and if anyone says that it doesn't, they are lying. But they are jerks and you are doing this for you, to be healthy and feel better about yourself, so screw them!!
    2178 days ago
    I had a similar experience one time. It was when I first started running and I still weighed 230-240 pounds and I was out "trying" to run and a car full of teenage boys drove by and one yelled out "you're still fat!!"

    Oh my gosh is almost broke me. But I kept running anyways. When I got home I thought about it for a little while and realized, yeah I may still be fat but I'm a lot less fat then I used to be, and at least I'm trying!!!

    Just keep up the good work!!
    2178 days ago
    :( Sorry they were such a$$es!! Hopefully one day they learn to be respectful and appreciate a woman trying to be fit and healthy (because I'm sure they won't be as they get older!)

    & congrats on the pants!! That's awesome!
    2178 days ago
    Yea, I've had that look. Especially at the gym. And I know what you mean, just that face they make always makes me want to punch them. Girls are just as cruel, but I can handle the girls, but for some reason it always catches me off guard the shallow boys. Like this one "supposedly" motivational picture that said "Don't want your husband to cheat? Then get off your fatass and go to the gym". I hate that picture with a the intensity of a thousand burning suns. It's not motivating, it's heartbreaking.
    But either way, when I was younger I always hung out with boys more until about highschool, which seemed to be when puberty hit all my guy friends and you couldn't have two logical words with them.
    But just think of it this way, those boys are annoying tw*ts who will soon be begging you for your phone number cause you will look so sexyful! And then you can kick them in the face. (I'm abit of a vindictive person lol).
    2178 days ago
    Teenage boys are a particularly awful brand of stupid. Don't let it get to you. You are way better than that. You're doing an amazing job. And YOU are out running while they ride around in a van mocking people. Lame.

    Congrats on your pants being loose. Isn't that the best feeling?
    2178 days ago
    Boys are thoughtless & stupid....unless we teach them better! Forget about them & remember the happiness - your pants are too big!!!
    2178 days ago
    I agree with bubbles... well except for the whole watching JS thing... sorry Bubbles... but you're too beautiful and smart to watch that junk... ok back to what I was saying, you're becoming more and more healthy, not to mention more and more beautiful every day and they are getting older, moving on past their puny little glory days and will probably never be in the same ballpark as far as the caliber of person that you are, unless they find a good woman to straighten them, so screw them and the horse they rode in on and think of something marvelous to bring to the barbecue, maybe something that needs a recipe so you'll have something to concentrate on to get your mind off those dofusses.

    You're doing great and I'm so proud of you and proud to be your sparkfriend. :-)
    2178 days ago
    I have two teenage boys and I ream them out if I find out they make fun of anyone. I tell the same thing to my girls. My oldest girl weighs more than me now and it makes me sad that I helped propetuate her unhealthy habits. I was hoping she would follow my lead, but it seems she eats even more to spite me. Girls are much more mean than boys. I think boys are more clueless... What it comes down to is the morals you teach children. If you teach them ignorance, they will be ignorant like those boys in the van. If you teach them to accept people for who they are, they will be kinder and accepting. Sorry those boys took the wind out of your sails. Try and tell yourself they are ignorant and have no right to make you feel bad. You are beautiful and they really don't matter in your life in the scheme of things. Hope your day turns around emoticon
    2178 days ago
    Well you wrote a very interesting blog today. I felt like I was riding a rollercoaster of emotions with the primary one being anger.
    I have done a lot of emotional work on myself. A few things that I have learnt are:
    - I cannot change people, places or things. The only thing I can change is me and my attitude.
    - I cannot read people's minds.
    - when an event occurs that upsets me, what were the REAL triggers.
    - I can start my day over at any time.
    - Humour is good for the soul.
    - the most important person to love is myself.

    An example of applying the above principles to what happened to you:
    - oh well, a van full of immature males just passed by.
    - were they really pointing at me or was there something else going on that I missed. Well, if it was me they were focused on AND they were obviously taking my physical inventory, then they are ignorant as well as immature. Their problem NOT mine.
    - However, what happened really upset me. I started thinking about high school. Why? What other issues were triggered i.e. self esteem? How can I deal with these issues so that they don't keep being triggered and negatively affecting my day?
    - Yes I got upset and I can change my attitude so I can still enjoy my day.
    - Imagine looking at them as if they were cockroaches, flipping them the finger, and then continuing on with your run because you know you are better than them. For one thing, I am running and they aren't.
    - reaffirm to myself that I am beautiful inside and out AND keep on enjoying my run while occasionally hiking up my soon-to-be-too-big pants. It is a great day!

    Take care,
    Cath emoticon
    2179 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/8/2012 6:31:15 AM
    I spend all day with teenagers, and i have to say, I find the girls significantly more disagreeable than the boys. Teenage boys are stupid frequently, and thoughtless, but for sheer meanness, the girls are hands down the winners.

    As my mother always says "consider the source". They are immature little brats. You're the better person.
    2179 days ago
    umm... I keep thinking that maybe they pointed and looked because they thought you were SEXY??!! Maybe hoping for your pants to fall down? emoticon emoticon

    2179 days ago
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