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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When I started back on my Spark eating programme proper again a couple of weeks ago I vowed I'd eat more fruit and vegetables and start drinking fruit teas.

I'm not your quintessential English woman in that I don't drink tea or coffee.
I've always just drank water, lots of it, straight from the tap or flavoured with a little fruit juice, hot or cold I'm not fussy. I also have a low calorie drinking chocolate before bed and sometimes through the winter days when it's cold.

I used to drink coffee now and again, especially when I was out but I went of it about six years ago after a bout of pneumonia.
When I recovered I tried drinking it again and developed a pretty bad headache which lasted two days and put me off big time... I've never drank it since!

Tea I apparently tried when I was very young, my mam said I tasted it with a little sip, declared I didn't like it, refused to drink it and have never had it since!

I've tried fruit teas on and off every now and again for a few years but never really got to grips with them but in March for our ruby wedding anniversary we went to a Chinese banquet.
After the meal was finished we were offered jasmine flower scented green tea.
It came in a little white teapot with a beautiful small handle-less beaker all decorated in the chinese syle with a blue bamboo pattern, it was so pretty it won me over.
I wasn't keen on tasting it, I'd never tried green tea before, but I decided to try it, half expecting not to like it but, wonder of wonders, I did like was such a delicate taste and refreshing too.
The proprietor was delightful, he answered my questions, told me how to make it (only two minutes before you take the teabag out of the pot, don't squeeze it, it makes it bitter and it's even better to use loose tea as there's too much in a teabag), where to buy it...we're lucky we have a Chinese supermarket in town...and I've been drinking it ever since.

I bought myself a little two cup teapot and use it with a pretty cup from my tea service.
Since then I've added more teas to my reportoir.
I looked at the fruit teas in the supermarkets, there were so many to choose from so I bought a selection and surprise, surprise I like them all.
I'm not sure if your taste buds change as you get older but a year ago I just used to say I don't like tea. I know these aren't tea in the conventional sense but I have tried 'ordinary' tea again. I still don't like it but the green and fruit teas are now a regular feature at breakfast time.

I've also developed a taste for unusual combinations.
I've always eaten loads of fruit and vegetables.
I don't dislike red meat but could quite happily live without it. I eat it every now and again, mostly poultry but I do like fish and any sort of seafood and eat a lot of that.
It comes from being from a fishing family, we were brought up on fish, we did have meat but it was mostly fish.
I've found myself being drawn towards experimenting with flavours, instead of just a piece of baked fish (I like it in a foil parcel baked in the oven) I'll add a teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce or bbq sauce or even just a sprinkling of five spice or paprika to the parcels and I love it.

Another favourite is what I call fruit chilli bowl.
It's a big bowl of any combination of raw vegetables and fruits you want to use all tossed in a teaspoon of sweet chilli hot dipping yummy!

So far I'm on track, exercising regularly and eating healthily with a steady weightloss so I'm pleased and happy too.

fruit chilli bowl...this one consists of kiwifruit, raw mange tout, cherry tomatoes, melon, red grapes and strawberries....yummy!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm incredibly picky about tea. I typically only like one brand, Mighty Leaf. It's made in San Francisco, the tea is organic and even the tea bag can go in the compost pile. I also preferred the flavored teas and dislike black and green tea. Gad you are sparking!
    2154 days ago
  • SUE_2U
    I love Jasmine green Tea. I drink it often. It's one of my favorites. I do also drink green tea, but not as often. We also can buy flavored green teas that aren't too bad, sometimes.

    I never was one to drink black tea, ever. I hated it as a child. Now, I do like drinking it iced, with just a little stevia. Not much.

    I do think our tastes change as we age. I know I like a lot of things now that I wasn't as crazy about when I was a kid. I also do eat vastly differently from other members of my family. My sister in law used to make fun of my eating habits, calling it "health food" or rabbit food. I've always tried to feed my children healthy foods. My brother's family all ate fast food all the time. I love lamb, but everyone else in my family hates it.

    I do need to watch caffine a bit so I do drink some herbals, but lately I've been off most of the fruit teas. I did used to like them. Not sure why... There is one raspberry leaf tea that I enjoy. My son, Raud, loves fruit teas.

    My favorite tea is licorice spice. It's got a lovely anise flavor with spices and doesn't trigger my allergies, thankfully, even though there is a speck of cinnamon in there. Not sure why that is. My blood pressure is usually low so I can drink it without worrying about that, but if one has high blood pressure, licorice is not a good thing. I haven't tried Chai again, yet, but I love that, too, with or without a bit of milk.

    The fruit chili bowl is something I would enjoy. We like to eat dried mangos here with chili. Mange Tout? What is that? I see what looks like snow pea pods in there. Is that what those are? I just raised some snow peas. Love them raw. You know that Dr. Oz here says that chilis and other spices like that, raise one's metabolism and help with weight loss.

    I love fish very much. I'm not eating as much of it as I like due to the price and the pollution. We just had tuna a couple of days ago then I read about radioactive tuna being caught off our coast, so now I worry about seafood as well as tainted river fish. The kids and I fished quite a lot when we lived in Ohio. I love catching those little bluegill and bass. Such sweet flavor! We have a very spicy sprinkle that I put on fish and chicken that has chili peppers in it. Really nice. I like lots of smoked paparika, too.
    2154 days ago
  • KAT573
    what the hey! is raw mange tout? Is that what I thot was snow peas???? It sounds delish and I love sweet chili sauce, so I am gonna try it; you might want to try a hot ginger tea too! Good for you and just plain good but it is NOT delicate. LOL!

    I drink chamomile and Sleepy Time and Tension Tamer herb teas at bedtime; usually several cups. I am so glad you have found you like Green Tea! That is my pick me up mid day drink before I work in the evenings.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely salad, both in description and in imagery! lovely as always, LIKE YOU! PS: I can just see you declaring you did not like tea. hahahaha! emoticon
    2154 days ago
    Congrats on expanding your taste buds. i tried the fish and loved it . Thanks have a great week .
    2154 days ago
    Congratulations on expanding your taste buds. Spring is a great time to reaffirm a healthy life style.
    We've had some very hot weather. Made for a marvelous holiday weekend, but had for the children still in the classroom.
    Best I'd luck with your gardening.
    2154 days ago
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