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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I need to prioritize.

Work is usually my number one priority then usually making sure my husband, dog, brother, etc. are well cared for. Don't get me wrong, I am truly blessed to have all of these "priorities" in my life but last month when I looked in the mirror I realized that maybe I should make myself a priority. (Hello, who is this huge woman in the mirror that has my face?!?)

It sounds selfish when I type it and say it out loud. Make myself a priority. Think for yourself. Ughh....but it needs to happen.

I thought that I could put my goals for making myself healthy in the same fashion that I do with work. At my job, I have certain goals for the fundraisers, events, grants, and other funding opportunities that I need to meet in order for our organization to continue to help families. I truly love my job and it feels sooo good to reach those goals because not only am I feeling like I am succeeding at my career but that I am also helping families in need. I reach those goals because I make it a priority. I make it a priority because my job is very important to me. So, why shouldn't my health be as important?

The more I type, the more selfish it sounds even if I am trying to make a case for it. There are millions of people who are starving and I am complaining that I am eating too much. Millions of people who do not have jobs, and I am complaining that I live at work...

But I am moving on with it because I can't help the families if I am making myself unhealthy. Solution for today: Making a Healthy 1 year bucket list. I want to do these things for one year, so I can prove that I can do it....I read somewhere (probably here since I am obsessed with this site) that if you do something in 30 days, you will make a habit of it. Hopefully if I do this for one year, I can make a life out of it. So below is my Healthy Bucket list for 2012. Starting Today. Let's hope I stick with it.

Healthy Bucket List: 2012

1. Exercise everyday. ---I hate running. I get so exhausted by the time I get home (I commute very far back and forth from my job) that I do not want to move. This is causing weight gain in the most AWFUL places, affecting my sleep, and probably affecting my homelife. Getting me off the couch, even if it is to take my adorable dog around our complex twice is something. I need to get off my butt and exercise. Moving my butt will make it smaller.

2. Focus on having some recreational fun at least a few times a week. ---- I need to separate my homelife from work. Going swimming, reading a book, blogging, cooking a meal from scratch, and going to the movies are the first things I want to do on my list.

3. My closet. ---I don't understand why I can be such an organized person at work, and not be organized at home. I want to take 2 hours a week to organize my closet. This also would be a nice goal if I start losing weight, I will have new places to hang some skinnier clothes!

4. Eat healthy. ---I love healthy food and I love cooking. I have no idea why I do not put two and two together. Part II of this goal, cook a healthy meal 3 times a week.

5. Savings Account. ---Do I have to explain? Girl is broke.

Few more hours left at work.. going home right after to get an exercise ball to start #1, and some veggies for #4. Wish me luck, and hopefully I will continue this with #3.
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    Awesome Goals.


    Wishing you every success with your Spark journey.
    2208 days ago
    You can do it! And don't dismiss the importance of the small stuff, like walking your dog around the building twice. Even if you can only fit in 10 minutes of exercise in a day, it's still a lot better than sitting on the couch! emoticon
    2208 days ago
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