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No Time For Excuses

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

As I usually do on Tuesday mornings, I set my alarm for 6am so I could get up and go running. I planned on a short 1.5-2 mile run, as my body is still somewhat recovering from my hilly 5k on Saturday. I didn't want to go too hard too fast and hurt myself. I was really quite thrilled about this run this morning because it would be my first since the race and I've kind of missed running (since Saturday...haha. Wow. WHO AM I?)

Imagine my dismay when I woke up to hear the rumblings of thunder. This is the first time since I started running that I've had any sort of roadblock, in terms of weather. I know...I've been pretty lucky! A full month without a drop of rain!

So, I laid in bed and played out all the excuses and rebuttals in my head...for the sake of this illustration, I will label my inner voices "Gollum" and "Smiegel" (yeeeaaah...you know what's up, LOTR fans!) OK, enough nerdiness.

GOLLUM: Can't run. Might as well sleep more.

SMIEGEL: But...I *could* get up and eat breakfast and maybe it will pass by 7am. Not tired anymore anyway.

GOLLUM: But you'll be late for work.

SMIEGEL: So what? I'm on salary and boss said I could run whenever I want during the day, as long as I get 40 hours in.

GOLLUM: You'll get all wet. Not worth it.

SMIEGEL: I miss running...it IS worth it. No one will be out there to see me. Eddie and Brenda ran a half marathon in pouring rain and strong winds on Sunday. Don't be a wuss.

GOLLUM/SMIEGEL: OK, I'm getting dressed.

Walked outside and got about 0.1 miles and almost got struck by lightning twice. TURN AROUND AND GO HOME. I'm not THAT crazy!

So, I was bummed, right? But I checked the hourly forecast for the day on my phone and saw that the rain would clear up around 8am or 9am. Then, return around 10am. Then, sunny until nighttime. BUT...when the sun came out, it would be 86 degrees and humid. So, if I ran after work, it would be MISERABLE.

So, here is the question...what does a real athlete do in this situation? The fact is...my boss is a runner. She completely understands this conundrum and she has flat out told me that I can take a run whenever I want, as long as I get my work done. I have a private office with a private bathroom. And, even though I share this office with a co-worker, she does most of her work from home and only comes in for meetings. So, it would be likely that I would have the entire office to myself all day.

It was still early. emoticon

Quickly ate breakfast, packed my running gear and headed off to work a half hour early. Mapped a run on campus and the minute that rain stopped, I set my phone to "Do Not Disturb" and got out there for my run. The temperature was PERFECT.

You know, it's a good thing I did this because I set a personal best for my mile time today. 13 minutes, which is right on track for my next goal - to run my June 9th 5k in 40 minutes or less.

Looking forward to Thursday's run, although the forecast calls for thunderstorms again. But, as we know now...that's not gonna stop me.

Will it stop you?
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