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June Spark Reboot!

Friday, June 01, 2012

So in my previous "funk blog" I gave myself a deadline - I could have my pity party until June 1st, at which point I'd dust myself off and get back on the Sparkpeople wagon in earnest.

Yeah, I didn't last that long. By Wednesday I was feeling physically better enough (the doc was right, I didn't fill the antibiotic prescription right away at his suggestion, and by the following morning the sore throat was gone like magic...I apparently just needed to shell out money for a doctor visit LOL) that I dusted off my trackers AND hi-tailed it to the gym. And GODS that made me feel even BETTER. Never underestimate the power of endorphins, my friends. :) They can do WONDERS for your mood!

Which was enough to spark me into action on the marathon blog (if you haven't seen it yet here:
and PLEASE feel free to share it far and wide, I'd LOVE this one to actually get some attention).

So here it is, June 1st, and just a few days of getting back on track has yielded results already - 2 lbs down from where I weighed myself last weekend!

I'll totally take that. If nothing else, it tells me I'm on the right track, and I DO know how to do this. I just have to be serious about it, and it works like a charm.

In the meantime, I'm starting my reboot with a challenge right off the bat - we're leaving in about an hour to pick up the 2 of my kids who aren't already there and will be heading to Origins Game Fair in Columbus for the weekend. A year ago, the idea of rebooting and traveling at the same time would have worried me - I'd probably have put off the reboot until we got home. But I know what I'm doing when traveling by now, and I'm prepared - we're staying at a hotel with a fitness center, my son (who is staying in one of the host hotels attached to the convention center) has agreed to let me store snacks in his fridge, and I know what to keep on me (like cocoa roast almond packets) to make sure I don't let my blood sugar drop enough to trigger a crazed binge in the food court. And I've got my trusty water bottle by my side (practically permanently attached to my hand actually), so yeah, all set.

Other goals for the month:

emoticonI intend to start back at the 100 Push Ups challenge today, in preparation for the Warrior Dash at the suggestion of a trainer at my gym
(a link for those unfamiliar:
, FWIW I adore the iPhone app)

emoticonE25K starts back up this week - now that I have the Flying Pig behind me, I can focus on more running again. I'd LOVE to be able to run a full 5K by the time the Warrior Dash rolls around (but even if I'm not there yet, every little bit is an improvement).

emoticonI've updated my goals to include getting 5 servings of freggies in every day - that's really helped me keep the food on track in the past, so I've decided to incorporate that as a daily goal.

emoticonThere is a parcourse not far from where I live (I've posted pictures before, it's where my daughter and I took my niece a couple of months back) and I'm hoping to get there at least once a week, as a training tool for the Warrior Dash

emoticonAnd finally, I'm hiring one of the personal trainers at my gym, to hopefully start in the next week or so (while my schedule is still pretty wide open...I start college classes on June 27th). She's done the Warrior Dash before (and is doing the one this weekend in Ohio...because of Origins I had to postpone to the Ohio Dash scheduled in August). My daughter has confirmed she's still interested in doing it with me, so we'll do "partner sessions" (which are less expensive), so Jessica can kick BOTH of our butts. I'm really looking forward to it, she's awesome.

So that's the basic plan sparkfriends! Now, on the road!
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