May has kicked my butt....but I still GOT THIS! :o) (with pics of my May)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I feel so out of the loop with all of you on here. I haven't been able to spark much. It has been one crazy busy month. I haven't been home much at all this month which has thrown me off a bit. I have been logging all my food intake still and I haven't went over at all with vaca and everything which I'm proud of. We have been very active but I haven't gotten to log much in fitness minutes. Knowing I was going to be gone so much this month my goal was to maintain and get back on the losing train next month.

May 2012 for me....

May 1st My sons 3rd birthday!!!! As most of you know I had a goal of making it to ONEderland by my sons 3rd birthday and I DID IT(a few days early)!!!! Which was a great way to start this month. I knew once I got there I was NEVER going back to the 200s EVER again...which is one of the huge things that kept me from splurging on things I shouldn't be eating or over eating while on vaca! We were out of town visiting my parents and celebrating my sons birthday the first week of May...he had 3 birthday celebrations that week....ahhh...cake cake every where....but this mama didn't touch it...wasn't even tempted :o)

see I told you cake cake every

The following week we went to visit family in Missouri...a ten hour ride! We were in Missouri for almost 2 weeks. There was lots of eating out...another 3 birthday celebrations for my son and lots of junk food and snacks around. I went to Missouri prepared for all of this...I packed food for myself...I did eat out and ate main meals with the family I just adjusted what I was eating according to the calories I wanted to be taking in. But I premeasured lots of healthy snacks and things so I was never tempted to eat what I shouldn't! I did great with my calories and even though I didn't have many loggable fitness minutes I was very very active. This trip took a lot out of me...we were constantly on the go. Dont get me wrong it was a good time but when you have a 3 year old and a 1 year old you dont get much rest especially in an enviroment that is not child proof. I also had to do lots of packing and unpacking during this trip going back and forth between my sister in laws place the first night, mother in laws, for a night, father in laws for a few days, back to my mother in laws for a day, Great Wolf Lodge for a day, then back to my mother in laws for a few days....I dont even know how many times I packed up and unpacked and packed all live in Missouri but not very close to each other. Took lots of walks and trips to the park...and guess what?!?! my booty fit on the slides with no problems and even on the more chains digging into my legs.. and Great Wolf Lodge was soooo much fun ...the water slides were a blast and made me feel like a big kid....I must have torched some calories going up the stairs to go on the our room was on the fourth floor and any time I could I took the even though not many fitness minutes were logged I got a lot of "fitness" in! Seeing the family was GREAT! I haven't seen them in 6 months and even though they see pics of me on facebook they were still shocked when they saw me. My sister in law said if she saw me out and about she wouldn't have even known it was me...she said she only knew it was because obviously who else would be coming with her brother, niece and nephew to visit. Everyone went on and on about my transformation! It was such an uplifting and motivating time....things like that help you keep going! I also did the dreaded swimsuit shopping while there and it wasn't so bad afterall....nice to be able to wear regular sizes and actually like the way swim shorts look on(no I dont think I look fabulous but I certainly dont look the way I did before and I sure am proud of that!) can't believe I'm posting pics in a swimsuit but here they are oh yeah I got 3 different ones too :o) ...I always use to go with the swim skirt because swim shorts just did not look even halfway okay on me...I loved putting them on and them fitting the way they are suppose too. Oh and I actually got to go on a date with my hubs!!! So over all my missouri trip was pretty great just EXHAUSTING....I wouldn't call it a vaca thats for However I did weigh in when I got home and had lost 2lbs....not too shabby for being on vaca and out of my normal goal was to maintain so the 2lbs lost was GREAT for me!

After my almost 2 weeks in Missouri we made the 10 hour drive home and then the next day made the just over 3 hour drive to my parents house in Michigan so I could be here for my dad and my mom could go back to work. My dad had his surgery to replace his hip while I was in Missouri which I did not want to happen with me not there, but his hip had gotten so bad that he had to get in to the first opening they had available. His surgery went okay but once he got in recovery the joint popped back out...they then at this point and to get it back in....upon putting it back in his femur broke. So his recovery is going to be longer than orginally planned but I'm just thankful to God that he is okay and he is on the road to recovery. So I have been here helping my dad ever since the day after we got back from Missouri and I will be here until Monday June 4th. My dad should be able to do what he needs to do without assistance by then so my mom can be at work and I can get my kiddos back into our regular routine and seeing their dad....I really miss him too. Fortunately on Memorial day my mom had the day off and was able to be here with my dad so the kids and I went to the zoo in battlecreek michigan which is almost exactly halfway between here and my house and my hubs met us there...we had a wonderful day was so refreshing to see him..and the zoo was awesome! There was soooo much walking at the zoo and we got to feed the giraffes which was sooooo cool! (btw I would have never climbed on top of this dinsosaur with my kids 177lbs ago) I have also got to get some time in with friends while up here with my dad in the evenings which has been nice!

So in the entire month of May I have only been home a couple days....needless to say I am completely DRAINED...all the time on the road, the packing and unpacking, go go going, assisting my dad, chasing after my babies, making all meals for every one, cleaning, and helping my dad with his physical therapy has kicked my butt....I haven't been able to get my "real" fitness minutes in...and I'm missing my zumba class big time....but family comes first and theres no place I would rather be(just wish the hubs was here with me). I am NOT has been a WONDERFUL month I love seeing family and spending time with the people I love... and doing things I would have never done 177lbs ago...climbing on things to take pics and simply taking the stairs, and all the walking and playing and day to day things I have plenty of energy for I would only have been able to do a tiny fraction of it all if I was 373lbs I feel so blessed and proud to be able to do all of it....I'm just tired But so so so cup runneth over :o) I'm looking forward to getting back in my regular fitness routine, and weighing in when I get home on the 5th and see if hopefully maybe I dropped a couple more pounds while I have been here!

June starts my losing 8lbs a month goal until I reach my next milestone and then I'm not sure where I will go from there....we will see when I get there! :o)

I want to thank all of my spark friends for being so wonderful and supportive!!!! You guys always say such uplifting things and help keep me motivated and on track!!!! I appreciate you all!!! I hope you all had a wonderful month and heres to June being AWESOME!!!!!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, you have been busy busy busy! I hope your dad's recovery is a steady and swift one. Loved seeing all the pictures of you and your kids, what a great mom! And you look fabulous in your bathing suits!!

    And big kudos on your maintenance and loss over vacation -- I am a little concerned that I won't do as well when we go to the beach in a few months, but I am going to try to follow your example!
    2816 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6110324
    Looks like you had a lot of fun. Your swim suits look great!
    2817 days ago
  • TANYA602
    This is such a fun blog (you truly have the BEST smile going the whole time!) and the pics really help put us right there with you! How fun does your zoo look?! What an adorable family you have, and your parents are surely not only so thankful to have you there to help, but proud of you in this transformation.
    The black and white swimsuit is my favorite and you look amazing. Congratulations on sticking with all things SP this last month! I hope that June is less chaotic.
    2817 days ago
    i have to disagree with one do look fabulous in those swim suits!!!! =D

    2817 days ago
    As busy as you've been it's no wonder you lost weight. You are very smart packing healthy snacks to take along so you're not tempted by all the bad things out there. I do that a lot because I don't eat anything with white sugar in it and that really limits the things I can eat. I'm like you any more I'm not even tempted by cake. My downfall is peanut butter. I try to stay away from it but......

    I'm so glad you get to go back to your normal life soon. You may feel somewhat let down for a while after all you've been through but it will be really nice to get back to normalcy.
    2817 days ago
    Look at you girl! So fabulous. Keep up the great work. You are truly inspiring. emoticon
    2817 days ago
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