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I do it differently

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I do it different. What do I do differently you might ask. Well just about everything.
1. I eat differently. I suffer with compulsive eating disorder, so it's hard for me to eat just one. I live to eat instead of eat to live. I have to watch what I eat every minute of the day. Because I always want to eat. One doctor explained it as I'm an addict. I'm addicted to food, not just certain foods, all foods. Like other addicts, it's an everyday struggle.
2. I exercise differently. Because of several health problems that I let get the best of me, I have mobility problems. I do most of my exercises from a chair. I move slower than most. I do my exercises in small increments.
3. I suffer pain differently. I will hurt til I can't take any more, then I will take something to ease it off. I have Fibromyalgia, so constant pain is something I have to deal with. I try to avoid pain medicines, because I'm afraid of becoming addicted to them. I try to just grin and bare it.
4. I grieve differently. When most people are crying, I'm laughing and making jokes. I try and find the humor in all situations.
5. I think differently. I usually don't think, I just do. I usually think about what I did, not what I'm going to do.
6. I change differently. Where a lot of people make big changes in life to make them better, I make little changes. I have found through continuous failure, that big changes don't work for me. I can't go one day at a time, I have to go one step at a time.
7. I love differently. I love someone for what I don't see, where a lot love what they see. I don't see love, I feel love.
8. I communicate differently. Some people like to communicate through voice, whether talking face to face or on a phone. As for myself I prefer to write what I have to say. As long as I have spell check, I can get my message across.
9. I teach different. I like to show someone what I want them to learn.
10. I learn differently. Like teaching I like to see it, then let me do it.
Some people may do some of this the same as I. I have found that though we may be the same in some ways, we are different. I now know that being different is a good thing. This way we are always learning.
A bonus difference. I have a tendency to randomly blog about weird stuff.
Don't be ashamed to be different. Different is good.
Keep Smiling
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It's fair to say, I can relate to this post on many levels. I've always been the "black sheep" in my family, not to mention the odd duck in most areas of my life. It wasn't always my preference, but I celebrate my individuality these days. Thanks for another great post.

    2185 days ago
    2185 days ago
    My favorite: I don't see love, I feel love. emoticon
    2185 days ago
    Well written! AMEN! Here's to embracing our own uniqueness! YES!
    2185 days ago
    2185 days ago
    You are who God made you to be.
    2185 days ago
    God created us as "unique individuals", not cookie cutter people! Celebrate your uniqueness as the beautiful child of God He created you to be!

    God Bless!
    2186 days ago
    Great insight! It helps to understand yourself and the things that make you different than other people. I'm different than other people, too. Different from most people on this website in fact, because my food issue is not an "eat too much" issue, it's a "don't eat enough for days and then binge once a week" issue. Both are unhealthy disorders, but we can do it! Just keep tracking!
    2186 days ago
    Yea Girl,

    You said it. Even though I am walking good now, I still do chair and bed exercise. I still listen to my body and pace myself. One step at a time is the right thing for me, too. You will come a long way by doing it that way. Keep it up, Karen. You have the right stuff to succeed. The pain thing. I suffer pain everyday. I am like you. I just hang in there and try to live with it. I go ahead an exercise and work around the house. There are those days that it is so bad I can't hardly move, but as soon as I can I am up again and going. You have great spirit.
    2186 days ago
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