Touring Edinburgh and trying not to undo what I've done!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

We made it here! Things are going really well now, but we did get off to a rough start. The morning of our flight, my older daughter woke up with a fever. The doc was nice enough to see us even though she wasn't open yet, and it turned out that it was strep throat. Goodness! We got the go-ahead to travel, but got a bunch of antibiotics. I was amazed. One and a half hours after waking her up, we were on our way to the airport, with a diagnosis and drugs in hand. So many kind, and amazing people helped us to make our flight with this crazy situation. I was really stunned by the kindness of people.

The flight was pretty rough, but we made it, and arrived in Edinburgh about 24 hours after we started. None of us had more than 3 hours of sleep during that day! When we got here, even though we wanted to look around, the first order of business was SLEEP!

Since then, things have been getting better and better. Today was amazing! We visited Parliament, and the Palace of Holyrood. We were all impressed by Faberge Eggs, and other lovely pieces. This city is mindblowing. You honestly can't turn your head and NOT see amazing architecture everywhere. It is one gorgeous structure after another!

Our apartment is a stone's throw from Edinburgh Castle, and is a great place to call home. There is even enough room in the living room to work out, which is what I did this morning before we left on an 8 hour walk! We are also on the 3rd floor, but a full flight of stairs above street level, so there are about 80 steps to get to our place. By the time we leave here, my glutes and thighs will be SPECTACULAR!

Here is a photo from our breakfast nook (it came out sideways, but that is the castle!):

Yep, I'm having a pretty danged amazing time.

I'm missing my sparkfriends - I'll try to take a quick look at your blogs, but it is getting late, I'm the only one still up, and I don't want to slow down the proceedings tomorrow by being a sleepyhead! Hugs to all!
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