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The Weekly Mile: Week 7 (Going The Distance, No Matter What)

Monday, May 28, 2012

I did it. I ran 13.1 miles. Well...sort of. But I've decided that I'm not allowed to get down on myself or upset about the fact that I walked about 1.5-2 miles of that run because of the following:

- I had a plan to run 2.25 miles and walk .25 miles all along
- I just wanted to get to the distance, and I did
- Even though it got REALLY hard at the end, I still ran the last .5 mile
- My goal was to finish with a run/walk pace of 2:45, and I finished with a run/walk pace of 2:45

So all in all - I set out to do EXACTLY what I did. Yey me!

Is it easy to get upset about the fact that at about mile 10 I slowed WAY down, walked a lot and thought about taking the bus home numerous times? Sure. But the fact of the matter is that I didn't - and really, my only goal in running this marathon (and any distance in between, for that matter) has been TO FINISH. And I finished. And my official race isn't even for another 4 weeks. I'm going to be fine.

Another thing that I am proud of is that I got up to run on a Saturday morning at 8am to beat the heat. I know that my race is going to be early morning, and I'm a night runner, so changing my body clock over to accept putting it through the motions at that time of day is impressive. I'm really not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. I do all of my training runs at night - the other night I was out running at 11pm. So to be up and functioning at 8am is quite a feat for me. So as I treat, I bought myself a glow-in-the-dark racing tank at Kohl's yesterday for my finishing reward. It's bright yellow and awesome and it makes me feel shiny-happy. WINNING! :)

The harder lesson learned this weekend is in post-race gorging. My parents have been in town for the long weekend and have just come off of a European vacation where they have allowed themselves to eat and drink as much as they want, whenever they want. And as much as I tried NOT to follow suit this weekend, it was hard when every meal was eaten out and alcohol was re-introduced to my system after a number of weeks of being fairly "dry." Let's just put it this way - the result was NOT pretty. I was feeling not so bad on Saturday night after overeating at dinner, but being careful about choosing lighter options and splitting a whole margarita with my mom. I figured I was owed a little bit of indulgence after having burned my whole day's worth of calories before lunch. Yesterday, however, all bets were off and despite making a healthy omelet breakfast at home, we overshot on our shopping time and instead of making it back home for a quick healthy snack before heading out to catch a show, slammed a Costco hotdog each with a beer at the theater instead. Dinner was tapas and a pitcher of sangria - seemingly "light" fare because it's only a few little appetizers right? Wrong - that stuff packs a whopping caloric punch, not to mention all the extra bread on the table and the "wine that tastes like Koolaid going down the hatch" - oy vey. My tummy was NOT impressed. And proceeded to tell me so at 7am this morning. Twice. I hear ya body - loud and clear. You don't like the abuse. Trust me - neither do I. I never thought I'd be the person who couldn't wait until the long weekend was over, just so I can go back to healthier eating and feeling better about myself (and less bloated...way less bloated). I have dinner plans with friends tonight where I will attempt to make good choices. But there will be beer. Today is my last day of drinking for a long time. I'd like to try going dry for the entire month of June - we'll see how that goes.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Just remember - a small indulgence once in a while never hurts anybody. It's what you do tomorrow that matters the most. I hope to see you all back here and tracking and exercising and loving it! I was going to run today, but my stomach is too upset and it's 95 degrees outside - not a great combination. So I'm aiming to kick off this week with an early morning run before work tomorrow. See you out there!

Week 7 Schedule (Completed):

Mon - Rest
Tue - 7 miles
Wed - Swim
Thu - Rest
Fri - 3 miles (PRed by time!)
Sat - 13.1 miles (in 2:45 - run/walk)
Sun - Rest

Total Weekly Miles: 23.1
Total Weekly Calories Burned: 3885
Weekly Weigh-In: 184.2 (hurray! going down again, though I don't expect much from the scale this week)

Week 8 Schedule:

Mon - Rest
Tue - 3 miles
Wed - Rest
Thu - 7 miles
Fri - 4 miles
Sat - Rest (I'm going in for a minor procedure this day, so I'm going to have to put training on hold for a couple of days - hoping I get clearance to resume running by Monday or Tuesday next week)
Sun - Rest
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How in the heck did I miss this blog!? Congrats you did awesome! I am so proud of you!!
    2456 days ago
    I'm hearting you so hard right now. I love people that can walk/run that fast! Even running the whole time I'm slower than poo! ;) Hope the procedure goes off without a hitch!
    2459 days ago
  • no profile photo SHELLYBABE2
    emoticon You have every right to be proud of yourself!

    It amazes me how quickly our bodies get used to being healthy and protest when we go back to our indulgent ways - it's when it stops protesting that it should frighten us as that is when we've carried the indulgence on too long!

    Keep up the great work & look forward to your next installment. :))
    2459 days ago
    Way to go!!! You should be so proud of yourself!
    2460 days ago
    You should be proud of yourself for meeting your goal and not worry about walking - you should be proud of listening to your body. Eating right and avoiding excessive alcohol can be so hard in social situations - especially with family. Sounds like you did pretty well and learned something, so it's not a total loss. :)
    2460 days ago
    Thanks for all your blogs on your HM, Jenn - I follow with interest though I don't always comment. Good to know that a bit of walking is OK - YAY YOU for switching to morning, that would be hard for me too. I am a late afternoon - early evening exerciser. and MAN, do I remember those hot Chicago summer days! Keep up the good stuff!
    I'm also trying to go dry for most of the week and succeeding a fair amount of time. It feels good, go for it! emoticon
    2460 days ago
    "around mile 10 I slowed way down" OMG did you ever think you would be capable of running 10 miles? You have come so far and done so much. You should be proud. I think you're amazing. I don't see myself ever running 10 miles. It's a stretch for me to walk/run 10K. I am definitely not a morning person either so I give you gigantic props for the long morning run. I agree. You are going to be fine. You go girl!
    2461 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    Don't worry at all about walking. Lots of folk do run/walk intervals. Though not planned I walked a good 6 times or more during my first HM last week. I still beat my goal time so I'm not concerned in the least. It does leave some room to improve my time though:)
    2461 days ago
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