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Another thing to omit out of my diet for now

Monday, June 04, 2012

I have a running list of things that make me feel like crap...things that I LOOOOVE (or loved)'s a list that has taken years to compile with knowing what foods make me feel good and what make me feel sick (literally in some cases). It took me about 5 years to figure this out...and maybe it's something to write here because will make others rethink about how their food choices are making them feel.

Here we go - starting at the very worst "make me feel real sick" food to the lesser ones:
emoticon Ice cream (this landed me in the hospital with a cloged bile duct...and no I am NOT lactose intolerant and I used to eat it all the time)
emoticon Cheesecake (such a bummer when I discovered this one)
emoticon Chocolate in large amounts
emoticon emoticon emoticon Baked goods - certain ones with icing..let's say ICING as more of the culprit here...forget butter cream!
emoticon well, not really shrimp...but LOBSTER!!! I used to love lobster dripping in butter...maybe it was the butter, but I can't have one without the it's on my "eat at your own risk" list now.
emoticon Steak at a fancy thank you.
emoticon Pancakes with syrup...there better be a bathroom that TMI??? Same with hubby....weird.

So now to the latest thing - Kielbasa!! Hot Dogs! and certain sausages! we have these things once a's an easy thing to get and throw on the grill....the kids eat them too....BUT it makes my legs feel funny (I think) and I think it's all the nitrates and salt in the products. Too strange of a coincidence to not try and lay off of them for a while to see if the legs feel better. I've noticed it before, but never really put the 2 together until the last 2 weekends.

So now, I am vitamined and hydrating....laying off the salt, and the caffeine a bit too (gotta have my morning coffee still) and reassessing the weekly menu to get rid of our "easy meal" of kielbasa and pierogies...and steering clear of the hotdogs at the next few scout functions and family BBQs.

Between that and moving my legs should be feeling right as rain in a few days and if not in 2 weeks time, I will go get it checked out with the doc. (why 2 weeks?? it is something my grandmother used to say...and most of the time, she was right - most things, if minor, resolve themselves in 2 it's just something I do now) 2 weeks is also how long it takes for my body to come back to normal after a weekend of excessive eating/ detox period, so to speak.

So that is that...maybe it will get you thinking about your own foods and how they affect you!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes, I'm catching on. Processed foods in large quantities make me tired. I mean most of a meal needs to be straight. One or two things are ok, but that's it.
    3137 days ago
    This makes so much sense! I've been trying to pay attention, because I feel like crap when I eat sweets. Achy, completely fatigued, puffy as all get out. But I just reach for it once in awhile anyway, just to make sure (ha!).

    Hoping eating better just makes you feel great!
    3188 days ago
    Hey guys..totally not a gllabladder problem..because I got rid of it iin 1998! LoL It's just the way I digest things...whatever you name it, it's not goin to change anything! ROFL I'm better off because now I don't consume the high calorie things. I also sound hypoglycemic if you read articles/desriptions about that as well. Meh...just what ya gotta do to live a healthy life and not feel like garbage!

    ON an UP UP UP note: I get to go food shopping today!!!!!!! WOOHOO!! So excited! This place is SO lacking in everything I can eat and not worry about feeling icky! Can't wait!!!
    3190 days ago
    I agree with Oakborn, here. The first thing I thought was a high FAT content. Just be careful, still go to the Dr. Could even be a gallblader problem.

    Take care,
    3190 days ago
    Garlic does it to me every time. I have no intention of giving it up, but I do make sure I have no plans that would take me far from a bathroom when I indulge.
    3190 days ago
    Hey girl, I am seeing perhaps a sensitivity to fats and carbs, especially ones high in simple sugars?

    My mother in law and daughter both have dumping syndrome... if they eat too much sugary stuff, they both get the green apple two step. Basically the sugar hits their small intestines and draws in lots of water as it tries to seek balance and then O-U-T it G-O-E-S... ooooppppsss.

    Sorry you have to avoid so much of the fun stuff, but good that you are paying attention to your diet and figuring out what works for you.

    Hugs from MO! emoticon
    3190 days ago
    That totally sucks about the ice cream. And I couldn't agree more on the lobster & frosting. Although, I had some lobster mixed with pasta & low fat mayo and it was pretty tasty. Course, not eating lobster & steak will help out the old pocket book!!!
    3190 days ago
    good for you for listening to your body. But dang, some of those are my faves!!!
    3190 days ago
    Hmm, interesting. I've always prided myself on a stomach of steel, especially when I went to Peru for the first time, and my MIL and boyfriend (at the time) kept saying I shouldn't eat certain things or do certain things because they'd make me sick. I'd eat or do them anyway, and my husband was the one feeling ill!

    I'm sure if I were more in-tune with my body, I would notice that certain things (and not just "in excess") don't make me feel well.
    3191 days ago
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