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Stalled but not Stopped....

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I haven't blogged in a while I am trying to blog at least once a month so as the procrastinator I am I wait for the last day of the month. For the past month I have lost 1 pound. I am not happy with that at all. I mean I have been busting my butt in the gym. I have made it outside to run. But the weight is holding.

However my body is changing. I am getting more defined. My clothes are fitting loser. I have went down a size in my workout clothes. I am now wearing LARGE sweat pants and shorts. This is the first time in a long time I have not had an X in front of something I could wear. That does feel pretty awesome. It is these NSVs that keep me going even though my weight loss has stalled. While I still weigh myself religiously I have been focusing more on NSVs and personal challenges. One of the personal Challenges I have completed was to do a Safari (Mud) Run. It was a blast. I didn't do it alone. My Personal trainer and Roommate did it with me. Along with my lovely girl friend who I was able to talk into it at the last minute. I was so excited and proud to be able to do it with her. We ran it together even though we didn't really train for it. I figure it would be a good warm up for my warrior dash in August. Below is the before pic...

We all wore black so you couldn't really tell how dirty we got but we did get pretty dirty. The course was fun probably about a mile and a half. It started out with a jog. Then we had to climb over a wagon, Then run through a creek. Coming up out of the creek you get blasted with a fire hose! Well now we are all wet we make it to the creek crawl we had to crawl in a muddy creek under a bridge and two monster trucks (which are in the background of the pic below). Then we are up and off for another pretty long jog. The next obstacle are running through truck tires and then up and over a 10Ft bail of hay! My trainer completed it in about 9 minutes. My roommate took about 16 and my girlfriend and I did it in about 21 minutes. We took our time especially because we didn't have time to train for it. It was an awesome feeling completing it. My kids came and watched us do it. It meant a lot to have them there cheering us on! Below is the pic after we were done. I have a 5k scheduled for Saturday and am looking forward to having challenged myself yet again and accomplish it!

So even though this month hasn't been the best weight loss wise I do still have a lot to be proud of. I have lost .6% of body fat and added 3 pounds of muscle this month. It's still hard not to get discouraged though when the scale isn't moving but I have to sometimes take the time to realize just how far I have come. Below is a pic of some of the jeans I wear now compared to what I was wearing at my heaviest. There is also a side by side pick of me in both pair of jeans. Then and now.

So even though the scale isn't moving like I would want I have to be proud of what I have accomplished and how far I have come. I may be stalled weight loss wise but I am still fully engaged in this journey. I am still working hard and trying to eat right. I know now what I didn't know then is I can do this. I have done a lot. I am so thankful for all the help and support here. everyone has been super supportive and has kept me engaged through my struggle and through each of yours. Some have called me an inspiration and to me that is extremely humbling. I just wake up and try to do the best I can everyday. It's hard it's a struggle but I will not quit on me. Thanks to all of you who continue to push me to try new things and challenge myself the way you all have challenged yourself. That right there is my inspiration. Thanks to all of you!!! I hope we all have a fantastic June!!!!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    congrats on all ur accomplishments. NSV are da bomb! keep INSPIRING!! emoticon
    2499 days ago
    I've felt really discouraged the past few weeks. The weight isn't coming off like it used to even though I feel like I'm working just as hard! Perhaps I should find some other ways to measure my victories...Thanks for the blog!
    2509 days ago
  • PRIZM96
    I am so proud of you, Chris! That Mud Run looks awesome! I have never done one, but it is something I think about. One day....... :-)

    I understand TOTALLY the disappointment that blasted scale brings, but you are doing it right---- focusing on those NSV's!!! And what great NSV's they are!! Congratulations!! :-)
    2529 days ago
    It is sooooo good to catch up on what you are up to Chris! Thanks for the nice comment on my new pic, feels good!
    I havent been on as much, your right, really could blog once in a while. My fiance and I are really getting into our spitiruality and having healthier lives all the way around.
    love ya,
    See you inspired me again LOL Im going to do a blog today!!!
    2529 days ago
    You are doing an excellent job! It is great to see you have the support of your family and friends. I looove the pic of the jeans comparison. You have come a long way! Don't be discouraged by that scale! You are so succesful right now and now you've got your lady and partner involved. That is one more step towards a healthier family and life overall. Be proud of yourself!
    2540 days ago
    And so you should be proud of your accomplishments!
    2542 days ago
    Great job and great attitude!
    2542 days ago
    I am so glad that I was able to do the Safari Run with you. :) I have no doubts that you will reach every goal you put your mind to!! :)
    2543 days ago
    Wow!! I bet you all slept good that day after since a dirty work out. NO X's in your clothing that is wonderful!! "Do the Do" on that 5k this weekend!!
    2543 days ago
    It's hard it's a struggle but I will not quit on me.

    Those last 6 words are WHERE.IT'S.AT!

    I, unfortunately, am right there with you. Not losing anything, but plugging along.
    2544 days ago
    The thing that is often difficult to realize or remember here is that this is a lifestyle. Our weights will become healthy because our lifestyles have become - and remain - healthy. Some months will reflect significant changes, and some months will reflect small changes. The most important thing is that there are always changes.

    Our bodies are one of those things that cannot lie. We may not lose weight, even though we have seemingly done all that is within our power to do. But, in truth, our bodies are simply changing in ways that don't reflect weight.

    I am *so* proud of you for focusing on those changes that aren't often thought of. Energy levels, fit of clothes, muscle mass, fat loss, etc. It is the hallmark of a human being who is thinking and doing healthy things from the inside out. Stay positive, my friend. Your body is just taking the time to recalibrate its resources. It will kick back into gear as long as you continue to live - and lead - this healthy lifestyle. Best wishes, as always!
    2544 days ago
    You should be very proud of what you have accomplished. You have done great. I am glad you are recognizing all the other victories other that weight loss. Smaller clothes and more muscle are very significant. You have done great- never doubt that!!
    2544 days ago
    It's definitely hard to remember the importance of NSVs when the scale is being so mean. But you've certainly come a long way this month, no doubt! Down a whole size and no more X's? OMG!!! That's amazing! Numbers can be funny anyway, so I'm always way happier about clothing/size victories than scale victories. Or is that just because I'm addicted to clothes? Hmmm...

    Anyways, congrats on your accomplishments., Chris! Keep your chin up. :)
    2544 days ago
    awesome, let us know how your June goes.

    Positive thought sent to you

    2544 days ago
  • ALYSSA40
    OMGoodness! Look at those jeans! You are doing such a wonderful job man. I am so happy for you and your accomplishments. IF you stall, that's alright. We all do! Kudos!
    2544 days ago
    Believe me, I know how hard it is to stay motivated when the scale isn't moving. I've only lost 3lbs since March 1st. Thank God for those NSV's which you are totally rockin!!! I LOVE comparison pics, and yours tells an awesome story. Congrats on the mud run!! I WILL get to my goal weight this year, and then get in shape to do a Warrior Dash in 2013. I hope you have an awesome time at the 5K this weekend! SO glad your getting your friends involved too. ROCK on !
    2544 days ago
    Way to go brother! We all have those weeks (or months even!) where the scale does not seem to cooperate with us. But the proof is there, a drop in BF%, a drop in clothing size, an increase to lean mass, all things that you should be (and I know you are) proud of. Good job on the mud run, I bet it was a blast. Best of luck on the 5k, go kill it brother!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, YOU are an inspiration. I tell you what, those 2 pics of you tell the story that words can't match. It really looks like pictures of 2 different dudes. And in some cosmic, psychological way, it really is 2 different dudes.

    God bless you brother, keep up the good work.
    2544 days ago
    Thank goodness for NSVs! You're looking fantastic!
    2544 days ago
    This is great! you look sooooo good! 1 size down is more important than 1 pound I think. Keep going my friend you are awsome. So you are starting to get ready for the Dash! Guess I have to make sure I'll be ready! Have a good 5k this weekend. You'll have your first official time that'll be great!

    2544 days ago
    Don't let the scale fool you! If your waist-to-hip ratio is shrinking, it's all good. Plus I think the jeans photo says it all. Way to go!
    2544 days ago
  • -RUBIES-
    Wow! The comparison picture says it all. The scale will catch up with all your hard work. It has to. Stalled today doesn't mean stalled tomorrow. Keep pushing hard toward your goal. Fight! Stay focused.

    You Win!
    2544 days ago
    The race looks like fun if you're into getting dirty!!! I'm sure it was more fun having friends there to do it with. Good luck on your 5K this weekend! You're doing great at keeping up the hard work!!!
    2544 days ago
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