The Simple Diet Journal #24 -- Bob Harper's Big 3

Monday, June 04, 2012

Hello dear Spark Friends!

It's feels like forever since I've last written a blog -- and while it's only 17 days, it sure feels like a long time. I find myself walking through the days thinking about things and wanting to blog them down -- and then the days disappear and I'm happy to have had enough time just to keep on tracking.

I've been on a workout love affair with Spinning -- can't say enough how much I love it. I've even been doing 2 classes a day sometimes -- who is this woman??!!! I can really see how much I've improved -- and it's slimming my body in ways that I'm floored by. A blessing.

Over the last few months, I think I've probably mentioned how I've been listening to all sorts of audiobooks about fitness, weight loss, motivation. I've done this before with other books -- to grow spiritually and intellectually -- but I've never thought to do this for my health, and I must say it has been incredibly helpful.

Recently finished listening to Bob Harper's new book and I also listened to one of his older books, Are You Ready? One of the things he talks about are the Big 3.

He writes: "Do the 3 R’s – relax, respect and reinforce. When you relax your body and mind, when you develop respect for your body, and when you begin to reinforce positive behaviors, ONLY then are you truly ready to take responsibility and change your life."

For me -- the 3rd R -- Reinforce -- really caught my attention, because it is not my nature to talk about my accomplishments – and this is very true when it comes to dieting – just hasn’t been “me” to talk about this aspect of my life. But, here on Spark – I find it amazingly liberating and helpful to share these things. It’s a new road for me. And, I understand what Bob Harper is saying about the matter of confidence, and how reviewing growth – whether small or large – really helps reinforce my commitment to seeing wonderful, lasting change.

In Bob’s words: “Review your accomplishments at least once a week. It’s always important to keep in mind that small milestones have the ability to grow in significance. For example, recognizing that previously you were only able to jog for 5 minutes, and now you are up to jogging for 15 minutes. These reviews will not just add to your confidence, but will reinforce your commitment to taking charge of your life as well.

Smiles for you . . .

Peace, Health, and Living Fully No Matter What!
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