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One Week down, ? to Go to GOAL!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Well my first week is done..and I checked in every day, some days longer than others, but tracked my nutrition and fitness daily, that is a big accomplishment for me, I usually am playing catch up on things like that, all my meals at one time trying to remember what I ate, or days at a time sometimes..that is not a true record unless you have a great memory (of which I do not).
As I mentioned in my last blog I am still tweaking things..I know it is a process, no matter how many times I have been on the weight loss roller coaster it is a different journey each time. Whether it is what resources are at my disposal, my frame of mind, my work schedule (or lack of one) just life in general, so the process is is a shame I have even had to take this journey so many times, but I have, it is a fact, it is in the past, this is the last time I will take this ride!

My Monday blues/blahs ended up being (sorry if any men read this) PMS...10 days early...I have been in peri-menopause for over 10 years now...but seems like I am now officially in Pre-Menopause, fun stuff :( NOT!!!! Looks like another journey I have to take. Hoping since I have been dealing with all the other symptoms for so long, the memory loss, the hot flashes, the night sweats, blah blah blah..that maybe now I will only have the sporadic "monthly" visitor and the other stuff can all go bye bye. I know that exercise will help deal with a lot of my symptoms, but there is only so much that will help..I'll deal..I have no other option, I won't let it get me down!
All that being said, I wasn't exactly jumping to get on the scale for my first weekly weigh in this morning...I was looking forward to it til my friend showed up...matter of fact I was sitting logging in to SP, with my hot lemon water and piece of multi grain toast when I said, uh oh, weigh in...jumped up and got on the scale..was pretty happy with a 2.4lb loss... I will be patient and wait it out til next Wed to weigh again..I don't like being a prisoner of the scale, does help at times..but it can hinder at times as well.
Measurements are a great tool, and the way clothes fit..and just an overall mental well being. For me, eating healthy and exercising are just as good for my mental health as my physical health. It is all one big circle, if my mental health is down, I eat bad and I veg out, if I do that then I get depressed and it starts all over. If I am working hard on getting healthy, then it all works together (most of the time)..
Well I am rambling...It is time to get my workout clothes on and decide if it is beach or bike today.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day or evening or night :)
From the land of OZ, Melody
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