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My first week as a ex smoker....what a week!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

After a week of no cigs with the exception of the three puffs i had on day 5 i needed to share my experinces this week and the reason i took those puffs!

Hours 48-72 were hell i was awake paceing and shoving anything i could in my mouth and i was tired and cranky i just felt like crap...

after day three was over i felt so much better expecialy after i finaly fell into a coma and got some sold sleep after not sleeping for 36hours at all and maybe like 7 hours the other two nights put together! all and all im glad that as long as i never get hooked again i will never ever have to go thru that ever again!

So what on earth caused me to take a few puffs the other day?? The fact the even tho i know from whyquit that there is no such thing as a few puffs i thought i could do it. also why quit advices against putting things off that ur used to smoking and that was my first night back to work and my first time being around a smoker so i had it in my head from everyother time iv ever smoked that if i get around a smoker i must bum one cuz i just need one thats all i need lol the lies we tell ourselves to get thru the day....i took a few drags decided it tasted like crap and i didnt want to start up again i also had withdraws for about 24 hours again...but i guess just a few puffs is outta my system because i feel great!

I can breath with out wezzing like i used to

I did the stepper for 12mins in a row and sweated like crazy but breathing was clear and uncongested! I could only do 5 mins before...

My teeth are already starting to get whiter i noticed this yesterday!

Food is already tasting better and im able to smell things again!

I find myself sleeping less and feeling more rested when i wake up also i wake up feeling alert and ready to pretty much rock and roll

I fall asleep easier with out 4000 chemicals running around in my body pumping it up!

Did i gain weight?? YES! In the first three days i was up 12lbs due to sweets and a ton of regular pop plus retaining water, but 5 of that has dissapeared and im confident the rest will come off to im not quite ready to work on the food part but im making sure im working out....

Im happy iv made it a week and i know the worst part the physical part is over from here on out it is all mental and i know for sure cold turkey is the best way as iv never had this kinda sucess with nic gum or patches!

To anyone going to quit smoking i recomend it helped me durring all my weak times and will continue to help me as i start a new life as a ex smoker! I know now that i will be able to do anything i set my mind to even losing weight when im ready and get the same disire i had to quit smoking which i think everyone needs to succede...
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