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Calling all repeat offenders!

Monday, June 04, 2012

I'm looking for some secrets from you repeat offenders who've made it big, gone straight, stayed on the wagon. I am just not getting the motivation I need, the strength to say no, whatever it takes to lose weight and keep it off. I can't sustain more than a 2 week effort at doing well. Yes I'm stressed, yes I'm old and post menopausal, yes I get no more than 6 hours of sleep a night, yes I work more than 60 hours a week and also go to graduate school on line....BUT STILL!!!!

I need to get this $hit under control before I drop over dead with a heart attack! I know it but I still can't seem to have that AHA moment that I need to have it click in my brain. Time is running out, I'm not a young girl anymore, I have a heart valve deformity, bad knees, I'm no longer chubby or pleasingly plump ... I AM MORBIDLY OBESE!!!!

If you have any insight into what might cause that light bulb to go off in my head I could use it. If you had an epiphany that made you get your $hit together, email me, post it on my web page, whatever, I'm taking all callers. Yes I'm desperate and I get more and more depressed every day which only makes me eat more. If I could do one thing right for an entire week, water, walking, whatever....I'd be motivated just a little bit.
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    I can tell you that when I began I wrote down all the reasons I wanted to lose weight. I have recently decided, since it has been over 2 years, that I need to re do it. My life and weight has changed and I need some new goals and motivation.

    You will never be perfect and it will never be easy but it is worth it.
    Take it day by day. This is your LIFE not a diet. There is no falling off or getting back is just each meal, or snack, every day. If you over do it, try harder tomorrow, go for a walk , drive k extra water, just don't give up. Ever.
    2142 days ago
    2142 days ago
    Hey Girl! I AM A REPEAT OFFENDER! Last year I lost 60 pounds between January 2011 and September 2011. Wow, amazing huh? THEN- life got crazy- got a job at the YMCA (ironically) stopped working out, parents health problems, homeschooling, Pastor's wife, etc et. Doesn't really matter why but life just gone VERY stressful for a while and I not only fell off the wagon but seemed to get RUN OVER by the wagon following mine (LOL!) This all added up to gaining back 35 pounds!!!! I can't begin to tell you how difficult and discouraging that was! I really felt depressed and hopeless. I started my weight loss Journey last year weighing 340 pounds so i get it when you say morbidly obese. In April I crawled back up on the wagon-bleeding, hurting, bruised. It was difficult but I knew I had no other choice. Either get back on track or die. You are welcome to visit my page and read my blogs which describe my struggle but ultimately I have now re-lost over half that I gained and have about 15-16 pounds to go to get back to my lowest of 280-281. I believe once I get past that spot it will be easier emotionally. One of my previous motivators was taking my measurements, taking photos and comparing them to my start weight. This has been less motivating this time due to having already taken a photo at this weight...So I had to reach deeper inside and find other ways to keep going. The most important factor right now is my relationship to God. He has been a guiding strength for me throughout this journey and I have no reason to think He will not see me thru to the end so that is HUGE. When I lean on Him in the tough times He is faithful. Last year I went to the gym and dieted pretty much by myself with little support system with the exception of Spark People. However, this time around God has provided a friend to share the journey with. My friend goes most days and works out with me and though she is much smaller than i am, she is trying to lose also. She is a God-send. He knew I needed her this time around because of my discouragement. I am thankful. Also, I am doing the Dukan diet which has been working to jumpstart me back on track and to help eliminate my cravings. I'm in the Cruise Phase now. Today I went back and real all of my old blogs. Just a month ago that would have been to painful but this time around I was able to glean some good nuggets to re-inspire me. Here is a quote I found in an old blog I wrote, "Get up and finish what you started"-Bob Green from Biggest Loser. The first time around that quote motivated me some but this time around it has MUCH MORE MEANING. Yes, a lightbulb went off. Tonight as I swam my half mile, I kept telling myself that and imagining myself picking myself up off of the floor and getting back to work. It was truly freeing and motivating! I don't know if you are a Christian but there is a scripture that says He is the "Author and Finisher of our Faith" It just felt like today He was saying, "Come On, Let's head for the finish!" I can't help but respond to His encouragement. Also, I try to lean into Him and if I sense He wants me to move in a direction and I keep "hearing" it over and over, then I think just maybe He is trying to urge me to take action. I have been swimming almost daily for the last two months but now I keep thinking I need to start walking again. I think it is Him and I think I need to obey--since He is the Author he knows the next step... Anyway sorry this is so long but your blog just jumped out at me and I had to connect. I certainly understand the discouragement. I'm here if you need anything... Tasha
    2174 days ago
    I know where you're coming from. I'm 5# up, 5# down for about a year now.. But I think Morticia has the right idea. We tend to overthink food and losing weight. If we just take it one day/meal/hour at a time it might help. I plan out a basic menu for every day of the week - right now, they're based on what's in my freezer so that I can get rid of stuff. When I do cook, if I can, I'll make several servings at once and then freeze them so all I have to do is take something from the freezer to thaw. I do a lot of the protein shakes, with about 30 grams of protein in each, they do fill me up (but I know that doesn't work for everyone).

    Eating always used to be an event (aka nicely prepared meals, etc.) but I had family here to cook for. (And I loved to cook and bake) Then when no one was here any more, it was hard for me to think that a meal ain't all it's cracked up to be, it's just something to fill the stomach. I was still making a big to do out of a mealtime. And eating on a schedule isn't necessary, I only "need" to eat when I'm hungry - not because the clock says 8 or 1 or 6 or whatever. And when I do sit down to eat I try and ask myself "what's the minimum I can eat and feel satisfied?" Surprisingly that is a whole lot less than I used to think.

    I prepare my plate and make myself sit at the table, since I'm here alone, I do read quite often while I eat. But I don't eat other places than at the kitchen or dining room table. No food in front of the TV, in here where the computer is, in the bedroom, in the car or anywhere else like that.

    My BFF had lapband surgery 2 years ago and I've been going to all of her support meetings with her, before and after the surgery, they have them once a month. I have learned every bit as much as she has. And when I watch her eat and know that she eats a whole lot less (she can't eat a big meal) and I keep trying to tell myself, "I can do this too" even tho I haven't had any surgery. So, it's a lot of little things that keep us going, I didn't have any one big AHA moment (at least not yet).

    As far as exercising , I've "made a deal" with myself. Between 10 and 11AM in the mornings is exercise time - it's usually a 3 mile walk when the weather is decent. If it's bad, I have a bike and a treadmill in the house which I do. I also try and do some other movements such as squats (what I can) bending, stretching, etc. throughout the day. When I spend a lot of time at the computer I now set a timer for each 30 minutes and make myself get up and move - even if it's just walking around in the house a few minutes or something, otherwise I could sit here screwing around for way too long..

    So, no big things, just take it small steps and try for a better day each day - try to change some behaviors, but NOT all at once, just one or two at a time.. If you eat at the TV, then tell yourself you won't do that anymore...

    I wish you well and if you get the magic answer, do let me know because I ain't doin' so hot either! emoticon Betty
    2177 days ago
    I struggle myself but think the problem for most of us is an "all or nothing" attitude. We need to scale back our expectations and concentrate on getting one thing right at a time. Since lack of sleep and stress are a given for you for the time being I would think it easiest to concentrate on things like water or just a single meal like breakfast.

    My suggestions on water are to buy the largest container you can find that you can drink out of. That way you don't have to fill it but a few times a day. I have a huge mug. It's heavy but I can see at a glance how much I have drank and know I need to get one down in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I will be over 8 glasses if I do that.

    My suggestion on breakfast is to listen to Dr. Oz. He is right about some things and he and Roisen recommend eating the same thing for breakfast every day. It makes it a no brainer and keeps it easy. You can't screw up. If you choose you love you don't get tired of it either. For me it is a strip or two of bacon I microwave. 4 egg whites cooked in the bacon grease. (I don't like yolks.) I also have a glass of Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate Dairy Beverage but almond milk or coconut milk would be okay too if you want less carbs. I eat a small clementine or 1/2 orange or you could have some berries if you want less carbs. This is just a suggestion. You should make a list of snacks and keep them on hand too.

    Later on you can use this same approach with lunch. I eat the same lunch every day. A salad with veggies, meat, cooked egg whites, and homemade dressing. I am thinking of adding another piece of fruit.

    It gets me through at least this much of the day if I don't get near something bad. Avoidance is the key for me.
    2177 days ago
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