Why can't they package food to match serving sizes?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

How frustrated are you with the sizes of products and the servicing sizes they say they contain?

I know that since I have become more concious os what I'm eating - portion sizes etc I can see why many of are eating more than we think we are - getting more calories than we believe we are. Why many of us do not know what a serving size actually is by looking at something.

Hubby bought some individual ham steaks - thought they would be great because they were only 180 calories - but when you actually look at the serviing size it is for 2/3's of the piece of ham. Just what are you supposed to do with the other 1/3 piece? Maybe it doesn't seem that much but it works out to another 60 calories and those calories add up over the day - the week - your life.

This is true in so many things - Campbell's Light Soup - Can is 540 ml - serving size is 250 ml - meaning that there is 2 servings plus and extra 40 ml - again - just what are you supposed to do with that 40 ml? Why can't Campbell's package it as 500 ml?

Look around and you will see so many items of food that are labelled like this - all that extra food that you eat because you don't want to throw it out. Not enough for another serving so no use saving it etc.

Why can't they package food to match serving sizes?
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    I was going to jump in with "Yes! That is so annoying." until I saw MI-ELLKAYBEE's comment. I have to agree with her. Sometimes you just have take the lemons and make lemonade.
    2141 days ago
    I'm with all of you.... emoticon
    2141 days ago
    A lot of companies have downsized their packages (instead of raising their prices.) I hate when something says it is 3 1/2 servings - so I just make it 4! Take a little off of each serving to make another one...and you will actually be saving calories and sodium and all the bad stuff. You'll have enough calories left at the end of the day for a treat. Just don't size your portions UP to use up the whole package. God bless . . .
    2141 days ago
    True, true, true! So annoying!!!
    2179 days ago
    I remember a boss telling me last year that he had these great lo cal drinks and I asked to see the bottle and I debunked that myth by showing his the serving size. Is there some way that we can all get together and get the companies to change this kind of stuff. I just bought those liquid iced tea pkg. that you add to water and ...didn't look at the nutritional info for some reason, (cuz I usually do), but found that it was only half the pack and it was about 100 cal, because the first ingredient was liquid cane sugar... Very disappointing... emoticon
    2179 days ago
    It drives me nuts! Today I noticed that the "serving size" listed on the pack of gum I bought was 2 pieces (the pack contained 5 pieces). Seriously, how stupid is that?

    Beverages are the same way. A single serving bottle rarely contains ONE serving.
    2179 days ago
    I used to LOVE those mini chicken pot pies. And I looked at the nutrition facts and it say said something like 540 calories and I thought that was pretty decent! Then I saw the serving size was for half a pie.
    Who eats half a mini-chicken pot pie?!
    2180 days ago
    I agree. I buy a single serving cup of grapefruit from Delmonte it is actually almost 2 servings. Who is eating half and then sticking it in the fridge?
    2180 days ago
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