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Sunday, May 27, 2012

... these last couple of days have not been good in Paleo land!... I have been eating off the chart, I am not going to even mention what I have been eating, but know that they are things that I should not be eating, and why?????... because my progress has been so excruciatingly slow. ...

My 21 day challenge is set to end Tuesday, but I have actually ended it early and intend to just start over Tuesday as emoticon... I need some encouragement, ideas, tips... whatever you can offer to help me understand "what the heck is going on!"... Here is a list of some of the foods that I have eaten this week, does anything stand out as a "RED FLAG"?

- Greek Yogurt: I ate this after dinner, about 3X's last week in the evening. 1 cup serving with 1/2 cup of fresh mango. Trader Joe brand: 270, 18 fat, 14 carb, 9 protein.

The mango had: 18 carbs... total: 32 carbs

Total for the day: probably around: 80... now that I see this on paper, I probably should not have even eaten this because dinner was about 400 calories. Total calories for just the evening was: 670

- Ate dinner and then a handful of pecans (probably didn't need the pecans, very high in calories) - AND - 1/2 cup Greek yogurt and 1/2 cup mango

I think the problem is: too many calories/carbs in the evening emoticon

emoticon HELP!!!!!~ Dee emoticon

PS: ... one of the things that I ate that was not paleo was a huge chocolate chunk cookie, more than one actually emoticon... but I noticed about a half hour after I ate this crap that I got a cramp in my left foot. Hmmmmm, could there be a connection between me eating too much sugar and getting foot and leg cramps?

Please note however, that the days I mentioned I was getting the cramps when walking, that I was following the program. I think a new pair of shoes are in order here.
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    I can't tell you why, but for some reason, greek yogurt always makes me put on weight. It makes no logical sense. But, when the scale goes in the wrong direction, I make a note and test a food again at a later date. If I continuously get the same result, then I know that its a 'treat' food and not in my regular eating plan.
    2214 days ago
    You losing weight on this?
    2214 days ago
    New shoes could definitely help with the cramping! Hang in there, dear SPal.
    2214 days ago
    Lots of good input already. I would say the cookie is not helpful as the starch/flour in it together with the sugar sends your body the wrong message, spiking insulin and telling your body to store calories as fat rather than burning it in your muscles. Eating the cookies may also have led to more food cravings afterwards.
    Eat all the fat (healthier kinds like coconut oil, olive oil, saturated animal fat from pasture-fed animals) you like, it will make you feel full and satisfied and will not lead to weight gain.
    Don't worry about this, it's just a bump on the road.
    2215 days ago
    I don't think the yogurt, mango or pecans is an issue if its occasionally, the cookie on the other hand? nope nope nope.

    try something like ground pecans, plain dark coco and come coconut oil, mix that in a blender/grinder thing and keep it on hand, when the cookie craving hits, take a bite. A bite or two of fat, protein and chocolate may save ya.
    2216 days ago
    OMG hmmmm I was in such pain yesterday in my foot and leg, and have been anything but paleo for a while now. I too wonder how much is my diet, but at the same time, it was bad when I was eating well. I too have to get back to square one. I find it super hard still and been doing this off and on for probably nearly a year. I keep thinking even after reading wheat belly, marks dailly apple ect. that moderation in all foods, and portion control are what counts. But then my mind says but CHEMICALS, GMOS ewww. why drink coke or pepsi I did today first time in months. didn't taste great either. OMG what to do. I am so far only 3 lbs higher but it isn't only the wt, it is the fact that I want my insides to be healthier too.
    NUTS I am nuts, today I actually thought oh just never mind, you are made to be 185 but know I am not. So yes something fishy is going on for sure...
    I also read that a lot of people don't do well in summer as there is more bbqs, and party times (other than thanksg. to xmas) who knows.
    And besides I WANT TO EAT HEALTHY ALL THE TIME! so age old question... why do I do this to myself.
    HUGS and you are so not alone! what to do! argh
    2216 days ago
    I have noticed that have to space my carbs out and have protein every time I consume carbs. I also have to keep my calories between 1200 and 1400 a day and exercise an hour a day minimum to lose weight. Nothing else works for me.
    2216 days ago
  • ALLISON145
    You know what's funny? I absolutely LOVE mango, but it seems to be a trigger for me. Maybe because it's even high in sugars than most fruits? It's SO tasty, though!!

    I'm so glad you decided on Tuesday - I was actually going to suggest that, since I'll be seeing the extended family tomorrow (not at my place) and it's very hard to eat properly around them... a mix of availability and emotional baggage, I guess. I'll definitely need to get over that at some point, but it won't be tomorrow! Might take some therapy, actually. LOL.

    In that vein, I would suggest thinking not just about WHAT you ate, but why. Anything going on emotionally that could have triggered it for you? That's usually what gets me, especially when I have to go out of my way to get the cheats... I know I "needed" it for something.

    2216 days ago
    Hey Dee,

    I understand you frustration - if it helps, we've all been to the "off-plan" zone.

    You know what's worked for you in the past - just keep tweaking and observing your results - you will get there.

    Stay Strong
    2216 days ago
    Funny you mentioned it, because twice in the last two weeks I've gotten leg cramps during the night on a Paleo-off-day (read sugary dessert after dinner out with friends) and I was wondering if the two were related...
    2216 days ago
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