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Catching up a bit...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A few words of catching up here. I've been offline more, until today. I might not be on at all tomorrow, so I figured I'd better say something. Some people are thinking I've gone missing and I'm not. I am mostly spending time trying hard to do several things:

1- Search more information on Osteopenia and various supplements.

2- Search for more information on allergies, especially oral allergy syndrome, and exclusionary diets, etc.
One interesting thing is, I went to Dr. Oz's site and typed in Oral Allergy Syndrome on his website search and basically found nothing. I sent a note requesting that he include Oral Allergy Syndrome in a show sometime, as it's actually very common in menopausal women. A week later, lo and behold - there it was. I am sure it is coincidental, but wow... the timing was great! I just wish he gave more information and more suggestions on what to do about it. It was pretty confusing.

3 - I'm still trying to get better. Between the allergies and the benedryl, that slowed me down. Then I ate something, probably the Shirataki noodles, that set off some weird whole body reaction. Not only the usual burning from the allergy, but all my joints swelled up and I could hardly bend them, and I had pain all over, and gained about 15 lbs overnight. No idea if it was the oriental yams they use or the soy or whatever they package them in, but I've still got swelling a week later. Plus the swelling seems to have done something to the joint in one knee and it's worse than the others and feels like it wants to bend backwards. Weird. It seems like it's something new every other week and it's frustrating. But yeah I'm actually better than I was this time last year. I don't need shots of antibiotics. My bladder is working. I actually am a bit stronger.

I am still using the resistance bands for exercise when lying down. I've even done some dancing while in bed when watching musical shows, which Ronnie thinks is hilarious. He dances with me, though, and sings along, and we laugh a lot, so I can't complain. He's wonderful. I am so very blessed to have him in my life, and so very thankful to God that he found me, again.

I've been logging into SP every day but two and spinning the wheel. I've just lately been trying to respond to a few blogs and a few posts, randomly. If I missed yours, I apologize. I just am so very backlogged from not being online as much. Sitting up just makes the swelling worse.

I've gone on FB to play a bit and read random things, too. It distracts me from the pain a bit.

I was rebounding until the shirataki reaction. Now I'm not because my knee is unstable. I also fell rather hard today in the kitchen and thankfully did not break anything, (at least I don't think I did), but I'm pretty bruised and twisted my back so I might not be sitting up tomorrow. I've been taking baclofen for muscle spasms I've been having, again, recently, anyway, which should help. I hope that everything doesn't just freeze up. I'm trying to move as I can.

SP is wonderful. I meet some of the most amazing, loving, interesting, supportive, and thoughtful people here. I wish I could meet some of you at least in r/l. So far that hasn't happened... but someday when I'm better perhaps?

I've not partcipated in chats for awhile, and I hope none of you feel neglected because of it. Right now my mind just is not able to focus very well, between the bendryl and the baclofen and the pain - especially the pain. Does anyone else find themselve becoming too introspective when they have pain? I think I'm there right now, and I don't like it too much, but I think I need it, as I just cannot seem to focus on very much at all. I do much better with one question when it comes to forums, in general, and I'm not really used to the chat threads. I like them and love the people, but I'm not feeling very good at it, right now. When I am better, I'll try it again. I usually just blog, normally.

I also want to suggest that all of you go look at DeeGirl50's blog. It's an amazing collection of wisdom from other blogs on her friend's list. www.sparkpeople.c

From her blog post, the one that hit me between the eyes was, "Make a promise to yourself and keep it." VICUNJA's promise to herself was "I made a promise to be faithful to my body, to do right by me, and to treat me with respect and love." (She lost 110 pounds in 482 days.)

I've not given up. I'm still here. I'm just quiet and trying to learn more so that I can take better care of myself.

Thanks to all of you. Much love and appreciation for the support and kindness you give me every day. I know I don't say it every time as I was doing, because I just am not here as much, but I do care and appreciate you, so very much.
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