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Turtles are okay, I guess... (Profile done and diet changes)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Or maybe not, as it all depends on me and my effort! If I hadn't "washed" the whole month of April away, this profile would probably have been a bit better. It is what it is though...and that is still progress.

Weight: 144.5 (the same)
Fat Weight: 34lbs. (down 1 lb.)
BF% - 23.6% (down .6%)
Torso - 26.9% (down .6%)
Left Leg - 17.7% (down .4)
Right Leg - 16.5% (down .5)
Left Arm - 26.4% (down .7)
Right Arm - 25.7% (down .6)
Water Weight - 76.5lbs/53% (up .5lbs/.5%)
Muscle Mass - 34lbs. (up .5%)
Resting Metabolism - 1410 calories (stayed the same)

Okay, I know that I should actually look at this and be happy with the results. First of all, my bf% did go down. It just isn't going down as quickly as I would like it. Second, my muscle mass increased. Since you need a calorie surplus to gain muscle and a deficit to lose fat, I guess that what I am seeing is that it is my diet that is primarily responsible for my slow loss. I KNOW you can't out-exercise a bad diet, but I guess that I thought I was doing a little better than this shows. At least I can feel a little better about those higher calorie days in seeing that muscle gain. Feeling like a gluttonous hog wasn't for nothing every time it happened. :)

For some reason, on the way home from work yesterday morning, I decided that I was loading myself up with chemicals as of late and that I needed a brief, natural detox. I bought more fruits and veggies, pulled the venison and salmon out of the freezer and swore off all dairy and grains for the next week. If a food has something in it that I can not pronounce or doesn't look like I can buy it at store myself, I don't eat it. I soon realized that it sounds just a wee bit like this crazy Paleo diet I have heard so much about. :)

I have no intentions of changing my workouts in any way shape or form. I am happy with them, for the most part. If I change them, I may end up being unhappy and then I won't do them. I am going to monitor my progress for the next week using that evil scale at home, in addition to how I actually physically feel. I don't know how well this is going to work for my number heavy head, but I am going to try very, very hard not to worry about calories and just try to focus on what I eat and eating it in moderation. One week with no skim milk, turkey wraps, greek yogurt and no cottage cheese, keeping my exercise efforts the same. I hope it works. Either way, I will make any additional adjustments next week.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good luck! Let me know how it goes...not counting cals...brave! :)
    2184 days ago
  • TPELL21
    Good luck!
    BTW those are great results and shows progress. Keep up the good work!
    Crazy Paleo! Whodathunkit? I am eager to see how it works for you. :)
    2184 days ago
    Wow - you make me feel like a slacker!

    I think they would kick me out of the state of Wisconsin if I didn't eat dairy for a week. :)

    Good luck to you and I hope you see and achieve the results that you are looking for!

    2184 days ago
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