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Another pound gone!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Woo hoo! I've lost another pound!

I was going to weigh in Saturday, but after more than 10 days away from the scale, I couldn't resist taking a peek. The weight I am at now represents the lowest weight I've been at in more than three years.

Last night, I reviewed my January-May SP calorie deficit reports. To my surprise, they revealed that my calorie deficit adds up to about 1.3 pounds a week when I believed it should've been at least 1.5. Here are the numbers:

My BMR is 1922. I average 1500 calories eaten a day. I burn an average of 1500 calories a week exercising, for a daily average of 214. It takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose one pound.

214 + 1922 = 2,136 calories needed to maintain my current weight
2136-1500=636 average daily calorie deficit
636 x 7 days = 4452 total calorie deficit per week.
4452/3500=1.27 pounds a week.

Dang! That means I'm losing an average of 5 pounds a month, not the six I was hoping for. I restarted SP in January and today is the last day of May. Five months x 5 pounds a month is 25 pounds. I've lost 27.

What I've learned from the numbers crunching is that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. My food diary is reasonably accurate; I'm getting enough exercise and I've been consistent over five months. The only ingredient missing is PATIENCE.

My dietitian told me that to lose 2 lbs a week, I'd have to eat 1200 calories a day. That seems like so little food. Now that I've crunched the numbers, I realize she's right. I don't know if I can sustain eating 1200 calories a day. I will need to think about it.

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    My weakness (well, my BIGGEST weakness) is lack of patience. As the weight goes down, so do the calorie requirements. That means the weight comes off way more slowly. So -- for those people who think it's no big deal to lose small amounts of weight, let me tell you it's just as hard. AND it requires a huge amount of patience! With a BMR of 1200 and a minimum calorie recommendation of 1200 --- well, you can figure that out! Exercise has to become a part of your life - - forever!

    Keep going! 5 pounds a month is awesome!
    2211 days ago
    That's a great job of 27 pounds since January. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2211 days ago
    Congratulations on the weight loss! Woo Hoo!

    I've been losing at an average one pound/week rate. While I'd like it to come off faster, I know that I personally cannot reduce my calories to the level that would make that possible. My focus is on changing my nutrition and exercise levels to what I can sustain over the long term. In the past I have restricted my calories more, but then felt too deprived, binged, and gave up. This time I'm being more reasonable and while it will take longer to reach my goal, I actually believe it is doable this time.

    Keep up the great work!
    2211 days ago
  • KELLY122581
    You can do it! The trick is to use those 1200 calories to eat the most nutritious, filling, and low calorie things you can. Lots of plant-based protein sources, fruit and veggies, delicious whole grains and TONS of water. emoticon

    I've been eating about 1250 calories a day (as per SP recomendations)... I've been tracking it here on the nutrition tracker. I can tell you that for the first couple days, I didn't feel like I was eating enough food, and was a little sluggish and definitely hungry feeling.... but my body is used to it now (took about 4 days to adjust), and I feel great! I can even do a good 60 minutes of exercize and feel energetic afterward. More than 60 minutes of hard work, though, i do feel like I need to eat more. The day that I did a 3 hour hard bike ride, I ate 1700 calories for instance.
    2211 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on doing so well with moving towards your goals.
    2211 days ago
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