I'm Not The Only One Transforming

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This weekend something I didn't think would happen for at least a decade happened. My son Ryan asked to get his hair cut.

Here's Ryan the way I've known him for the last 4 years:

And here's Ryan today:

I liked his long hair, but I love his new haircut! We can see his cute face!

What is it about makeovers or big changes that thrills me so? I know some people who hate change, who look the same as they did now since high school. Not me, I've gone through all kinds of crazy hairstyles/colors. I love watching how someone's self-confidence skyrockets after getting a great haircut or a new outfit on shows like Biggest Loser or "What Not To Wear". I'm kind of a hippie in the sense that I value the insides more than the outsides of myself and others, but it's fun watching the INSIDE of someone perk up after they do something to their outside.

This weight loss journey is more than just perking up my outside, though. When I was younger and lost 87 pounds, I was doing it for all "outside" reasons. I wanted to be "hot" so I could pick up a better quality of man in bars. I wanted to hang out with my skinny girlfriends and not feel like the token fat funny friend. I wanted to wear cute clothes and high heels without worrying that I was going to puncture holes into hardwood floors. I wasn't doing it for my health, for a higher quality of life, for my stress levels or for the sense of accomplishment that I got the Food Monkey off my back. It's no wonder I gained it back, my head and heart weren't in the right places.

They are today. I have a whole list of solid inside/outside reasons to do this. I have a family I want to be with for a very long time. I would love to walk around tall like Ryan has all weekend with his drastic transformation - he's even started dressing up a little more to go with his James Dean hair. He shares an interest in vintage clothes with me - he can wear them, I can't yet - but that's one of my outside reasons to lose weight - I'd love to rock one of those great vintage sheaths!

For today, I am grateful that we have a chance to "makeover" ourselves every day. One of the things I'm putting into practice is making very small goals that are 100% achievable: drinking my water, tracking my food, moving for 10 minutes, cooking at home. If I do all four of these things every day, I'm well on my way to having my own "Big Reveal!"

NSV - I'm wearing a dress today that was too tight across my chest when it was given to me. It's a little loose everywhere. I'm glad it fits because it's so nasty and humid out there and I am so comfortable in this dress. I'm also up to 18 jumps in a row before I mess up on the jump rope. I'm dreading going outside with it today, but it's becoming a habit and I feel kind of sluggish without my jump breaks!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love the new look of Ryan and LOVING the makeover you are giving yourself. You are a fascinating person and I'm intrigued to see your developments along the way because I just know that you are going all the way with this,,,,this time forever. You are like the caterpillar in the cocoon slowing emerging and infolding it's wings...can't wait to see you fly off in a vintage dress!

    Well done for the skipping rope too emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2156 days ago
    Handsome lad!!

    Good job on the jump rope and such... I'm extremely clumsy, so I am jealous of your sweet skills!!

    2156 days ago
    He looks like a different person now.. Very interesting before... and I like long hair on guys, but he's a really handsome guy and you couldn't see that at all before - couldn't see his lovely face through the hair.. Nice change. :)

    2156 days ago
    It is definitely easier to do when you are doing it for all the right reasons! I can't wait to see your own "Big Reveal"!
    2157 days ago
    He's adorable! (with both the long and short hair)

    I am with you on the wanting to rock the vintage clothes. I have always hated going shopping with my girlfriends and having had to settle for the cool handbag or earrings because I could not wear the beaded cardis or June Cleaver dresses. Soon!
    2157 days ago
    The new you is definitely emerging. Time to spread your wings and fly! Love your son's transformation too!
    2157 days ago
    Don't you love new beginnings, wihether it is a haircut or a new lifestyle.

    2157 days ago
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