So heres the plan.

Monday, May 28, 2012

I am going to lose this weight. Im not going to weigh myself. I will do it today and then again in 2 months. I am going to get busy eat right and not stress too much about it. This is why I think Im losing the battle because Im thinking too much about it. I am going to work out every day doing something I feel like doing. Whether it be that I want to get out for a long run, or go to the gym and lift or just do one of my Dvd's. I have found that I stray on a program as such and then feel bad and then give up. If I do make plans to work out everyday and then I choose to do yoga or run or HIIT then Im not letting myself down because I had planned to do a wokout that Im not going to enjoy that day. Some people are better to work that way. Im learning that I am not. I eat better if I work out so I will make that my plan to work out everyday but just do what I feel like. I think Im going to go back to weight watchers as it is the only way I seemed to lose the weight before. So I will do it again.
Over and out have a great day.
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