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Sweaty and LOVING It! Goddess Challenge :))

Friday, June 01, 2012

Our mini challenge this week for our Frolicking Goddess Challenge is to sweat like we mean it and blog about it, so... here we go!! :)

I vowed (yesterday) to make June my sweatiest month so far (yeah, I know.. sounds SO sexy, doesn't it? haha Sweaty girls rock, just in case you didn't know!!).. and I started off STRONG today! And I plan to stay like that all month! WooHoo!! Today I did a 45 minute Tabata workout and strength training. Heck yeah! Sweat was just pouring off of me.. check me out...

See that? My hair is soaked, forehead is all red, and sweat is dripping down my neck. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! It felt amazing, too! I wish I could bottle that feeling and keep it for whenever I am feeling unmotivated. LOL

The questions asked (by me..hehe) in the mini-challenge are as follows:

What are you most proud of in your fitness/health journey?
I am proud that I will try ANYTHING once. I can now chase my son around, keep up with him during games, beat him in many of the dances on Just Dance for Wii, and I actually look for fitness ideas/opportunities now. That's an amazing thing for ME.

Do you have any inspirational or encouraging photos to share with us?
Yes, of course I do... I will be spreading them out throughout this blog and more at the end!! :)

Want to tell us about victories (especially non-scale ones) on your journey so far?
Did the Susan G. Komen 5k with my family, my son can hug me (and his hands reach all the way around me), I am not afraid to go anywhere (no longer worried if I will "fit" in seats), I actually like to stay active (really, so huge for me.. you have no idea! lol), and I don't get "winded" when doing simple tasks anymore. It actually takes me a while to break a sweat.. YAY! (I'm sure I have more, but.. that's all I have for now.. and I think those things ROCK!

Are there goals you have set out for your body or things you want to be able to do at some point? (hold a plank for 2 minutes, go repelling, etc.. think outside the box here, ladies!).
I have so many of those that I can't even THINK! I want to go repelling, rock climbing, and get strong enough to do things like this:

I mean, seriously... those chicks are freakin' amazing!! I don't want to be "Skinny", I want my body to cooperate and sustain me forever. Those things are just super awesome, too!! :)

Is there someone you look up to in the fitness world that inspires you?
Dolvett Quince is my hero.. he's just so motivating and opened my eyes to Tabata on the Biggest Loser Calorie Knockout DVD and I just loveeeee him!

Also, Biggest Loser related... Jillian Michaels. Awkward kid to superhero:

And.. of course... Bob Harper. If I were working out WITH him, I would do EVERYTHING I could to prove to him that I could do it.. he's a huge motivator and I love him. That's all :)

What about in normal life?
My son inspires me. I do all of this for him. So he doesn't have to play alone, so I can live longer and be here for him, so he can never have to be ashamed of his mom, and more. I love that lil bugger! :)

Are there pics you have seen online of things that make you say "Dang! I want to think that way!" or "Yes, that's exactly what I mean!".

This June, EVERYDAY I am going to be Sweaty and LOVING every second of it. I am going to keep this fitness habit, I'm going to push myself, I am going to succeed, and I'm going to prove to myself that I CAN do this!

Me, from today... a few hours after my sweaty pic.. hehe See? I'm GLOWING from all this fitness and happiness! Don't you want to feel that happy? JOIN ME!! WooHoo!!

Oh yeah... I almost forgot to add my DONE Girl pic for June!

emoticon emoticon
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