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Vegas and Beyond....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vegas was AWESOME!! and just what the doctor ordered for this seriously overstresed chick! Of course the getting there did not do anything to relieve my stress....

Got on the plane -- direct flight supposedly -- and after take off the pilot comes on the overhead and says "Oh by the way....nothing to worry about (that was VERY reassuring) ...but out nose gear doesn't appear to have retracted after take off."


"Not to worry (still not overly reassured) we're going thru some checklists with the mechanics in Atlanta"

"But we just took off from NYC...what good are they???"

"We'll keep you posted, but for now we're going to be heading back to JFK....eventually"


I have to say...the pilot did keep us posted. But we also did return to JFK two hours later -- after dumping the fuel, doing a fly by of the tower, then getting checked out by the entire JFK emergency response crew. Of course Delta didn't have a plan for what to do with all of us. BUT I was able to get on a flight to Minneapolis, then from there to Vegas. Of course I was stuck in a wondow seat in steerage on the last leg -- not the lovely business class seat I'd booked, but beggars can't be choosers! I arrived 5 hours late, but I arrived. Of course I also had to do an OJ thru the terminals to a) get re-ticketed and then b) to catch my connecting flight. Bit I'm a NY'er and a FAST walker. I outlasted all those joggers without breaking a sweat -- OK I was sweating buckets but it's my story and I get to tell it the way I want. LOL

SO Finally arrived at the hotel at about 4:20. called up my friends who had arrved uneventfully from Denver on time and said....I'll meet you at the bar at 5PM!! LOL OMG Have never wanted a strawberry daquiri so much in my life....and I got it! At the beach side bar! The first night I passed out pretty much after dinner. Probably because I'd not slept the night before. The second day, we did some shopping and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the Paris hotel. Managed to win a packet at the tables as well. My friend Ellen tried snails for the first time -- and loved them. They've always been a fave of mine. Bit more gambling after dinner...won some more.

Of course the next couple days the tables were not so kind until I convinced Terry to try blackjack -- the only game I play. In an hour we'd both increased our chip piles. Friday night we went to see Bill Cosby and he was awesome! Still going strong after all these years and just as funny as I remember him!

My friends left on Saturday and I left Sunday. Monday was spent catching up around the apartment -- supermarket shopping, going thru the mail, laundry....all the sexy post-vacation chores!

Then today it was back to work.....and what a day it was! Came back to find out my boss had decded to ransack my office while I was away. Then she takes some kind of attitude about a critique SHE asked me to write. When I refused to redo it, she took another attitude. As per my last blog I'm totally at the end of my rope, so I've updated my resume, then tonight I think I've found THE job I've been training for over the last 20 years.....part of a national firm's national office on the assurance side. This is THE perfect geek job for me. And here goes karma's in Minneapolis. Is this like the Mogolia bucket list incident last year???? Time will tell. What I DO know is that they WILL be receiving my resume first thing tomorrow morning!

So.....that's all I'm going to tell about Vegas! I'm completely excited about this job prospect!! Even been reading up on Minneapolis and other than the fact that it's REALLY COLD!!!! It seems like a pretty cool city! If anyone knows anything about it -- other than they have a really nice airport -- please share!! LOL
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm TOTALLY with GRACEOMALLEY!!!!! Ok everyone, chant with me now....DENVER! DENVER! DENVER! DENVER!

    It's not NEARLY as cold OR as much snow here!!! Plus there's all that fun stuff to do and you DID say the ride north from Denver to FTC reminded you of Africa!!!!!

    DENVER! DENVER! DENVER! DENVER! I'll let Ray know! He'll get 'things' lined up for ya! emoticon

    And think how much shorter of a flight to Vegas! BONUS!
    2182 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/30/2012 2:55:20 PM
    Good luck on the job, but maybe you could find something in Denver? It's much better weather here and the mountains to hike/ski/fish/whatever in.
    2182 days ago
    Wishing you the very best of luck with that job offer.
    And so happy to read you enjoyed your time in vegas, minus the starting part of course :)
    and finally welcome back !!
    2182 days ago
    I think you would love parts of Minneapolis and miss just as many parts of New York - but overall, life is too short to stay with a job you do not like - so it sounds like it would be an interesting twist of fate for you

    You deserve much better - happy to hear your excitement as you check out other opportunities - and Minneapolis being the Hub for Northwest still makes travel very do-able

    PS - I miss Vegas - its been 2 years - I love the energy just walking around there
    2182 days ago
    Holy Schlamoley.....I thought I was the only one the travel Gods f***ed with like that!

    Glad to hear you kept those Vegas lights burning just a little bit longer for the rest of us.

    Minneapolis huh? Wouldn't have called that one in a million years....but you know what, after living in as many parts of the USA as we have these past few years, it's not like 20-50 years ago. Urban areas are fixed up, people are connected via the internet, you can get sushi in even the smallest of towns (how's that for the triumph of capitalism!), and Whole Foods markets are everywhere, so really the deciding factor becomes weather.

    Now you might feel a little culture shock leaving Manhattan, but hell didn't you just drink milk from a yak, teach an eagle to hunt, and sleep in a yurt for a month!

    Good luck!
    2182 days ago
  • STARL_73
    You'd only be 4 hours away and I'd LOVE to take you to the renfest in the fall. No worries, you don't need to dress up. Unless you want to.

    If you can do winter in NYC, you can handle winter in MN just fine. And there is lots to do there - 2 cities side by side. Not as lively as NYC, but still, not dead.

    I can honestly say that getting out of a crap job can do wonders for your life. I *loved* what I did for corporate (tech writer), but was absolutely depressed by how I was treated. Worked my butt off for slightly more than minimum wage, no recognition, passed over for promotion (I had the degree and more years overall experience..).

    2182 days ago
    All kinds of positive Karma being sent your so deserve something better job-wise than you have now!!! So glad you had a great time in Vegas!
    2182 days ago
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