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Let's Take A Walk

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Good morning, Spark Friends! It occurs to me that some of us struggle with motivation to just get out the door and get our workouts done. So, today...you have no choice. We are getting up and going for a walk! I'm taking you to the trail where I run or walk about 4 miles between 3 and 4 times a week. It's 7am! Time to get up! You should feel lucky because I usually do this at 6am. You're welcome.

OK, so...out the front door and it's about a 3 minute brisk walk to the trail. On the way, you can hear about a thousand birds proclaiming the beauty of this day!

And, here we are!

Now, how could you not be filled with happiness when THIS is your first sight in the morning?

And, as if that weren't enough...this is your first view of our trail walk...at 6am, the fog is still rising off of this field.

What is that AMAZING smell?!

Honeysuckle! The trail is completely lined with it! Now, you're starting to feel kinda nice, aren't ya? Blood's flowing, legs moving.

Here's our first long stretch, with plenty of friends to say "good morning"!

Beauty everywhere...a pic is worth a thousand words.

And, if you're one of those house hunter types, there are plenty of beautiful homes to check out along the way too!

And, of course, we wouldn't be in Indiana without some farm paraphernalia.

Don't even ask me about this. I have no idea. I'm just hoping this is not some snide commentary on my weight.

There's a bridge coming up...know that that means?

Oooh! Our first Clear Creek sighting!!!

Coming up on the first of two rest areas. But don't even think about it...we are not stopping!

You can see Emmanuel Baptist Church off in the distance (that's where I vote!)

Crossing the street now...and another bridge. Are you feeling energized yet?

OK, we've gotta slow down a bit so I can show you this. The coolest part of the trail for kids and parents. One of the best things our city has ever done for physical fitness education!

I'm quite sure we could fit a game of hopscotch into our Fitness Tracker!


We aren't stopping! GET UP and keep going!!! Just a little bit more...

Oh my, we've run out of trail!

What a bummer. Guess we'll have to turn around and walk back now. Congratulations, you've completed a 4.3 mile walk today. You don't think that was fun???

Let's do it again. Soon. And often. K?

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