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Negative people stink

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Every time I hear "ugh, this just isn't going to work." well, frankly, it drives me nuts.

Why not?? Why won't it work? Who says???

I get the whole "I don't wanna be here - this (insert occassion - like a birthday party you'd rather skip) is going to stink"...I admittingly have been the Queen of the party poopers on MANY occassions!

But seriously, when it comes to trying or thinking something new, I can be really upbeat and positive and JAZZED about it!!! and then...other people's negative garbage starts in and I become really annoyed that they burst my positive bubble, especially with those that play "Devil's Advocate" emoticon You know what? Go screw. Leave me alone...leave my positive energy alone because I am tired of being beaten down and having my voice and ideas belittled. There - I said it.

And makes ME negative and grumpy....and sometimes, it is hard to fight against and then I reaaally get in the dumps.

Yup - it's totally someone else's fault.

Nope...not my fault. THEY made me negative.

Fighting a negative is a really hard thing to do. Staying UPBEAT is a battle in and of itself sometimes, especially when others around you are in a constant black hole because of their own issues and you are there dealing and forcing your mouth to stay shut so you don't make more of an issue at hand (the whole mountain out of a molehill expression comes to mind)...because what would a fight about this little thing do?

Well...there is a difference between shutting up & putting up and taking back respect from an individual that is unintentionally bringing you down by actually speaking's just a matter of picking your battles, in many cases.

So that being said....this little bit of blog therapy is done for me....I am determined to remain positive and smiling as much as I I always do, because let's face is too short and this too shall pass. Who knows, maybe a time will come to actually say something without losing my cool and without making a mountain out of a molehill.

Hmmm....maybe I'm being uber-super-sensitive...there is a full moon coming down the pike for Monday! oooOOOEEEEooooooo!!! emoticon
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  • 02SERENE
    Your blog about negativity explains a lot about negative people.

    I think it is from some negative people in my life that I picked up negative self talk and now it is a battle to create a new way of "positive self talk".

    You neglected to mention the naysayers that appear out of nowhere when they are jealous of success, and find ways to "belittle" when they see a "Change has occurred". I can really relate to your writing in this blog.

    I myself am writing in my blogs in a roundabout way dealing with this same issue. Feel free to visit my sparkpage sometime, to see.

    I am only starting with making itsy bitsy changes so I can stay consistent. You sound like you are on the right track. And your past success can attest that you have made changes that lead to success. Yay!!! Pat yourself on the back for that.
    3190 days ago
    Thanks for that book reccommendation Donna - I am going to check it out....honestly it sounds like how I DO live most of the time, except that during some parts of the month, that it happens to clash directly with other things all at once (because of COURSE everything goes on at the same time, why would it ever be spread out nicey nice so we could actually enjoy each thing?!?! LoL) That is when I seem overly sensitive & super annoyed with those negative people!!! Does that even make any sense?!?!? ROFL

    I just read my horrorscope for the said to pick my battles because not everything is worth getting upset over. So Pisces!!! LoL
    3195 days ago
    Whew!!!! I know you feel better, just getting that out of your system. I know exactly what you are saying. This too, is something I struggle with, and I constantly deal with it by, avoidance, and not having any confrontation, and keeping it all inside. That's not working too well for me.

    I am reading this wonderful book called "Crucial Conversations", and one thing I have learned is that we do blame other people, when it fact, it is how we choose to interpret, or hear what they say to us. It really comes down to our choice. So we have to say, No, I choose to not let that get to me or bother me. It's hard to do, especially, after 53 years of letting it eat me up, but, when I think about it, I think I will be able to say, (even if its to myself), No I'm not going to let you get to me or bring me down.

    You're such an upbeat, positive person! But you are human, and we all go through this sometimes. Hope this helps.

    Love to you, my Sista!
    3195 days ago
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