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Thursday, June 07, 2012

So here is another random blog by me...I figured it's been almost 2 months since I posted my last one, and thought I'd update the Sparkworld on my progress.

To date I am down an even 24lbs...I am back in my size 12's comfortably and really starting to feel good about myself again:-)

I've been down this road more times than I can count...I guess you could call me a "chronic relapser" or just one who has "yoyo-ed" my entire life with my weight.
I've ALWAYS struggled with food. I've ALWAYS given up before I reached a goal. I've ALWAYS fought things every step of the way. I've ALWAYS plateaued and gotten frustrated. I'm sure I'm not alone on this...

So my first time around the Spark world, I was actually pretty successful. I lost over 40lbs and felt great, but I never reached what I set as my realistic goal weight. I made A LOT of mistakes that I want to share. I fought a lot things that I had knowledge of, but of course I'm stubborn and hard headed and always thought that I could do things my own way. After gaining back nearly 20-some pounds of my 40lb loss, here I am again, back to the drawing board, waving the white flag...but this time around, I'm doing things a little different.

Mistake #1...I always cringed at the thought of tracking food. Too much of a pain in the butt, too much time and effort, too much hassle...But the reality is that I HAVE to be accountable for what I'm putting in my mouth. Even the small things add up...such as my mindless "picking". Now I know how many calories I end up with at the end of a day. I also mix my calories up...spiking them every few days. I was told it really confuses my metabolism and keeps it moving.

Mistake #2...Panicking when an occasion comes up. Whether it be lunch with a friend, a wedding, a holiday dinner, a birthday, whatever. I restricted myself as it being "off limits". And if I DID eat, the guilt about killed me. This time around, I realized, it's ok...I don't need to restrict anything. Just be smart about it. Keep the portions at a minimum and do some extra activity that day or the next. It's not the end of the world if I eat a small piece of cake at a birthday party! I'm trying really hard to focus on the entire picture...a lifestyle change, not a diet.

Mistake #3...Doing the same activity over and over and over again. Never mixing things up. Always hopping on the elliptical because I thought it burned the most calories. Sure it worked for a while, but when my body got used to it, I hit that plateau and got frustrated. This time around I've really been trying to mix things up...I've found a love for circuit training courses, old Richard Simmons work out tapes, swimming, and I've very recently taken up wogging! ME! Of all people! LOL...

Mistake #4...Not really believing that every movement counts...I learned the concept around here that every random act of fitness adds up. If I couldn't fit in an entire work out into a day, I just didn't. Now when I'm at work and home I just break into jumping jacks, leg lifts, calf raises, jog in place for 60 seconds, whatever! I keep try to keep it moving all day...especially at work. I've noticed that a major perk of this is that I'm actually feeling a lot more energetic lately...

And these are just the mistakes I can think of! But they were big ones. I figured some of you could relate to them and wanted to share.

I know I'm no expert by any means...I'm just so tired of quitting 5 minutes before the miracle happens...and I know I'm not alone. I thought if I shared this, it might help inspire someone. I've been inspired by so many of you, and I wanted to return the favor:-)


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Found it and resubscribed to your Blog! emoticon

    #1. Tracking food pretty much sucks... BUT WORKS!

    #2. Moderation in EVERYTHING.
    But smoking. Stop it. Now:-)

    #3. Nah. Nah. Told you so:D

    #4. You will brow beat everyone at work into submission, Soon!

    I'm super, duper, uber proud & LOVE YOU, BABY SIS!
    3251 days ago
    Your mistakes are the same ones I make! Who knew?!?! emoticon

    I guess we're all the same in many ways or we wouldn't be here. Too bad we seem to think we're the only ones who have these thought and behaviors.

    Thanks for sharing that. Great blog!
    3253 days ago
    Sounds pretty expert to me!

    I'm a classic case as well of losing focus, letting life get in the way and falling back into old habits. As long as we continue to push forward we can't be defeated.
    3254 days ago
    Great blog! It's fabulous to hear how well you are doing, and it's fabulous that you shared this with everyone. You are right, you are not alone in this and many of your fellow Sparkers have hit most if not all of these mistakes along the way. Currently, I really needed to read your #4 mistake. I've fallen into a little bad habit along those same lines this past week. So, here I go -- some counter top pushups soon as I save this post.

    3255 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    I think it's great that you've shared with us what you have learned on this journey! I think that is how we can help each other out the most.
    And I 110% agree with you regarding food tracking!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Keep up the great work!!
    3255 days ago
    Great blog! I am still making mistake #2 - need to be smarter.
    3255 days ago
    I never thought tracking food would be so important, but I have seen the proof in just the first 5 days. It does take time to be accountable for my own actions, but that is all part of my new resolve to make time for myself and show myself that I matter just as much as other.Best of luck in your journey.
    3255 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. I need to be reminded constantly that this is doable and that being perfect is a requirement. Thanks again. Cheryl emoticon
    3255 days ago
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