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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I win!

No really...just take a look at these photos!

(Yes, that's my daughter KITTYWULF with Felicia Day and the Red Swingline)

Wil Wheaton's comment (once I explained WHY I wanted the pic):
"That's the best Flat Stanley EVAR!"

Oh wait, speaking of explanations...have I told you about the Red Swingline? He has his own facebook page and everything - you should check it out (there are a bunch more pictures, including the most adorable little girl in Captain America cosplay whose parents let me take her picture):

Here's the info on his "About" page...

"The Infamous Red Swingline Stapler, aka the Milton Waddams award, created in 2003 for the Network Operations Center at Fifth Third Bank

In 2003, the Network Operations Center at Fifth Third Bank created a new incentive program - the idea was that the supervisors in the NOC would vote on an employee of the month, who would then be tasked with taking the Red Swingline out for photo ops...and at the end of the year, a vote would be taken to decide on the best, most creative and funniest photos. Unfortunately the incentive program never really got off the ground, but everyone had a GREAT time getting pictures of the Red Swingline all over the country and in various interesting settings. After several years (most of the original employees who'd been involved having moved on to other positions), things kind of died down and nobody really took Red out anymore...until Lisa Dugan Manor started taking him to gaming conventions. Having staged her own "Office Space moment" (sans setting the building on fire) in March 2012, the Red Swingline ended his association with Fifth Third (and it's spin off processing company Vantiv) and began a new adventure, traveling with Lisa in search of new horizons in pop culture photo opportunities."

SO there you have it, go "like" him! Seriously...rumor has it he's going to Dragon*Con this year, just THINK of the pop culture (and cosplay) photo opportunities!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

As for ME, aside from WINNING (I'm still all giggly about getting those photos), I had a great time this weekend! Though there were a few challenges, since the hotel did NOT have a fitness center as I'd thought. *sighs* And though I did take a couple of salads, oranges and a bag of baby carrots along, I also frequented the food court at the convention center more than I'd originally intended. However, I made pretty conscious choices - I indulged my Chinese food jones the FIRST day we were there to get it out of my system (since I know how the sodium affects me), and other than after my usual Saturday night indulgence at the Big Bar on 2 while my mate (and both my sons) played Mega Paranoia (after which I ate far more Subway than I should have, but hey, it was Subway) I think I did pretty well.

I gave myself until today (after getting two good days of fitness in and "resetting" on my general food intake after the con) before weighing myself to "survey the damage"...and there was none! In fact, I LOST a pound!

Yep, totally WINNING! *does happy dance*

A few more con pics...

That's my kids checking out some of their goodies...I bought my Grandbaby his/her own copies of "Cliffourd the Big Red God" and "Where The Deep Ones Are" (both illustrated, and thus signed, by our good friend Andy Hopp who was vending in the Art Room and also promoting Con on the Cob in the dealer's room)...AND a stuffed "Baby Cthulhu" (picture Daughter-In-Lawless DTERMIND2LOVEME went all kinds of squee over the cuteness).

KITTYWULF and VERMITHRX in the food court...

'Yote, CAINFAELIN and one if his volunteer buddies playing MtG in the Big Bar on 2 (and yes, I bought my own copy of Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls from Steve Jackson's HILARIOUS)

More fantasy Lego figures than you can IMAGINE in one place...(yeah, I know, I'm such a mom...) ;)

And finally, OMG the CUTE! IT BURNZ! (The shot WITHOUT the Red Swingline...isn't she just adorable???)

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