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I think I may be on to something here...

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Ok, it seems that somethings going to give here. I have blogged about how this was going to be difficult and how it seemed that nothing was happening and how the go is so slow. A couple of days ago I was thinking about my tendencies and how I tend to take the easy way out of things if I can. I know that arriving at optimum health (including optimum weight) involves hard work, persistence, determination and most of all commitment. Intellectually, I know all that. Practically, the reptilian side of my brain has tended to win out when I tell myself, oh, just one more bite, or, just a couple of bites won't hurt. And then, I am left dealing with the aftermath. That is, I am left dealing with the fact that my will wasn't strong enough or that I made some bad choices and now I'm left facing the consequences of my poor choices, namely, feeling bloated, heavy and unnattractive.

I know that taking the easy way out is my way of being and this is what I'm fighting. I want to skim along the edge of hard work and commitment. In other words, I want to work, but just enough to see results. I don't want to go beyond that tipping point or put in any extra effort. Interesting, that as I am writing this I am affecting my perception of this way of thinking. It almost seems trivial now. The very act of writing it down has changed my thinking and is helping me realize that the inherent laziness that I have (that we all have??) is what I'm constantly fighting against and yet, it seems like such a simple concept. Just work a bit harder and you'll see results. Again, it's my reptilian brain that wants to lie down, not push myself too much during exercise, eat that extra few bites of something delicious.

Well, here's my big revelation. I think I have discovered that by fooling myself into thinking that I'm taking the easy way out, that I may be able to skim along the edge of hard work and commitment for the rest of my life and still get results. Amazing results. I was eating at the upper edge of my calorie allotment and I was exercising the bare minimum that I needed to in order to barely break a sweat. And then, I was complaining that things were going so slowly i.e. one pound of weight loss in 2 weeks for example. Then what I did is I tightened it up a teeny bit. I reined in my calories just a little and kept things consistent...and, lost a pound the following week. I kept at it. Again, just skimming that edge, and this morning I got up and I'm down another pound.

I'm thinking that this can't be happening. It's not been that hard. No real sweat, no real pain, no real sacrifice. Maybe a little edge of hunger before each meal and a bit of hunger at night before I go to bed. 'This is working SP! If I can slowly keep losing a pound a week and not feel much pain... I may have just discovered a new secret. Well, maybe in my own brain. I will keep you posted Spark People!!
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    Thanks ChickyBee! It's funny but I was thinking about upping my lean proteins yesterday. I have been having the fattier proteins like cheese. This is a good tip. I will start buying chicken again. I haven't had it in a long time. Just have to get through a bit of a busy spell here with work and life and so forth :) so that I can make time to go shop for the essentials.
    2207 days ago
    One little step at a time. This blog reminds me of how influential my own blogging has been on my attitude and my progress. Catharsis is a wonderful tool! Your discovery is an important one. Knowing that you don't have to be a triathelete to lose your weight is a true gem. Finding your own groove is vital to finding success. You may be onto the one thing that does it for you. I am so happy for you. And to think, when you started that blog, you thought things were not going so well... surprised yourself, huh?! I hate to read you may be going to bed a little hungry though, have you tried upping your lean proteins a little? They do help you lose some of the cravings for the wrong things, especially helpful evenings and nights. You are on your way, I think... to finding your answer. I am so glad for you.
    2207 days ago
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