Just rejoined Weight watchers.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

I find it is the only way that I can lose weight as I don't feel restricted with my choices. I can have what I want but i may just have to eat less in other areas so it all evens out. I am going to follow the 7 day plan as a kick start. I will chop and change things that I don't like and add other things such as if I didn't want tuna I could substitute it with chicken. That is what I like about it. I am on a countdown now and there is no turning back I have pushed myself to the end of being flexible. I have to go to this wedding in around 11 weeks I would like to lose 10 kilos. That will see me at 68 kilos. I think I will be happy with that for the wedding as I don't want to lose too much because the dress won't fit me otherwise. It came at the end of the week. So I am going back to what works best. I also am going to do some form of exercise EVERY DAY that is what works best to keep me on track.
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