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May Reflections and Kickers in June

Saturday, June 02, 2012

I wanted to wait until I could view my May Report Summary before I reflected on the month and revisited my goals. Considering that I had gained some poundage back around the mid month, losing 5 pounds since May 5 makes me quite happy. And overall, I've also lost 7 inches from around my waist, 2 in my hips, and 5 around my chest/back. Guess where I carry my weight - ugh?!

My May Reflection:
I joined the Spring Boot Camp Challenge (granted, it took me two weeks to get thru Week 4 - fitting in 4 fitness videos a day was hard for the week I was scheduled so I just started it over the following week). But I did it and exceeded my goal of 1,100 Fitness Minutes so that I actually ended May with 1,450. My reward today for this was a pair of Nike running shoes. I've been doing most of my workouts barefoot since joining SP (I have a bunion on my right foot). I realized there was no way I was going to get some good outdoor workouts in unless I got some good shoes. The Nikes are like a slice of heaven - the fabric over the toe is webbed and breathes and stretches - so much better than the leather tennis shoes I have worn for years!

Without hesitation I joined the 28 Day Boot Camp Workout Challenge and did Day 1 today.

During May I also managed to stay within my optimal calorie/fitness/5 fruits and veggies nutrition goal 55% of the days. This is up from any other month so far. I struggled to either eat enough calories some days, or eat enough servings or fruits/veggies on others. This is something I need to really take time to figure out. Today I visited Cooking Light and SP and pinned some new recipes that sounded yummy and might help me stay more focused on this goal. During June I would like to meet this goal 5/7 days. And I also decided that once I am out of school, I will join The Official Healthy Cooking Challenge.

I finished The Spark and visited my online journal and Team Forum through each chapter. Now I need to find another book that I can read while I'm on the elliptical. I think I need something brainless and slightly romantic for summer.

And I know this will sound really goofy, but I had a goal to be able to do 25 jumping jacks - without stopping or falling or squishing my dog - by June 1. I discovered during one of the boot camp videos, that the art of jumping jacks had escaped me somewhere over the years (boy, sometimes getting older is the pits!). On Field Day last Friday I did it, though! And I did it with my third graders and laughed and had a blast! Next up, jumping rope. I need to buy a jump rope and find a place where the neighbors won't see me, is my only dilemma.

What's up next?
By June 15 I want to lose 3 more pounds so that I can say I lost 20 pounds by the end of the school year. Then I'm onto my next 20.
I will get in 1,500 Monthly Fitness Minutes.
I need to complete my 50-100 item SparkList to wrap up my last action item for The Spark.
I am going to try SUP in the ocean. This is big for me because I look for the water to be nearly standing still before going out in the bay. There's no hoping the ocean will stand still for me.

I hope that everyone is ready for a month of being the best you can be. You, my Sparky Friends, rock my world!

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