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shopping sweaty

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

FitformyFamily just asked me in a comment on one of my status updates; Do you ever feel funny about running errands when you're all sweaty? Or is it pretty common that others are doing the same thing? I don't even like to go into a store in my running clothes BEFORE I get all sweaty!

i started to answer there and it was too long, so i decided to make a blog post out of it, especially since now that i've started thinking about it, i'm a bit worried.
what i started to say was:
well i guess that's me and maybe being old enough not to care. no, French women don't go shopping on their way home from running, that i've noticed. and actually my dentist made a comment about my being sweaty on Monday morning (though i had arrived in a similar condition on a previous visit -- it's convenient, he's near the park, and it's better than taking a xanax). i guess i think my time matters more to me than other people's opinion of how i look. might be related to being convinced i looked awful for most of the last 20 years and therefore learning not to care ... but i tended to dress grunge before i was fat too ... except at work or for special occasions. i've always been a jeans & t shirt person, and i guess i assume no one thinks sweaty is worse than that, at least here, where actually my nice lulu running clothes are probably considered more elegant than my jeans.

so, does anyone else stop at the store on the way home from a run to do their shopping? is there any reason i shouldn't unless i think i'm smelly?
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    I haven't had my culture training yet so I don't know how the French will react but here at home I will do errands after exercising. I like to be efficient and not waste time and gas driving all over the place so I try to go in order and get everything done in one trip and sometimes that has to mean exercise isn't the last thing I do before going home. I'm old enough now that strangers' opinions don't matter to me.
    2495 days ago
    I do not think there is any thing wrong with it. Perhaps if you do not want to go to the dentist the next time all sweaty this may be a solution, use a small fanny pack put in trial size deodorant, small cake of soap in it ( or use the soap from the dispenser from his office ) & a wash cloth. When you go into the dentist go to the bath room & wipe off your face & under your arms & apply deodorant.Happy running & God created the beautiful person you are !!!
    2506 days ago
    I sometimes go to the open market after a run - it's convenient. Actually, nobody seems to mind especially the salesmen who think running pants look cute?!
    As far as sweat is concerned, I recently heard that if it was smelly, it meant you were probably dehydrated. Other than that, it simply means you're healthy and taking good care of yourself so I don't think people should mind. Especially your dentist?!
    2506 days ago
  • YIWEN39
    If you towel off and apply deodorant if needed then I think it should be OK. I probably wouldn't, but that's just because I get so red in the face when I exercise that (some) people actually think there might be something wrong with me ;-) If it's a problem for your dentist, could you walk there or take the bus, and then run only on your way back?
    I agree that your dentist could choose to see the positive in the situation: you are a healthy woman taking good care of herself!
    2507 days ago
    Good Question! Myself- I wouldn't go to a Dr.'s/Dentist appt. after going for a walk (I don't run)- I dress up for that. Here in Florida, you are hot and sweaty just going to and from a store or anywhere. I have gone into a restaurant after a walk-of course, not an elegant dressy place. A diner or casual place. Sweat and odor here in Florida is a common thing, like I said you don't have to do much to get that way! I have certain places I will dress up for and hope that I don't get too sweaty. But, I would think if the dentist knows your circumstances he shouldn't complain or mind, really! Plus, living in Florida is a whole different world, you can go into any restaurant/place with shorts, tank tops and sandals and no one cares! France may be different!
    And you don't look awful and you shouldn't feel that way!!! Be proud of who you are no matter what any one says!!! emoticon
    2508 days ago
  • JUDIL62
    I find to fit exercise into my schedule, sometimes I have to go places in my workout clothes or not workout. It is a matter of the best choice for exercise or not! I choose exercise over being fashionable at times.

    Like someone else said...reapply deoderant, towel off, etc.
    2508 days ago
    Well, I guess since it is all a matter of opinion and personal preference, here are mine. emoticon
    I don't see that there is a problem with doing a few errands after a run - nor do I think it is a problem to run to the dentist and back. I would like to think that your dentist would be happy that you are doing such good things for your health. He is a healthcare professional, after all.
    I think you should do what is best and most convenient for you.
    Happy Running!!
    2509 days ago
    Such a great thread, this! I used to feel that I should shower or bathe after a run.'s just too much trouble unless I am going somewhere really important. I visit the dentist only twice a year so the question doesn't arise but I sympathize with your desire to run there and accomplish 2 things at once...especially since you really do have a busy schedule!
    I get red-faced too but I usually plan a cool-down walk after a run, and if it has not been too hot, sometimes I can get away with going places then without showering or stinking too much! I sweat but my sweat isn't real smelly...or at least I think it isn't, maybe that's like people who think they don't snore...but no one has complained.
    Maybe you could start out early and do a good cool down and a bit of a sponge-off if you can find a nice bistro restroom?
    On the general question of appearance - if I feel like looking nicer, I take the trouble - but I'm not sure anybody notices 66-year-old women anyway and that may be one of the advantages of that age! emoticon
    2509 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I go to a West African dance class on Sundays and leave red-faced and sweaty. I often go to the city library afterwards still in my sarong. I don't know what people think but there are a lot of homeless people there so I have a lot of competition. (I live in SoCal; people seem pretty casual to me.) Not sure I would go sit in the dentist's chair right afterward unless I could towel off, esp. my hair, which is long.

    I might ask the dentist outright. He might not have meant anything by his comment.
    2509 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/8/2012 12:59:00 AM
    I've gone to the store after working out in the past. Mainly because the grocery store was 25 minutes from home from where I was working out and there was no way I was going to go home, shower, get dressed and then go back out and waste the gas. If I smelled, well sorry to all the other shoppers. LOL. I'd even gone to Dunkin Donuts a few times after a winter workout. Good times. :)
    2509 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    I'm learning to not care about what people think. I feel like a million bucks after I've worked out and will re-apply deodorant as a precaution before I go anywhere.

    Fun blog!
    2509 days ago
    Hmm, you mentioned that you feel more attractive in your running clothes. This now opens up a whole new subject :) ! Now that you are so petite, you need nicer everyday clothes! Are you still wearing baggy jeans & t-shirts?
    2509 days ago
  • CELLO23
    Striver - I'll happily do errands after running - OK so I'm not well groomed, but I look fit and people can see I've been exercising. I'm not a great heels and makeup wearer anyway, so the sight won't scare the horses! I once had a colleague who was very blonde and always wore thick black eye makeup. Once she turned up without it, and no one could stop staring because she looked so odd. IMO we should embrace the au naturel look and be real about ourselves, with running and sweat a part of that (OK, maybe not embrace...:)

    Re the dentist, I find it hilarious that he commented on you being sweaty! Cheeky or what?! But I probably wouldn't go to the dentist after a run, because I do get very beet-faced.

    Not sure what I'd do if I lived among highly fashion-conscious people. Probably hide...

    2510 days ago
    as i pointed out to Claire, however, you know, my dentist wears a mask and gloves through my whole appointment ... he's not going to be touched by my sweat at all and it's not like it's a personal interaction in the slightest. i was planning on using tomorrow's appointment as another run, frankly. maybe i'll ask him. it's a 40 min round trip on the bus/subway/or walking, of wasted time, if i don't run there (and it allows a run in luxembourg garden).
    2510 days ago
    I find this funny, but that's because I rarely work up a sweat. However, having been an American living in another country, I think anything I did or anything I wore that was different from the norm was chalked up to me being an American. Your dentist is probably thinking, "This American woman is so strange. She RAN here!" I am a classic Gemini so I am of two minds about this argument. Half of me agrees with Claire. There is some decorum involved with close contact. The other half applauds a free spirit who can live in Paris and not be intimidated by the fashion police.
    2510 days ago
    since my usual running locations only have deer around and no place to shop, i can't really answer, but when i was in new york last weekend i did indeed stop at a lunch bar for a smoothie directly from the run and didn't think twice about it.

    i think i might separate running and going to the dentist, though - or not:-)
    2510 days ago
  • JTAYLOR2011
    I am dripping in sweat with even easy runs... so there just is no way that I can show up any where like that.
    2510 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Well, being a "woman of a certain age" and prone to hot-flashing, I do LOTS of things sweaty, in running clothes or not. But, I have the good sense to live in the Pacific Northwest where casual is the rule of the day. I cannot imagine living somewhere like southern California where women tend to fuss more with their appearance. I am pretty low maintenance. I am opposed to frumpy so, to that end, I do take care with my appearance. You will never find me in elastic waist jeans with a theme sweatshirt and big white tennis shoes, but you will find me in running capris and a "zippee" (a fitted half zippered running top). Of course, you will also never see me in "skinny" jeans and stilettos, either. To each their own, right? PS I never look better than after a run - my eyes and my skin glow, and I look confident (once I stop sweating, that is emoticon
    2510 days ago
    To be completely honest, for me doing errands and going to the dentist are two different things! I apologize in advance but I have different views on these two... When I ran, I would often stop on the way back to buy bread at the bakery or something else. It was completely fine (and I saw other people who also looked like they were just out from a fitness class). Sometimes people would comment nicely that I looked well or healthy (my goodness, it seems like decades ago when I write that!).
    But, sorry if I seem too French or something... I wouldn't go to the dentist after a run. It isn't only about clothes. When I do errands, I don't have my face right next to someone's face or hands - with a dentist, it is different. After running, I know my face is red and sweaty, even with deodorant on, to me it isn't very nice for the dentist... Again, just my opinion and how I feel about myself (and my dentist I suppose!).
    2510 days ago
  • no profile photo SGREVET1
    I regularly do shopping/errands on my way home from the gym, always in gym clothes and sometimes sweaty. If I had to work, work out, and run errands separately, I'd never fit it all in!
    2510 days ago
    ya I go to shopping sweaty or right aftre the gym I dont always have time to go home and change and I have a fear of public showers hahaha
    2510 days ago
    Oh, dear! I didn't mean to make you self-conscious or to question your choices! It didn't come across in how I said it (obviously), but I actually admire that you're willing to literally "run" your errands. The only reason I don't like to go into stores with my running clothes even before I'm sweaty is that they're too tight (bought them last year after losing 20 pounds, but gained the 20 pounds back). I see other people shopping in workout clothes all the time. I just don't see sweaty or beet red people shopping, so it would really take courage for me to do something like that. So, NO, there is definitely no reason that you shouldn't! I'm really sorry if I offended you!
    2510 days ago
    I haven't done it recently but I have gone shopping in the past on the way home from the gym. Why not?? I've got deodorant on.
    2510 days ago
  • EMMYLOU010409
    Hi! Saw your blog on the list of new blogs, and thought I'd drop in.

    I am 25 and in good old Midwest, USA. I am a law student and I attend school at a major university. When I come back to my hometown and I go out of the house, I joke I could've gone without a bra at college and no one would've cared. (Sidenote: I never go without a bra due to their size, but you get what I'm saying.)

    I do all sorts of errands looking like whatever. It's rare that I get "dressed up" to do errands. If I can knock out the grocery store in workout clothes with no makeup, then let's go! It doesn't matter if it's before or after. And I see plenty of women (and men) do the same.

    I got my hair cut last night, and I had worked out right before my appointment. I showered and washed my hair because I was only getting my bangs cut and knew my stylist wouldn't wash it because it would be a quick trip. But would she have balked at me showing up with dirty hair? Probably not.

    Go for it. Saves time, and you're not self-conscious. I think if I thought I smelled horribly, I would wash up. But if it's just normal sweaty... who cares!
    2510 days ago
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