Rain, Blessed Rain

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today we have had some really nice periods of showers. We could use a lot more but what we got soaked in really well.I have to give God all the glory for it. He has answered my prayers and those of many others with this rain.
I did carry some water out this morning. Even if it was raining I figured the ground could use what ever it got.
Before the rain began, I dug up a couple of suckers by a tall shrub. I have planted them and and am in hopes that they will go ahead and live. I would like to plant one in the front yard and the other would go to Michael.
Not much else going on here today. We are more or less taking it easy so that we can hit it good tomorrow when I bring all the panels home. We will be having a couple of really busy days and with the changes we make I believe we will need some truck loads of mulch. So that will be my next big job getting and getting unloaded and spread. I thank the Lord that the city has it to give to residents. I would hate to have to guess as to how many truckloads I have already unloaded here. I know it has been a lot.
Well, My dear friends, it is time for us to say goodbye to the month of May and look forward to June.
As that time draws near know that you are in my thoughts and prayers
God bless
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