DTA. Yes I said DTA and I MEAN IT!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Preface: DTA = Don't Trust Anybody. It was something the the WWF/ WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin used to say. Wrestling may be scripted, but this lesson is real.

Life will teach you the same lessons over and over if you don't learn them the 1st time. Actually, it will continue to teach you these lessons over and over again. I learned the hard way last week that I can't tell people anything personal. If you spill your guts to someone, the will slice your belly open to let your guts spill out onto the floor. Hide all of your feelings and emotions from everyone or they will use it against you. Why did I not learn this lesson the fist 100 times this has happened to me? I am being conservative with the 100 times number. I have only had a handful of true friends in life. I amy not have ever had any true friends in life. LOL I don't know how people have treated me behind my back. I would rather not know at this point. I have had a number of really ugly back stabbings in my life. What was I thinking? This person wasn't even a friend. He had gone through something that I thought we could relate to. I was just venting. MISTAKE. I know that you just have to smile act normal, make small talk and go home. I have a friend that I made recently and I am now afraid to share with them. I have nothing else to loose because I gave up almost all of my dark secrets. I will take some of these secrets with me to the grave ;) I am ready to hide inside myself again. These lessons are always so painful and they scare you. I will be careful for the time being. I want to learn this lesson and be done.
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    Every time something like this happens it hurts, We can't let this happen to us too much or we develop callouses on our hearts and they are nearly impossible to remove. Any time you need to drop me a note, feel free. Callous removal is difficult, but doable.

    3287 days ago
    I agree with what both KCWIND and LUCKYDOGFARM posted.

    I know what it is like to think someone is your friend and share things with them only to then have them use it against you. I have a hard time making friends who are female because (I'm sorry to say this and don't want to offend) women do seem to gossip more and use stuff again you. At least that is what I have found. I have never been a "girly girl" so I've always had more male friends. I am in contact with more male friends from high school than female friends. lol
    3299 days ago
    yes, life does stink in that way. it is hard to trust people for sure. in some way or another, we are all out for ourselves. even though we rarely admit that. however, for you to tell someone something in private, and them to use it against you, that is just plain old bad. i dont share a lot of things because i KNOW the only one i can truely trust is Jesus. He is my Confidant. i can tell HIM anything and He will still love me just the same!
    Hang in there and let God do the work!
    3300 days ago
    Ouch. I know the feeling. The good news? You are stronger than the haters. Insecure people tear you down to make themselves feel better. In the words of a friend....they are not coming to your house for dinner. You are stronger than them. Do not lose Faith. Good people are out there. We all have dark secrets. After all we are beautifully flawed. Kill them with kindness. It makes them wonder. You can do it. Be strong! emoticon
    3300 days ago

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