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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Amazingly, the founding Mormon prophet believed that the Gold Standard would protect America's finances. Money is a solvent--a way to barter in pieces instead of in wholes: Instead of trading a whole goat, one can sell the goat and use the money to do trade, using part of the value one week and more of it the next.

The Bible mentions a money system that used a coin that represented a day's wages. Human work, inventiveness, and efficiency is what makes a nation wealthy, not soft metals. Gold was used anciently because it is easily pressed into durable coins, can be found in many places in large amounts, and is gaudy.

If we went to the gold standard, with as much population as we have, we would need a lot of bartering to fill-in against the deficit of gold. AND, we steadily use gold in electronics, since it lasts so much longer than do other metals when used in thin layers. Silver is similar in its qualities and also is used in electronic circuitry. As for copper, it is similar, is becoming scarcer, and is used in electrical/electronic circuitry. Aluminum is even becoming scarcer in the USA mining areas, and has been used in electrical wiring.

The International United Nations got after China for buying-up all it could find of the rare-earth metals, which metals create strong, small magnets for things like efficient electrical motors. Those metals might become a "gold standard". Personally, I think water is the new gold, and that composting toilets will be the next great item. They already are working very well in a number of situations--mostly legal in the USA in vacation and hunging cabins.

One family I baby-sat for, in the early 2000's, has a simple out-house styled area near the back door-- with a lid, a curtain, and a fan at the bottom of the toilet pit -- with a vent. It works great, with no water at all. In fact, urinating out-of-doors is recommended when convenient, to keep the toilet drier. A scoop of dry wood chips are added after each use, to help composting along and to absorb moisture and odor.

A small solar panel with a battery, a shovel, and a couple of ornamental plants that can use some fertilizer a few times a year is the required maintenance, along with some sort of "wipes."

And I have laughed at the ridiculous statements about Obama being hard to defeat. He would lose to anyone who runs against him, as a Democrat. Even most Republicans will give him a hard time. Some talk-show radio hosts say that about 97% of Blacks will vote for Obama. I don't think so. Look how well Herman Cain did until lies and exaggerations were put out about him. Where are our slander-lawyers when this all goes on?

And, this week, why didn't the Republicans vote for equal pay for equal work--again???? I like Ron Paul better than the remaining two half-baked men who are now in the news for the Presidential race.

Republicans and Democrats, most of them need to lose their pensions for voting to rob Social Security funds and increasing debt instead of letting the States handle most social issues, thereby keeping taxes in the states. The Federal Gvmn't can assess taxes from the states as needed in time of REAL war and for the maintenance of some basic Government functions. The military can even come from the State Militias--now commandeered as the National Guard--letting states run the training more locally, with some Federal guidelines for consistency.

Individual States can go to a flat tax, the fair tax, or a graduated tax such as we now have--each state handling things according to the ignorance--oh, will--of the people.

I've written about the Education Department, shared text books--at least from year-to-year as was common when students were taught to respect physical properties, real teaching during school hours, limited school hours, and that money does not, apparently, buy the best teachers. Why spend millions on a bunch of stuff that helps almost nobody? Children, and adults, need comfortable surroundings without a bunch of mind-numbing bug sprays, new-unwashed carpets, presswood, and such nonsense. All people need physical activity, and food that is not laden with pesticides and strange genetics and herbicides, and food that is filled with trace minerals from good farming practices.

States can educate their children. Counties should have a lot of lee-way in education. Maintain national tests on reading, writing, math and government administered about ages 11, 15, and 18. Let kids be kids for a decade before pressure-testing comes in. Not every child gets math/reading concepts by age 8, or 5, or 3! Gasp!!!

Every child needs some ToastMaster, public (classroom) experience and training during grade-school and, again, in teen-age years--not graded as much as credited, giving exposure to and experience with this. It might even turn some awful teachers into someone worth spending months and months of one's young, impressionable life with.

Time is percieved as going at 1/4 pace when one is a child. There is not as much to bring-in and enrich the time with when young. Hence, the emotional support of mainly( it turns out with valid statistical analysis of Hirschi's data) the Moms as much as the Dads, is so important. So delay formal schooling until about age 8-10 years. A. Jean Ayers recommended this decades ago. Our national Psychological Society and Education Board could not notice, though the Psychological Society published her several books.

The Bible says that the men provide for their young families. Real civilization includes men who help each other to do so--sometimes by teaching each-other about birth control methods, including the Moms nursing their babies about three years. There is so much less sexual violence in societies that are not afraid of the Mom's bond with her child.
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    It really saddens me that Herman got attacked like he did and dropped out of the race. It seems to me he was the only politician talking about a real plan to get this country out of the hole it is in.
    2125 days ago
    One thing that has bothered me is making dairy farmers make a cement pond for cow manure. They used to muck out the stalls load the manure spreader and put it on the fields. Now you can smell a farm miles away while the ponds bake in the summer heat. I don't get the reasoning behind it.

    Our city wants to build an new baseball stadium just yards away from elderly housing and have the traffic coming to it clog up downtown. In this case, I think the city planners are village idiots.

    2164 days ago
    Wow...So Much here but the bottom line is that we are Free and can change things if we all participate in our Freedom.
    2175 days ago
    Good analogy of the gold system. I agree water is next. When you really get down to what we really need was stated best my dad. After living in a foxhole in Europe during WW II he said, for happiness " All you really need is a roof over your head, food in your belly and a warm place to ****." (Defecate)
    2175 days ago
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