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Summer Challenge:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now that my Spring swim class will end, I need to figure out a new workout schedule. Since my husband is waking up early, I will become a morning person too.

I will wake up by 6am each week day and pack M’s breakfast. Then I’ll get myself together and have a snack to workout as follows:
Cardio MWF 6:30am + Sat or Sun (Swim, Walk/Jog, or Intervals)
Strength training: Tu & Th 6:30am (Home or Gym workouts OK)

This morning thing will not be easy, but I’ll do it anyway. My rewards will be $1 per workout, BUT for the first month my reward/penalty will be based on sleeping and waking.

I will need to sleep at 10am and wake at 6am M-F. My reward will by $0.50 each time I sleep/wake according to plan. Then, in July and August, I’ll work on the workout rewards.

I also want to watch less TV, but maybe this sleeping and waking thing will take care of the too much TV. I have a whole list of stuff I would rather (in theory) do than watch TV. I just have to keep reminding myself of them.

I also have a plan for Fall based on my class schedules. It’s the same as above with these modifications:
Tu/Th Kickboxing 7:30am
Saturday: Swim 10am

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. I need to come with as good a plan for when things get out of sync, like holidays and vacations and when I feel less than enthusiastic. Oh, well, more for the summer. Now, just sleeping and waking.

June Challenge Runs from 6/3-6/30.
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    2145 days ago
    emoticon A great plan. Good luck
    2146 days ago
  • MKELLY72
    I love your plan too, and I love all that info from Johanne!
    I can attest to the effectiveness of eating more fruits and vegetables and being less sedentary- when I think about it- that, in a nutshell, is what I have done. I had made a deal with myself to just be less inactive, and have made myself more active in a sneaky way, because, I -like so many others, don't like hearing the word exercise....finding fun ways to be less sedentary has been really successful for me, but obviously all people are different, and consequently, we all respond to different approaches to achieving a goal.
    You have such a variety of activity planned, and I think that is a great way to stay motivated and keep things fresh and exciting. I have been slowly changing myself to be more of a morning person, and I really enjoy having the quiet house to myself while I do laundry and other household chores...breakfast, coffee....catching up on Spark...I'm more of an exercise later in the day gal- except when it gets really hot...then it's either early morning or late evening, but again- that's what I have discovered works best for me. Customizing your own routine to fit you is one of the ways that we can make it self rewarding, and that is when you can really start to feel momentum in the good things you are doing for yourself.
    Keep up the fantastic work!
    2152 days ago
    Good plan! Maybe you could give yourself one 'floating' day-off per week? That flexibility would help when things get out of sync, as you say.

    By the way, on April 4, you posted on

    that you would be trying trampoline aerobics at a place called 'sky high'. How did that go? Did you enjoy it? Sounds a bit like the circus. In fact I remember seeing (on TV) a wonderful number by the Cirque du Soleil where the trampolines were disguised as dorm beds and the athletes/performers were adults disguised as and acting like little kids jumping on their beds. Funny and very enjoyable!

    Kickboxing in the fall sounds exciting. Is this going to be new for you? At 7:30 am, before your workday! Good strategy for motivating yourself to get up early, having a class to attend.

    I wish you great success for your objective of becoming a morning person!

    And also for watching less TV. This week I saw (on TV ;-)) an interview about a study concerning weight loss that had 4 groups that were told to either 1) eat less fat and exercise more 2) eat more fruit and vegetables and exercise more 3) eat less fat and be less sendentary or 4) eat more fruit and vegetables and be less sedentary. The group 4 who ate more fruit and vegetables and became less sedentary were the most successful and group 1 who were told to cut the fat and exercise did the worst. The group 4 actually cut their sedentary time from 4 hours per day to 1½ hours.

    The doctor who explained this study pointed out that by increasing vegetables and fruit, we end up eating less of other more calorie-dense foods. And that the message of exercising more is getting old, people are immune to it; the message of being less sedentary is more novel and that if you are less sedentary, you are in fact more active, even if it is not intentional exercise.

    So replacing part of your TV time with something else that you find exciting could actually get you closer to your objective of becoming a size 10. Also, if you are like me, cutting back on TV time may help you to accomplish your wish of becoming a morning person.

    Concerning that study, I want to point out that the new program of Weight Watchers has 0-points+ for virtually all vegetables and fruit, to encourage us to eat more of them. And the Mayo Clinic Diet has had that feature of free fruit and vegetables for a very long time (was included in their 2000 book titled Mayo Clinic on Healthy Weight and still in their newest weight-loss and diabetes books).

    Hope you don't mind my long comments to your blog posts. Your writings get my brain cells stimulated. I think you are a dynamic person and I would like to be contaminated by that.

    Take care,
    2152 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/31/2012 5:33:39 AM
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